Posted by: lovediaries | February 20, 2009

F.T Island – BOF Parody on M!Countdown

Yes, another one, sorry! BUT THIS HAD TO BE POSTED BUAHAHAH. Remember those M!Countdown clips SHINee used to do? (*is feeling SHINee deprived*) well this is where FTI’s parody comes from.

{credit: xsilh0uette @ youtube}

Jaejin is Jandi (he makes the perfect Jandi because I think he’s the prettiest of the 5; he’s even wearing make up :D), Hongki is Junpyo (THE HAIR, GUYS!), Jonghun is Jihoo (*__________* he might even pwn Hyunjoong as Jihoo), Minhwan is Eejung (most mature looking jailbait, I swear) and Seunghyun is Wonbin (*waves hello to him*…GIVE THE BOY SOME LINES!).

This was hilarious and well acted XDDD. I THINK JAEJIN SHOULD JUST STAY A GIRL LOL. Loved them doing the “Call Me” dance too~. AND OMG THE ALMOST-KISS XDDD.

Does anyone know why “I have a love” is still on the Countdown? Because K.R.Y.D (lol cried) performed this song in 2007? Which means the original would’ve come out even before that. And here it is, still on the ranking O____O.

I still really love the song though ^__^.


  1. I have a love is a cover~ I’m not sure who did the original.

  2. ^Oh so then the person who covered it has managed to get on the rankings again? Haha. The original is by Lee Eun Mi (if I’m reading my characters correctly). It’s such a gorgeous song~

  3. they have it listed under lee eun mi, the original artist, but that one that’s charting now is a cover by DNT

  4. ^Ahh, ic. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Ah, I think I have it now! I thought Jaejin was named Jonghun and vice versa but Jonghun was that kid who wasn’t in the band(LOL). I thought Jaejin was the leader/oldest(or is he?) And Minhwan used to just be whichever one looked youngest, but I might need to go in reverse now. Do I have it or am I still confused? 8<

    Oh yeah, really funny parody. Jaejin had Jandi down completely. New Boy does need some lines and screen time so I can memorize(ogle) his pretty face.

  6. ^LMAO you’ve gotten me confused. So you thought that Jaejin was Jonghun and Jonghun was Jaejin. That’s what you’re saying, right? Yeah Minhwan used to look like a BOY but now Jaejin looks younger than him (cause of his haircut). Jonghun is the leader but Hongki is actually the oldest.

    Since you know who played who in this parody, you should be fine from now. I hope XD.

  7. LOL Hongjunpyo’s hair! It’s so.. Similar. And Jaejin is srsly SO PRETTY <3

    The Call Me dance made me laugh :D I’d like to see them do U-kiss’ train dance! Hahahaha.

  8. ^And he has such a small face (like Key) so he is super convincing as a girl.

    Lmao judging from those few seconds, I don’t think Seunghyun is a very good dancer … he sorta lacked coordination XDDD.

  9. Jonghun makes an awesome JiHoo!!! *_______*
    Haha Hongki’s expression was hilarious!! It looked so funny.
    Jaejin was a good Jandi. Bwhahaha.
    O_o The near kiss… GAAHAHAHAHA
    I hope to see more of Seunghyun. Is he the main vocal for the song Mabeop? Coz I love that new song in their new mini album!

  10. ^ROFL, do you know, up til now, I still haven’t given that song a full listen XD. I only know Hongki & Jaejin’s voice but I don’t think Seunghyun is the main vocal. You can hear him in “Like a Doll” though and he sounds like Donghae lol. Which is why I really want to hear him in a performance to confirm if that is his voice XD.

  11. So Jaejin must be singing in Mabeop then!! I didn’t hear him sing before so when I heard it I thought it was Seunghyun. Lol. I fell in love with his voice as soon as I heard it! Of course I like Hongki’s voice but his voice sounds a bit rough, you know?

  12. ^I’ve only ever heard Jaejin sing in “The Cool vs. The Pretty” (but I didn’t like that song) so that’s how I recognised his voice. Haha Hongki’s voice is like sandpaper while Jaejin is like soft tissue. LOLOL. Hongki can definitely sing better though XD.

  13. Hongki’s voice is like sandpaper while Jaejin is like soft tissue.
    ROFL, I couldn’t describe it any better. Yep, Hongki’s definitely the best at singing but I do hope to hear Jaejin sing more in upcoming projects.

  14. ^That’s why I enjoyed “Jump Up” because we could hear other people sing (more) :)

  15. thx very much for posting more on FTI!
    i love your commentaries, ur hilarious! ^^
    and i loved the performance…HOT! *.*

  16. ^No problem! Aw I’m glad you like my commentaries ^__^♥

  17. Minhwan killed me! him dancing to call me, the boy should seriously consider dancing, this and the look at me gwisson one’s cute the other is sexy! lol at the twitching lips when going for a kiss

  18. ^The twitching lips was so gross lmao XD

    • lol gross?!?! NO! kk yes it was but it was hilarious

      • Wow! You’re good; you’ve already discovered the new “reply” feature!♥

        • lol thank you

  19. Seunghyun does aegyo…I was wrong about him, he doesn’t seem mysterious anymore and he talks!!

  20. Thank you so much for that <333

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