Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 23, 2009

DBSK Survivor MV

Credit: atimura36 @ youtube

I don’t really know the “plot” of the mv (it’s kinda confusing XD) but the boys look nice dancing in their little black vests, lol XD.

It’s the first time I’ve heard the song. When I first saw the name, I thought it’d be something like Destiny’s Child’s; you know, with the island theme and stuff. But life is full of surprises XD. Where the boys wearing GUYLINER with their black outfits??? I approve. I like guyliner *______*

The song is okay (personally I like it more than Bolero) but the choreography makes me lol XDDD Especially that bit where they hop around XDDD And the bit where they look like they’re rowing a boat wth XD.


  1. the song is awesome!
    but when they get to a bit of the song i always sing ‘brickwall’ on top of it since i heard the original with eng LoL
    Jeez, do they good in that mv or what

    • Lol, I have no idea where you and Candychu get the “brickwall” from XD Special kids :P

  2. Nice song! I like it~

    And this MV actually didn’t make me lol as much as MIROTIC and Wrong Number did. O:! Maybe because they’re not really trying to be sexy here? But, yeah, the choreography is full of lol XDDD

    • Haha, cool username ;)

      REALLY?? I found this wayyyy funnier than Mirotic and Wrong number XD. Lol I have no idea what look they’re going for. I like the guyliner though :D

  3. Life is full of suprises indeed!!

    i am currently in the unknown with their new singles, updates etc etc what have you..they’re like everywhere, and it’s so hard to keep up!! XD

    anyways, this song is super duper addictive. especially the chorus part. but not the choregraphy though..i kept LOLing, but we all know they can do better =)

    Jae looks like an anime character and yoochun has NICE hair (finaaalllyyy~~)

    oh, and PAS! Nice hearing from you! I thought you’ve dissappeared and never came back!! *_*

    • Hiiiiiii :DDDD Haven’t seen you around in awhile (or maybe it’s cos I’ve been away XD) how are you??

      Hahaha, I can’t remember how the song goes *flails*

      Anime character! I agree :DDD

      Lol, I’ve been away for a month. I was in China and wordpress was blocked there =.=;;; But now I’m back :D

  4. lol I actually like the choreography, the hopping part is really laughable but it’s totally something I would dance, the video is hot though, I think the theme is white dbsk helping out black dbsk and black dbsk are the “survivors” I love all the english they sing, it’s too cute, and again for biasedness changmin knocked my sock off!

    • Lol, I’m so un-co I don’t even want to imagine myself dancing to this XD.

      They sang English?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA *flails*

      Changmin looks really good in this. I’m so glad he got rid of his mirotic straight fringe thing XD.

      Ooo your guess at the plot sounds right…I think that’s what it was meant to be too =D

  5. no wait after watching the video for the millionth time I think I got my story wrong, black dbsk goes to save white dbsk and black dbsk sacrifice themselves for white dbsk, make sense?

    • There were way too many “black” and “white”s in that sentence


  6. i loove love looooove the song… I told myself not to listen to the Brickwall song because I was waiting for this, lol. the choreography… erm, not so interesting as Wrong Number… maybe if I watch it for a few more times….

    Jae’s hair made me smirk =)

    • Haha, I didn’t listen to any of the previews, so now I’m all o___O when someone mentions “brickwall” XD.

      The choreography for their korean songs are always more interesting than their jap ones, imo :)

  7. O_o ummm don’t hate me guys but I’m not digging the song or the MV. I’ll admit the boys are DEFINITELY HOT! especially in all black but I don’t know something about it just doesn’t make me love it ;( maybe it’s the choreography, idk! I like Bolero much more than this and usually I like their upbeat songs much better than their ballad ones *lol cause it doesn’t put me to sleep while I’m driving or doing chores*

    • Hahahahaha, I don’t exactly *love* the song either. Maybe I need a few more listens??? Idk, but I still prefer it over Bolero. I found Bolero a little….boring?? Lol, just my opinion~

  8. Personally, I found this song and MV lol-tastic. It seriously looks exactly like something out of the ’90s. XD

    It looks like they’ve gone back to their traditional formula where Yoochun/Junsu/Yunho do the verses and bridge while Jaejoong and Changmin alternate with the chorus, which they tend to do for a lot of their Japanese singles (Summer Dream, Shine, etc.) I wasn’t a fan of Mirotic, but the nice thing about it was the fact that they didn’t really follow the standard formula that they do in Japan.

    • Hahahahahah I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It reminded me of an N*sync/Backstreet boys mv (can’t remember which one). Maybe it was the white scene? Lol, no idea.

      I fail. I had no idea that that was their “Standard” formula ^^;;; But I generally tend to like their Korean songs more than their jap ones.

  9. omg if the plot was “I’m hot” then i totally got it. i actually like bolero more, maybe cuz they seem to sing more. my fave part out of the whole song is when jae sings the chorus, i love that part so much (:

    • I didn’t reaaaaally like Bolero, but maybe it’s cos I need to give it a few more listens? :D

      Yea, they do look pretty good in the mv, don’t they ;)

  10. OMG YOU <3333

    i fail hxc because I still haven’t replied to your e-mail from like months ago but alsjdkfls i will get to it soon because I want to hear about your trip XD! welcome back <3!


      Yep, YOU OWE ME AN EMAIL ;_______; lol. How’s your semester going?? HAVE YOU DELIVERED ANY BABIES YET???????????????? you must tell me all the details in the email you owe me (well, maybe leave out the graphic details XD)


    It kinda sounds cute, it’s catchy and i know the choreography isn’t all that but I think it’s nice and simple! Even cute at times.
    I loved them in it! Changmin is really love in the begining.

    Dark Jae’s hair => makes me happy!
    Light Micky’s hair => looks like mirotic hair which makes me happier!

    Yunho is SOOO SEXY! Love his part from 1:20-1:29.

    Here is my friend’s explanation of the MV:
    White -> tohoshinki (TVXQ)
    Dark -> DBSK
    DBSK, in korea, they’re like hard hitting, and have powerful performances.
    TVXQ, in Japan, are the more mature and gentle tohoshinki.
    Basically DBSK going into the vault and TVXQ is released into the world.

    • I like your explanation :D!! Lol I would’ve never thought of that myself XDDDDDD


      Lol @ your “dbsk are going into the vault”. I’m picturing some crazy fangirl shoving them into a safe XDDD


  13. i haven’t see it yet.. but i have listened the brickwall’s version and their audio preview..
    it’s a good song i think…

    from reading your guys’ comments that most said their mv or dance is kinda….weird?… make me dont really sure whether they can win oricon this time (but i still hope they will)

    maybe i should watch the MV soon to check it out…
    thx for sharing

    • It’s catchy :)

      You should watch their mv; it’s not their best mv, but it’s interesting. And they look really good XD

  14. hey PAS! nice to see you back on IMOP =]]
    btw, what everyone’s talking about with the “brickwall” janx is like…THSK bought the song “brickwall” from the company phrased differently and made it into survivor. so “brickwall” (or the demo) is actually in english and it’s ridic catchy and hilarious if you listen to the lyrics.

    there are some things that i prefer in the english version…like understanding what they’re saying, but there are also things that i like about the THSK like… well…yunho..and jae..and max…oh and micky…and of course junsu

    • Hiiiii :D! Woot, someone noticed I was missing XD *feels important*

      I really need to go listen to this brickwall song XD Thanks for the link :)

      Yea, sometimes I want them to sing in english, just so I’d know what they’re singing about. But then I’d look at the current popular english songs and think “hmmm, maybe not” XD;;;

  15. *things i like about the THSK version


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