Posted by: lovediaries | February 22, 2009

Preview TRAX Jay & Kyuwan (New SM Artist) – Evening Primrose

{credit: AhMiGO @ youtube}

I’ll admit, I was attracted to the title because of the name Kyuwan haha but yay! New SM Artist :DDD/!!!! Check out his singing video while he was still a trainee. I can’t see his face properly (GET RID OF THE DRINK BOTTLE, BOY) and I’m straining my neck having my head turned lol but he’s reminding me of Minhwan. He has a nice voice, too! AND GUESS WHAT GUYS, HE’S A ’88er!!! New eyecandy that isn’t jailbait ;PP.

“Evening Primrose” is a really lovely song; be sure to check it out! The full version should be released tomorrow.

::EDIT:: Kyuwan was in DBSK’s HAHAHA vid (so those random boys were trainees!). Check him out in the last pic HERE. The one on the right is him, Han Kyuwan. Aw he does look like Minhwan ^__^.


  1. Don’t like the video. Reminds me of someone smoking :/

    The song is nice, though :D!!!

    • Ignore the video, just pay attention to the audio :P

  2. YAY! new Sm artist to join the family! lol the vid reminds pinkandsparkly of smoking and it reminds me of Harry Potter whenever voldemort or death eaters come around. The guy’s vioce is nice, and I agree he looks like Minhwan, but the old Minhwan, new Minhwan is sexy like Bi. The other traniees are really cute, can’t wait to see them debut too.

    • LOLOL VOLDEMORT XDD. I thought of Dementors after reading your comment.

      And LOL comparing Minhwan to Bi? I wonder if Minhwan has a 6 pack …

  3. whoa! there’s this really cool…texture (?) to his voice that i really like =) it’s like not completely smooth, so there’s like this smokiness to his voice i guess? but it sounds so nice and in that clip of his trainee days, is that a song from delightful girl choon hyang? haha loved that song but he brings out the meotions so well!! yay new SM artist!! =)

    best part is..he’s older than me too hahah =)

    • Yeah he has an interesting sounding voice, I think. I really like it :).

  4. and the video is kind of smokey like but i think it’s cool idk haha love the song too =)

  5. okay so im confused, how many ppl are singing this song? how many are new? just the one guy right? which verse does he sing? haha sry for all the questions (: like the song alot :D

    • Haha only two! Jay from the Trax and the new Sm Artist Kyuwan ^___^

  6. OMG!!! You should have bold and make the “HE’S A ‘88er” all glittered, lol!!! He has a nice voice and he’s pretty cute too! He looks so much like Bi on the last picture! ^^

    Agree!!! That’s the best part! XD

    • LOL I’ll do that next time! Though “old” new artists are slightly rare. Not sure when will be the next time something like this happens haha.

  7. I definitely like this song :D. He has a nice voice too.

    • I wonder if they’d film an mv for this :).

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