Posted by: beckery | February 22, 2009

Wheesung & Lyn on Lee Hana’s Peppermint

Someone remind me again why I’m not a Wheesung fan?!?! Cuz the boy is some pretty amazing stuff and he looks hella good here *_* … I’m not exactly a Lyn fan either, but I do like heaps of her songs. Her “Love…after” (with Hyesung) IS THE ONE OF THE BEST DUET IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I KID YOU NOT. But man, Wheesung and Lyn have sizzling chemistry here. DUET PLEASE!!! XDDD

“So Hot” Cover THIS IS SHIT LOADS HOT!! I love LOVE their version of it. They add their own style, their own glamour to it and the results are absolutely amazing. I um.. actually like this heaps more than the original haha. XDDD

“Mirotic” Cover The guitar is nice, it makes it very country sounding and jazzy? HAHA I dont know. Its just very different to the original. Like the other cover, they add their own little spice to the song. XDD

Wheesung – Insomnia The korean version of Insomnia has grown on me so much haha. Now I cant even tell which version I like more :DD Ok, maybe the english version a bit more just cuz I can actually sing along to it. Otherwise, both versions PAWN, both singers are amazing and well the beat is hella addictive <333 But man, I feel sorry for Wheesung trying to catch up with the lyrics at Verse 2 (the part rap, part talk, part song part hahahah WHAT?!). Its crazy fast!! The english version is heaps fast but its nothing compared to this. He sounds like he’s going to sprain his tongue :SS


  1. haha i’m a craig david fan too and stumbled upon wheesung’s insomnia today and like exploded haha but it’s so good

    btw have you heard the mix of craig david’s version and wheesung’s? it’s sooo good!

    yay for a brilliant mix of english and korean and random bit of jaejoong…lol

    i’m gonna go listen to the videos you posted now =)

    • I wouldnt actually go as for to say I’m a CD fan haha. Well I use to be, in the good ol’ days during the stages of “walking away” and “7 days” but hiss latest stuff doesnt make me go gah gah like his old stuff. However, Insomnia would not get out of my mind so I’m hoping he’ll be giving us heaps more of great stuff as such XDD

      And nope I havent heard the mix but omg thanks. Will watch it asap XDD

  2. wahh their so hot sounded so jazzy and classy =) i like it =)

    mirotic did sound very country-ish, but i love what wheesung did with his voice, really cool and he rapped too, so cool hahaha

    LOL it did sound like he was gona sprain his tongue, i woulda gotten all tongue tied by then haha =) this is my first time listening to him sing live and wow =) i love it when i like people’s lives better than the studio version hhahaa =)

    anyways…back to calc now >.< lol

    • SO HOT WAS SO GOOD!! RIGHT RIGHT?!?! *______*

      Mirotic was so so, haha. It didnt make me go OMG like So HOt did XD

      LOL yea I would have gotten so tongue tied. And to think its live as well *_* Thats some fast tongue action lol. I usually like ppls live more than their studio too. More emotion etc XD

  3. He sounds really good live! I’m impressed. What’s with the handkerchief at the end?
    Maybe I’m biased but I didn’t like the mirotic cover… it was too… much?

    • Same. I think his version is mainly growing on me cuz his lives are great. Haha the Mirotic cover was ok. I actually prefer the original more too. XD

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