Posted by: beckery | February 28, 2009

090227 Music Bank 500th

SS501 – Cuz I’m Stupid + Deja Vu My favourite performance of the night simply because all five boys were present for Deja Vu :DDD I didnt even expect all five of them there so that made me happy! I’ve talked enough about how awesome their live performances of “Cuz I’m Stupid” are so no use going on again about it haha. Plus it was only 2 minutes of it anyways.

Then comes the awesome part!!! The big banners at the back falls down and YOU CAN SEE HYUNJOONG AND JUNGMIN!!! I MISS YOU JUNGMIN, HE LOOKS SO GOOD ♥♥♥  Aww don’t they look so energised and hyped up? Its so so so good to see all five together *swoons more*. But um there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the sound system or someone’s microphone. Can you guys hear that phantom voice?!! Starts like half way through and gets really apparent during the end. Very breathy and kinda off. Pinkandsparkly and I have both watched it like 20 times in total to figure out who the voice belongs to lol. And we’ve kinda nailed it down to 2 boys but since we’re both in denial at whose voice it is. Hey, these boys normally do great lives ok and this IS a dance track after all XD. So we’re going to blame the sound system instead hahaha.

Seungri ft GDragon – Strong Baby Remix Havent’ watched a performance of this for yonks. Seungri sure looks heaps more confident. But he will ALWAYS be cute, lil, innocent magnae to me lol. I actually like the original version more than the remix haha. But a special appearance of GD is always a plus. Well thats what I thought until I saw what he was wearing =_= Sorry bb, I love you, I truly do BUT WHAT IS THAT?!?! *points at his glasses and his hair (ESPECIALLY THE HAIR) and his green suit* Hahaha. He looks like a sleazebag pimp :/

FTTS – Restriction I haven’t watched a performance from them since their comeback stage. Fail! I’ve been busy ok. But I’m totally loving their album. *___* Sooooo good. OH OH HWANHEE’S HAIR LOOKS GOOD HERE *beams* See, hot boys should have hot hairstyles like this! They look so smooth, so slick and so sexy.. TRIPLE S hahahha. Gosh I’m lame XDD


  1. lol G-Dragon does look like a pimp, he looks greasy with visors as sunglasses, sigh…Seungri looks good in a black suit.
    It’s ok if SS501 were breathy cause if it were me dancing/singing up there, I’d sit down, take a break and drink some water, but Cuz I’m Stupid was really good

    • LOL. GD’s hair cracks me up. As Pinkandsparkly said to me, boys normally cant pull of the ponytail look. Of course there are exceptions to this, but yea it doesnt really suit GD XD I still love the boy though haha. And despite how sexy seungri looks in his suits, HE WILL ALWAYS BE MY INNOCENT LIL MAGNAE!!!!

      Cuz I’m Stupid was excellent, as always. So yes I’m blaming the breathiness and out of tune in Deja Vu on the audio system XD

  2. lol seriously, is Seung Ri REALLY younger than me? Only months but still -_-;; Then again, maybe I’m thinking people around my age are innocent…which is kind of falseXD

    When I saw GD…my mouth literally dropped. I was like: OoO. Ugh I do NOT find that fashionable…especially the hair. He looks like some host who lost his job or something…it’s that bad lol.

    I think it was leader? who sadly had that microphone malfunction. But I have to give that guy credit for coming and dancing like crazy when he has SO many scenes to shoot in BOF. I love his hair<3

    I missed my horsie. He used to look totally feminine in some ways but now he looks mature and it’s such a plus. lol but then again his drama queen persona is still prob. there. But I feel his moves and vocals improved tremendously. I guess musicals did help him out.

    The Triple S performance was wonderful as always<3 They have such flawless voices…I love them. Kyu Jong <333

    I’m still sad FTTS is going to separate to their own ways after this last album. They were like the best duo when it comes to complementing each others voices.

    and I’m sad my comment became this long lol.

    • LOL Seungri is younger than me too!! But since apparently I look young for my age and he looks quite old for his, I’ll just pretend he’s actually younger than me XDD HAHA. And yes yes, I still cringe at GD’s choice of outfit and hair. Though, really we shouldnt be surprised anymore. His done worst hahah.

      HAHA SHHHH DONT LET PINKANDSPARKLY SEE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT LEADER!! She’s been in denial the whole time lol. We knocked it down to either Kyujong or leader, but since KJ did a fabulous job in Cuz I’m Stupid, we both knew it was most likely leader. But she’s in denial and since we all know how crazy his schedule is with filming etc, we decided we’d blame it on audio malfunction instead. LOL. BUT OMG SAME I MISS JUNGMIN SO MUCH!! He looks good here. And did you see that catwalk strut at the beginning when they zoomed into him?! LOL IT WAS SO DAMN FUNNY! I’m thinking, damn that guy is such a slut sometimes XDD And I say it out of love ok hahaha.

      No no no no FTTS IS NOT SEPARATING XDD LOL. I just listened to this english radio interview Brian did. And he goes that they’re not separating! I repeat, they are not disbanding! Lol. They’re just going to give FTTS a break and do individual activities (Hwanhee releasing solo album, Brian going to hollywood, I cant wait XD). But they’ll get back together to do FTTS stuff afterwards. So yea there is hope!! Just like there is hope for Shinhwa coming together after army (sorry I just had to had to add in shinhwa cuz I miss them so much lol)

  3. I go crazy every time I hear because I’m Stupid b/c I can’t find the sheet music for it. Such a purty song. And you guys are right, the phantom voice is HJg. SS501 has been on break for a while and every member hasbeen doing music related things but him. Honestly, he’s probably just physically and vocally out of shape. :/ Plus the mics were wierd.

    Either Seungri has improved loads or I didn’t know how good he was to begin with. The super sexy image is still eh, but that was an impressive perf.

    Uh, am I the only one who thinks that’s the most normal GD has ever looked? I’d rather have him wearing green suits than knee socks and Steve the BeaverCoon. No complaints here. LOL

    • LOL. Yea I think we all figured it out that its HJ by now. But hey let us live in our bubble of happiness and blame the sound system malfunction instead. Aint we so damn cool? XDD haha.

      SR has improved somewhat. But the confident factor is absolutely there. I’m proud of the boy. I want his cute image back though haha..Of course we’ve seen worst on GD, but just that whilst SR looks kinda spiffy in his suit, GD looks like a total sleazebag. And I love the boy so much, I couldnt resist laughing at him :DD

  4. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. *SPAZZ* WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ALL FIVE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER?!?! I MISSED THEM SOSOSOSOSO MUCH! Sorry for all the caps >.< I’ve been missing Jungmin especially <3333.

    • OMGAHHHHHHHHH SPAZZES WITH YOU NWOERIHWEORWEI!! LOL. I cant wait for their comeback. It will be quite exciting even though I’m not the biggest ss501 fangirl out there. XDDD

  5. I actually think GD didn’t look so bad…I mean, the hair and the glasses were awful but the suit wasn’t really cringe-worthy. That said, nothing can make the Strong Baby performances interesting to me – I just find them so boring all the time.

    FTTS are awesome and this Restriction song is growing on me.

    • I havent watched a Strong Baby performance in ages haha. I agree its not exactly VERY exciting stuff, but its not that bad to me lol. I cant stand the hair on GD. Im sorry. He looks like a total sleazebag pimp. THe glasses doesnt help much. But like I’ve been saying, Im saying this out of love <333

      FTTS are so damn great at lives, it makes me gets goosebumps sometimes lol. Have you listened to their album? Hiding Game is one of my favourites!

  6. i love ss501, i got into them right when bbf started (: i love because im stupid. best song<33 now ima start memorizing their names haha. i learned all of ft island’s name already haha PROUD OF MYSELF♥ AND its my first time seeing all of them perform :] but they seemed really out of breath

    i have never listened to fly to the sky, but its actually much better than i thought. last time i ever saw hwanhee was in over the rainbow and he sang a lil bit and i was like MAN HE SHOULD GO SING. and i looked him up and he was (: but i thought the duo disbanded, but i guess not (:

    • Aww your a new fan! THats so cute lol. Well we’ll try to do more ss501 posts in the future so you can get to know them better ok XD They’re an awesome bunch!! And since this was the 1st perf of them you’ve seen, DONT DONT PLEASE DONT judge their vocals according to this performance. Trust me, they’re normally better x 1000000000000000000. So um go youtube other performances by them and you wont be disappointed XDD

      Its quite easy to memorize their names and faces. Theres only 5 members after all. Hyun Joong is leader and since you’ve watched BOF, he’s an easy one. The trio is: Kyujong aka the best looking one (THATS CUZ IM BIASED HAHAH =P SO DONT REALLY TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!!), Young Saeng is the one with the awesome vocals, HyungJoon aka Baby is the adorably cute one. And Jung Min is the batshit crazy one, which you probably havent seen around much haha. But that boy is seriously awesome! Actually…they all are!! <33

      The duo definitely has not disbanded and forever wont!! They’re the best duo out there, for reals. And omg darling, their lives are made of crazy awesome stuff. You should check out some of their other hits. Especially if you’re the RnB and Ballad type, like moi XDD

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