Posted by: lovediaries | February 26, 2009

090224 Onew singing “Gidae” on Byulbam Radio

{credit: bazoongkas @ youtube}

The sound quality is only so-so but this video is worth watching a million times over because Onew does the sexiest thing ever. He takes his top button off *_____*.

Okay, it may sound rather pathetic, but you guys really have to watch to see what I mean. He gets really into the song and his incredibly sexy and bulbous Adam’s apple must’ve gotten in the way because he undoes his button.

There were other sexy things he did like take off his headphones at the start. Mmmmm. IS SEXY LIKE, HIS NEW CONCEPT?

But then again, there was the face scrunch at 3.13 and the hair flip at 3.42 XDDD. Ah, Dubu~ ♥♥


  1. Awww~ babyface is growing up! (Maybe it’s the hair lol)

    Why just now, Jinki? Why not be this sexy when you needed to be sexy the most? You totally needed this kind of image in AhMiGo!

    Is it me, or is at some points of the video, he actually looked like Key? o___o

    • The hair definitely. And I love this preppy look on him *____*

      Hahah well people always confuse Onew and Key and vv so, possibly? XD

      • At least he doesn’t look 498372148932 years younger than me now! Only 5 years XDlol

        It’s because they were meant to be! (because my mom told me that couples who look alike will last forever wtf) D:

        • O__O But then you’d be waking up to … yourself every morning?

          If Onew continues with this “look” and “concept” he might start looking his age ;)

          • I know. It’s a disturbing thought. :\

            Hopefully! But I think I’ll miss the babyface if it goes away

            • That’s true. Like when Henry lost his cheeks I thought he looked really handsome but I missed the chubbiness :(

  2. ^lol I think it is the hair.XD To be honest I think the song was a bit high for him in places, but he didn’t crack, not even once and *that* was hot. I like his preppy outfit too. This cures my Onew ache for a while then…

    • I was too busy watching his every move but I was so surprised he didn’t crack either! Well there was a slight ~ but that mightn’t actually have been him.

  3. lol i agree with both of you and yeha i think its the hair too. it’s certainly gotten much longer lol
    thank you so much for posting this. i’m really missing onew haha i love the random bit of english too, i love onew’s english lol

    omg his hair flip HAHAHAHA

    and yeah, it did seem a little high for him, but he still sounded good =) yay onew!

    • No problem. I’m missing SHINee so badly, I can’t wait for their appearance on On Every1 Idol~

  4. i must’ve been distracted by him or something cuz i dont see his button unbotton anywhere haha i love him<3 so cute love the song although it must’ve been tiring. he’s matured so much, must’ve been the sound quality (:

    • :OOOOO You didn’t see the unbuttoning?? It was so hot *____*

  5. Aw, Onew~ <3 I agree with the comments that his voice sounds awfully strained. But he did his best and that’s what I love about him. :) I couldn’t help cracking up at 3:36 though.

    You’re really observant candychu because I totally wouldn’t have noticed the button thing if you hadn’t pointed it out, he did it so casually. Someone’s got an Adam’s apple fetish… XD

    • Onew blinks, and I will make note. I am a total freak, I think.

      I DO HAVE AN ADAM’S APPLE FETISH INDEED. You ought to see my FAK (aka Fetishes and Kinks) list XD.

  6. LOLOL. When you said that he took his top button off, I thought it would be something epic and sexy. I almost missed it rofl. I loved his hair flip though :D. He is sosososo cute <3. I actually still find this extremely adorable rather than sexy xD. I think I have a slight Adam’s apple fetish too o.O.

    • IT WAS EPIC AND SEXY!!!! To me, anyway :PPP.

      YAY Adam’s apple fetish-ers should unite :D.

  7. LOL, I actually just watched this video and I totally missed that button thing. Now I’ll have to watch it again though – just to see it. XD Yah, but Onew is not looking so young and cute these days (still cute but a different kind of cute now – methinks it’s the hair) and I did think it was very cool how he pulled off his head phones and then did the hair flip because he got so into the song. I am impressed. Well done, Dubu. He’s almost like cool now. :D

    • YES, YES YOU DO ;D.

      Less of an i-look-like-im-underage cute which is GOOD! <333

      HAHAH “almost” cool XD.

  8. He looks mature now for some reasonXD I wanted him looking so innocent haha.
    I can’t handle him becoming mature yet T_T

    I missed him singing~ its kinda cool how’s he’s all emotional. It’s like I’m seeing a scene from some Korean drama with the guy singing his heart out for his girlXD

    • how awesome would if be if onew was in a drama doing that haha =) but i think i’d be a bit jealous too..oh well ahaha

      • lmao oh I’ll be jealous too. I’ll be all “OMG ONEW YOU’RE TOO EARLY FOR THIS (Closes eyes).”XDD haha idk, I can’t imagine him as a Korean drama lead though.

    • I don’t think I’m ready for him to have anything to do with females yet :PP.

      He should just get a solo recorded ^^.

  9. reebok making cf and interview!!

    i’m dying because of OnKey and OnTae XDDD

    • Thank you for the videos! I saw one of them before but I hope they get subbed soon :/

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