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090221 Star Golden Bell Ep 225 – F.T Island

{credit: vinchenzo79 @ youtube}

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.

I’m only recapping the F.TI parts but Hwayobi is really cute and funny in this too ^^.

F.T Island come in at around half way through Part 1. They start off by introducing themselves. Hongki says, along with being the main vocal, he is also in charge of the most shown face in the band XD. Then Jonghun says after him that he is also in charge of the looks hahaha. That half eye-roll was really hot; he’s so good looking *___*. Jaejin then complains and says he wants to be in charge of looks too but they only let him introduce the album XD. Minhwan says “I am in charge of the cuteness”. UM, YOU’RE LIKE HOT NOW, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. Seunghyun says height is his role and “of course I have the face”. INDEED YOU DO, BOY :).

He goes on to say that he is 2nd vocal so asks “So when Hongki is in hospital, you step in?” XDDD. Lol Hongki’s reaction is so funny. Jaedong asks if Hongki was in hospital and they had a scheduled performance, would Seunghyun go to hospital or do the performance and he answers “I would have to sing my songs”. LOLOL I REALLY LIKE THIS BOY! Hongki then admits that he gets paranoid their secrets will be spilt since Seunghyun is semi 4D and says things unexpectedly. Jonghun and Hongki then have to talk about how their looks differ and ROFL @ Jonghun’s response. “It’s a face you would see on about 10 guys in a classroom”. LOLL Aw, that’s not true :P.

The second part starts off with Hongki singing the chorus from “Bad Woman” and he’s really good! Tae Won has a theory that good looking guys can’t sing well but Hongki comes very close to being an exception. I find that sort of bullcrap lol. Jonghun is asked what type of woman is a bad woman and he says “A gold digger”. GOOD ANSWER! I was scared he’d say like “a pedo noona”. But I’m not his noona so I guess that doesn’t matter :P.

(Kim Kyung Rok from V.O.S looks really good here.)

Almost half way through Part 4, Nicole comes in to play their game. Lol she’s so cute with her glasses. And OHHH that weird hand/lip thing they’re doing is actually the “eating honey” move XDDD. AHAHAHA. It makes sense now XDD! “If you do it wrong, it looks like you’re wiping drool” ROFL THAT IS SO TRUE. I’m not even gonna try it.

“Seu Line” (the 4 FTI members) are first. Games are funnier when you watch them yourself so I’ll end here ^^.


  1. I’m not noona to Jonghun but if he thinks my… uh… “admiration” for Key makes me a bad girl, that’s kinda sad. DDDDD:

    Good thing he didn’t say pedo noona. hahaha XD♥

    • AHAHAHAHA exactly my point XD.

  2. I don’t have time to watch this yet, but it sounds fun! Kyung Rok is a big bonus! I miss him so much! ^^

    *waiting impatiently for March 21st, which is when the quarter ends* XD

    • Kyung Rok gets to show off his personal talents in this so definitely worth a watch!

  3. lol omg i watched this whole show first without subs and i think its still as funny as before (: hilarious i love it :D i love ft island and its new member, they’re all so cute :]

    • Wow I could never watch a show this long with no subs.

      But I loved Seunghyun in this <333

  4. Jonghun is definitely in charge of looks :D.LOL Jaejin. “I want to be in charge of looks too…but they only let me introduce the album.” HE IS SO CUTE!

    • Theyre all adorable but Seunghyun really stood out for me. I love his personality!

  5. ah…. seem i missed this show… i tried to find it out back… but the vd has been removed~~~ did u hv any copy? can u reupload all the vd?

    really want to see seung hyun~~~ …T_T…

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