Posted by: lovediaries | February 24, 2009

090222 SSTP SHINee Eng Cuts + Other Onew Eng Cuts

Anyone else suffering from a serious case of Onew-ache?

Shim Shim Tapa Cuts – Although Onew’s pronounciation of english words rival that of Key’s, his grammar is not so good haha. He thanks their Thai fans at the start of the video and says “Thailand people, we very thank you for your love.” But you know, the only word he is missing is “are” so I’m still very proud :D. He should’ve just left out the “very” as pointed out by koko :D. There are other cuts including one of Onew singing some strange number song to the tune of “Do Re Mi”.

Onew’s English Pronounciation – This is fanmade; a small collection of Onew speaking random english and from his radio performances. I liked the end where he pretends to be a Korean student on exchange in the States and speaks Konglish buahaha. I loved the way he said “rush hour” xP.


  1. omg, Onew~~ Even his fobby English is endearing. :> The number song was too cute.

    What the heck SHINee, why have you sucked me in. I don’t have time for another fandom, but it’s way too late now ;__;

    • Darn, WordPress edits out all my tags. Boo. :P

      • Oh, what sort of tags did you have?

        And :OOOO!? You mean you’ve only just gotten into SHINee????

  2. WAH ONEW SPEAKING ENGLISH! ahahaha so adorable and his pronunciation is so good =) and his thailand sentence would make sense if he didn’t say the very, but oh well close enough =) and did someone go frankenstein in the background? haha and ah the number song was just pure love =)

    and his rush hour was adorable =) i hope he sings like an english solo for their next cd…or at least he has a solo song. i mean i love SHINee, but i want an onew solo haha =)

    i miss them already! =(

    • Lol that’s true, he could’ve left out the very too :P

      I know! Jonghyun got a solo so I would LOVE for Onew to be able to record his own solo :D.

  3. I’ve always been amazed at how good his pronunciation is, considering he doesn’t really speak English. He actually sounds more natural than Key. :)

    “Thailand people, we very thank you for your love.”

    Shouldn’t it be “Thai fans, we are very thankful for your love.”? So, technically, it’s not just ‘are’ that he’s missing. XD


      Yeah you’re right. When I said “are”, I automatically changed his sentence to “thankful” so … yeah. Oh, shame T_T.


        • A LITTLE.

          cause…you gave me a hartbreak

          LOLOL IDK XD.

  4. his english accent is perfect, even better than key although i love all of them equally (: but of course, english isn’t his language, but right now im a little pissed at the girl who put her hand all over key’s leg at the xiahtic concert right now -.-


      Like someone actually reached onto the stage??

  5. NAHH it was a dance they did while on xiahtic and one of the dancers was all up in his leg at the end (:

    • Oh O_____________O but but I thought it was just Junsu and Key dancing together at the end.

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