Posted by: lovediaries | February 22, 2009

090221 SGB – Seunghyun’s Aegyo Cut

Thanks to nataly for the heads up!♥ Are there anymore cuts to this? I have to go now, so I’ll check when I come back ^^;;.

{credit: jinnienomuyeppo @ youtube}


This is the cut of the game on SGB where they have to fill in the missing character (you know the one where Onew pwned everyone and Taemin sucked at? XDDD). Seunghyun was right up the top so his line is doing really well and it goes to him and IN A REALLY CUTE VOICE he says “What do I do? What do I do?” (Taemin’s line from “Amigo” ROFL). But then he realises he knew what the answer was. I’m sort of sad that Seunghyun was on a row of his own while the other 4 FTI members were together ^^;;.

Btw, for people who haven’t realised yet, Seunghyun is a ’92er. Yep, he is now the second youngest member (which pushes Jaejin to the middle like Key :DDDD). I first thought he was 18 but that’s actually his Korean age after this year’s birthday. So for those of you who mind being a pedo then this should act as a warning haha ;).


  1. Awww. He really is adorable. And I didn’t know he was a ’92er. Darn. Another person younger than me.

    • After this, it’s easy to tell he is still a little boy XD.

  2. when i heard that he’s 18… I thought that it’s ok b/c he’s only a little younger than me.. but ’92er? that’s way too young for me! but i can’t stop loving him though =)

    • When I heard he was 18 I thought “WOOT I don’t have to fangirl another underage boy” but now that’s not the case T____T

  3. Aww…what a cutie ^^ i hope
    FTI appear on more shows together…
    seems it’s always hongki alone T.T

    • Yeah I hope Seunghyun gets more appearances ^^

  4. awwww~ He’s 2 years younger than me.
    But lmao I thought he was like some cool kid but actually, he’s a cute one. This boy will def. grow on me.

    • HAHAA YEAH! I thought he was cool and mysterious but when it comes to aegyo, he’s so good at it!

  5. OMG HE IS SO CUTE! *pinches his cheeks*


  6. lol he’s only one year younger then me, actually we’re the same age right now cause I have a late december birthday, an there are more cuts that are so much cuter, one where he goes to the front of the line because they were doing bad, he was such a gentleman, hongki even called him cute and he doesn’t get to talk much in this one but his surprised face is really funny then if someone wants to watch the whole unsubbed show

    • Haha he’s one yr younger than me too but I really would’ve preferred to fangirl someone older XD.

      Thank you so much for the clips! I’ll get round to watching them ASAP!

  7. lol his appearance from the vid made me think he was a sort of hyun joong (did i spell that right) type of person…but now hes just so cute. very similar to taemin (:

    • haha… for some reason, I keep seeing Kibum and Henry in him ^^;;
      such an adorable kid :D

  8. I’m still >O at him being a 92er. Not fair!

    lol he’s such a kid. This is actually the first time I’ve heard him speak. XD;

    • Lol rly? You didn’t watch their filming “Bad Woman” MV? He talked about Wonbin giving him advice so I thought he was one of those mature guys haha. He seemed really sensible :P

      • No, I didn’t.

        Wonbin. T-T

        • There there :).

  9. aww that was cute! he needs more screen time :) damn he’s a year younger than my youngest sister O_o

    • Haha well if you put it that way … he’s lik 15 yrs older than my younger sister XDDD.

  10. hey candychu! long time no see! :D
    aye! i was happily fangirling over seunghyun when i first saw him, telling my friends how cute he looked and then BAM! he’s younger than me by 5 months? okay not mucha difference since we’re both technically the same age but still…sigh… damn, if being cute were a crime, they (esp onew!) all would be in jail with a sentence for life!
    i noticed that seunghyun doesnt interact much with the other fti members, maybe he isnt that close to them yet. i dont know, i dont get the feel that they are a band ): maybe they need more time! GO seunghyun! GO ft island! :D

    • Omg I missed your comment, I’m so sorry !! I only remembered I didn’t seem to have replied your comment XD.

      But hello! I’ve missed you and your leaving links for me haha ^___^. Lol 5 months is nothing, he’s more than a year younger than me! XD. LOLOL Yes if being cute was a crime, Onew’d be the first to get arriested hahaha XD.

      Yeah I guess cause the other members have been together for so long and then Seunghyun comes along. But yes, Seunghyun hwaiting!

      • oh wow… you guys are so young! he’s almost 3 years younger than me! @__@

        • Hahaha I think I’m probably around the middle if you were to compare the ages of every reader XD.

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