Posted by: lovediaries | February 20, 2009

Stephanie in “Subaru” & Bolero Movie Version MV

Subaru Trailer; Bolero Movie Version

The audio for the Bolero MV has been disabled which is a real pity because watching DBSK sing (like, with the audio) interspersed with scenes from the “Subaru” movie was so so touching. I don’t know too much about “Subaru” but it’s the movie about dancing/ballet starring the girl on their “Bolero” cover as well as CSJH’s Stephanie!!! alkdjfaklsdfljsdf. I saw her while watching the MV (she looks gorgeous) and quickly raced to watch the “Subaru” trailer. A lot of clips have already been removed so be sure to watch them while you can.

I really want to watch this movie, actually (and not because DBSK have a cameo). I saw the two children in the MV and anything with little kids always tugs at my heart strings and make me want to weep. One child was all bandaged up lying on a bed while the other was on top of her dancing. The MV also ends with two children (I’m not too sure if they’re the same two) holding hands and doing ballet while walking home from school (possibly?). It’s so cute!!!

I’m writing all over the place hahaa sorry because I don’t know if you guys will bother watching the MV since it has no audio and all the movie scenes are pretty much in the trailer so I need to jot down the important stuff lol. But what I really wanted to say was, if I’m ever fortunate enough to see DBSK perform “Bolero” live, I think I would cry. (So yeah, go watch the MV and play the song simultaneously!)


  1. okayy i made a stupid mistake and closed the wrong window and so like i didnt comment :] well what role is dbsk playing in this movie? whats the movie about? im sorta confused. omg it was so unfortunate that there was no audio for it =/ but at least you can just play it yourself (:

  2. ^Um I think they’re just performers in a club? Lol I’m not too sure but the movie features “Bolero” as well.

  3. Stephanie is in Subaru? Isn’t Kuroki Meisa the ballerina? And DBSK will appear in the movie singing in a club, but they don’t have lines

    • Yes but she probably only has a very minor role.

  4. Stephanie in Subaru ><
    I’m just too happy lol. It’s really cool.
    She is so beautiful inside =DDD
    I’m just too happy lol.
    I want to see her soon.
    I want to see her dance.
    I miss her so much.
    So, Stephanie Fighting !
    Get well soon.
    I hope you are going better and I love you x3
    Stephanie ReFighting !
    Always with you.

    • I know, I miss the CSJH girls :(

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