Posted by: beckery | February 24, 2009

Listen to… Jay & Kyuwan – Evening Primrose

Credit: lolly1588 @ youtube

Like Candychu has mentioned, this is a collaboration between Jay from The TRAX and a new SM artist, Kyuwan. From the picture in that clip, Kyuwan looks realllyyyyy cute *____* AND AND AND he’s an ’88er which means I wont need to feel like a pedo when I stalk him!!!! Hahaha XDDD Oh, the little things in life which make me happy lol.

Anyways, I am loving the song!! ♥♥ It sounds really, really nice. I like the title as well. “Evening Primrose”…I wonder how it actually links to the song..And um, I know I totally fail, but I cant recognise who is who ^_^”” HAHA So I cant really tell you how good Kyuwan sounds, but since both of them sound pretty darn awesome, then I guess its safe to say that Kyuwan sounds pretty great for a newbie :D


  1. Omggggg. I love this song! I can’t tell who’s singing what either, but I love both their voices. The name of the song is really pretty too. Primrose sounds kinda romantic, and the whole name of the song reminds me of Taylor Swift’s Love Story MV. Romeo and Juliet-ish. Did that even make sense? xD

    • OMG I thought the name was soooooo pretty and romantic too!! That was until I went to work and realised that Evening Primrose can actually be used as an oil for medical purposes. And since I’m totally sick of seeing anything related to medicine, it kinda took the romantic factor out of the name haha. BUT I still lovee the songgg. And nope didnt understand a thing you were saying about Taylor Swift’s love story mv hahahahah XDD

  2. although i dont know either one of them very well, they’re both very good singers. good song too. i hope he does well for his debut (:

    • Lol I dont know them either, but yeap they sound great and the song is hot!

  3. irrelevant: what does MR in like music/videos mean?
    haha something personal, i had a dream about SHINee yesterday, and jonghyun was all fighting with key and i helped key, and then key was so thankful that he fell in love with me♥ (:

    • MR = music removed? I THINK! Its apparently the new trend in Korean music. Like when they take off some of the background music so you can hear the singers voice more clearly..So pretty much you can have a listen to the singers live voices and how good they are without all the music covering it up XDD

      HAHAHA AWWWW Your dream is soooo cute. Sounds exactly like something Candychu would dream off <33

  4. I love this song. They are so good. Yay Jay is back ….But but I want to see Jungmo !_! What is he doing.

    • Lol I’m not to familiar with The TRAX, but Jay sounds great here. XD

  5. Jay!!!! I love his voice so much. He sounds a little different but I guess that’s to be expected after vocal cord surgery. But I can still recognize his voice so it’s not too bad. Kyuwan has an amazing voice too! I can’t wait to see this performed live. Maybe with the TRAX playing instruments? That would be awesome!

    • HAHA ummm I dont know which one is Jay ^_^”” But he had vocal cord surgery?!! O_O Why? And yeap yeap I cant wait for a live of this. XDD

  6. I’m really liking this song!!! Can’t really tell who’s who, but I’m gonna guess that the deeper voice is Jay’s(?). I’ve been in love with Jay’s voice ever since I saw him sing the chorus of Scorpio.

    • Ohh so the deeper voice is Jay? Lol thanks! I really couldnt figure out who was who which means the new guy has a great voice. :D

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