Posted by: lovediaries | February 25, 2009

Trailer for “Sydney in Love”

Me posting this here is totally random but it involves Korean stars so I thought I’ll share it anyway :D.

{credit: sweetlites @ youtube}

You can read more about this over at Seoulbeats.

The best part about this online film is that it was filmed here in Sydney!!! And I had no idea, woot~ lol. The story looks like a sweet love story so I’ll be looking forward to watching it when it comes out March 5th!

Also, I watched a liiiittle bit of Super Show the other day and SYDNEY WAS FEATURED IN THEIR INTRO CLIP!! I was so excited I replayed it several times. I didn’t know they actually cared about Australia ahahaa. It was Hankyung, I think, who was supposedly in Sydney watching over the Harbour Bridge XDD.

I hope all this is a sign that more Korean artists will be coming to Sydney, Australia? *fingers crossed* XDDD.


  1. awww looks so cute!! can’t wait for march 5th!!! and….suju’s 3rd album!

    • Yeah I’m curious to see the other places in the film ^^

  2. ohh my god, I totally agree <3
    krn stars in syd, please (:
    LOL yeh I was spazzing when I saw the harbour bridge in the intro luuulz.

    • Hahaha we are too cool!!!

  3. It looks really cute, albeit highly cliche. :3 But what isn’t these days?

    You’re from Sydney? I didn’t know that! I have family there… in fact I supposedly have a cousin there who’s the same age as me and has the same name, although I’ve never met her <_<

    • Hahaa yep. Oh wow, well maybe you should come visit them some time :P

  4. lucky… i’ve never seen any artist talks about San Jose… they’d all gathered at Los Angeles >.>

    • Oooh I was recently in San Jose when on my holiday :DDD!

  5. Haha, yeah, I was quite excited when I saw the harbour bridge in the intro footage as well XD. Except it would have been better had they actually COME to Australia to film it =/. I can dream, ok?

    • But if they had gone to Sydney to film and I wasn’t aware, I would’ve jumped off the bridge.

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