Posted by: lovediaries | February 21, 2009

DBSK 3rd Asia Tour – Pictures & Fancams

Order of events on the night are in THIS POST.

{credit: dnbn; as tagged}

I’ll edit fancams in this post in a bit (I’ve only watched the one so far); or maybe after tonight and tomorrow’s concert. I had to rush to do all this while it was still off peak lol my net is dying; the photos took forever to upload so PLS DO NOT HOTLINK!!! My imagebot also decided to screw up for me so I ended up having to copy the html code for each individual pic T__T.

There are two of Junsu with Key but it’s taken from the side-back. Yoochun seriously looked gorgeous. I would be scrolling through the photos and I’d just pause to look at him. I think it’s the lighting and everything as well haha. Of course, his face too; but you know what I mean XD.

I loved their t-shirts as well – they have the cutest designs! Like, little aliens or something? Not too sure, haven’t given them a proper look yet T__T.

Oh and there’s a picture of Yunho hugging the female dancer (I think) very tightly ;~;. It’s the one where you see no faces…just a body and arms </3.


Changmin’s Solo Performance – Audio only. WHAT IS GOING ON? WHY WAS THERE SUDDEN SCREAMING. OMG. I want this on DVD. NAO. Changmin is singing such a sweet, sweet, lullaby…I really wish Cassiopeia would just be quiet – even if the rest of DBSK were flying around in the background being dorks T___T.

Insa (Jae focused) – This is one of the saddest songs ever and definitely a favourite of mine. I loved all the versions of it – Jae’s, DBSK’s and Lee Yeon Hee’s ^___^.

Jaejoong’s Solo Performance – This was awesome BUT “Footsteps” remains me all time favourite DBSK solo. EVER.

Junsu’s Solo Performance – What I really love is that Junsu always sings and dances (which was why I was so impressed with Donghae’s solo at the SJM Show in HK). His intro reminded me of Henry’s performance lol where there were sounds and noises and he danced with them. Lol okay that doesn’t make sense cause you obviously dance with the beats of a song rofl. OnKey killed my brain, sorry. Junsu’s butt is really nice. Can’t say the same for his outfit. Then Junsu starts playing the electric keyboard. Omg that is so hot. Junsu takes off his jacket, dances some more AND OUT COMES THIS LIKE, REALLY SEXY GUY RAPPING. Too bad Key had a space outfit. Seriously, what is with people wearing reflecting silver material? But mmmm they body rolled half into each other :Q_____.

Junsu on a broomstick – THIS CONCERT WAS FULL OF CRACK.


Yoochun’s Solo Performance – Audio only, but it’s still good. I loved the original so I was a bit :/ at hearing a ballad version but it still sounds awesome! You hardly get a song which would sound good upbeat and ballad (except for maybe “Miss You” buahah biased biased baised). I hope a studio version of this gets released!

Yunho’s Solo Performance – DID THEY OR DID THEY NOT KISS? But mm, it was really hot *_____*

Yunho with an umbrella – HE IS RUNNING ON AIR ROFLMAO.

PICTURES – Thank you so much to heaven_smiles and ilovehugs @ lj for uploading them onto dbsg comm!


  1. *checks imop and kisses your ass* happy, can you go on now?!

    Btw Yoochun looked hella good here!!! And his solo of “Love Bye Love” got me frothing at the mouth. Lol.

  2. ^Would you like to edit your comment? The song is “Love Bye Love”.

  3. ^ I said “Love Bye Love”….What are u talking about ://

  4. ^Epik fail is what I’m talking about.

    Btw funniest thing; apparently “Tablo” (or someone who knows Epik High and what’s happening with them) has gone onto LJ and left a comment correcting a post, saying that the tracklist & release dates were incorrect. Now everyone’s gone crazy and is deleting their fics ROFLMAO!!!

  5. (: lol omg i thought it was gonna be feb22? but i guess it just started without me thinking

    • Feb 22 is the last one, I think.

      But it’s SM. They’ll have an encore concert mths later after touring around Asia XD.

  6. lol yay go Yun HoXD

    Idk, I always felt DBSK was distant from their female backdancers and it seems Yun Ho is making a effort to connect the female dancers more than before (which I like).

    I wish I could have gone to their concert T_T I’ll be like screaming for Jae lol.

    • You should see Junsu’s solo. I couldn’t even see him when all the female dancers were around him XD.

      • lol I saw junsu’s as well. They’re challenging a new concept I guessXD
        It’s so funny though when girls scream like crazy like “NOOOOO AGH!!” haha.

        That’s when I feel like being evil and wishing DBSK will do it more often 8D

  7. The pictures are HOT!

    Yoochun playing the piano.. can’t get any better then that!!

    Can’t wait for the DVD to be out!!


    • I know! Trad chinese subs had better come with it XD.

  8. I get more and more depressed watching these updates cause it’s just reminding me of the ubber funness I would’ve had if I had gone :( I’ll just stick with fancams for now

    • Aw it’s okay, we’re all in the same boat :).

  9. ooh i love how junsu put his arms around key! otp maybe?!

    • Haha I love all these DBSKee couples. 2Choi and now … SuBum!?!?! XDD. XiahKey is cute if you say it out loud. Like Sharky XD

  10. omg that was so cute (:

    changmin’s solo was awesome, i just wished i was able to hear him better over all the screams and WATCH his actually sing

    i love jae’s voice. he sounds like hes into the song all the time. and i think thats what makes dbsk so wonderful

    lol junsu was hot, i cant believe he can dance/sing at the same time. lol i thought keys appearance was a little too short, and when he started rapping, we got to see like 5 secs of them rolling into each other only =/

    lol i wish we got to see all of the guys actually do their thing in mid air, from all the comments each one of them portrayed a diff character. (:

    so to wrap it all up, dbsk is totally awesome. :]

    • Key’s appearance was a bit short but leaving him at the end was so smart haha. It was like the climax. And them dancing together was so awesome *____*

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