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Mnet Super 100 Flower Boys 2009

This list came out a few days ago, but I’m bored and I have nothing else to do so I thought I’d share it :D. I remember writing up a post last year about the top 10 pretty boys of 2008 (from memory, Jaejoong got number one). But this year’s list has the top 100 and it’s REALLY RANDOM. From Robert Pattinson to Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit). I’m only going to list the top 10 here with thumbnails; I’ll but the rest under the cut =D

#1 Lee Minho – SUPERMAN :DDDD (Lol, I need to get over it XDDD)

#2 Kang Dongwon – Don’t know much about him ^^;;;


#4 Kim Jaejoong – SQUISHYYYYYYY <333

#5 Matsumoto Jun – I’m a bit surprised to see him so high on a KOREAN list O_O but Matsujun’s such a diva, he was bound to be in the top 20

#6 Kim Hyunjoong – SQUISHY #2  <333333333

#7 NichKhun – Great to see a 2PM boy on here :D.

#8 Jung Il Woo – HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN HIGHKICK??? HE IS SO CUTE IN THAT. Here, have a pic of KimBum with Jung Il Woo:

He’s also BFFs with Lee Minho; how cute.

#9 Oguri Shun – He’ll always be my favourite Rui <3

#10 Jo In Sung – Don’t know much about him…

So what do you think? Agree? Disagree? I must admit, if I had my way the list would look slightly different. But I can’t actually name 100 pretty boys XD So the list would end up being like, top 30 XD. Anyway, here are the other 90

11. Moon Mason
12. Joo Ji Hoon
13. Vic Zhou
14. Taemin (SHINee)

15. Lee Yong Dae
16. Micky Yoochun (DBSK)

17. Akanishi Jin (Kat-tun)
18. Kim Jae Wook
19. Yamamini coopera Tomohisa/Yamapi (NewS)
20. Jang Geun Suk
21. Minho (SHINee)
22. Heechul (Super Junior)
23. Boyd Holbrook (model)
24. Kim Yo-Han
25. Lee Jun Ki
26. Ji Seung Jun (Shoot Dori)
27. Andrea Goldberg (Model)
28. Kibum (Super Junior)
29. Ji Hyun Woo
30. Yoo Seung Ho
31. Choikang Changmin (DBSK)
32. Tamaki Hiroshi
33. Yoo Ah In
34. Hongki (FT Island)
35. Mokomichi Hayami
36. TOP (Big Bang)
37. Hyunbin
38. Lee Seung Gi
39. Gaspard Ulliel
40. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
41. Sungmin (Super Junior)
42. Hwang Kidong
43. Teppei Koike (WAT)
44. Lee Dong Wook
45. Mun Sungmin
46. Ricky Kaka
47. Se7en
48. Jung Eui Chul
49. Tsumabuki Satoshi
50. U-know Yunho (DBSK)
51. G-Dragon (Big Bang)
52. Zack Efron
53. Lee Dong Gun
54. Miura Haruma
55. Im Joo Hwan
56. Nicholas Holt
57. Cheon Jeong Myeong
58. Kim Hyungjoon (SS501)
59. Park Tae Hwan
60. Ryan Curry
61. Shin Min Cheol
62. Mitchell Scott Hewer
63. Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
64. Mingus Lucien Reedus
65. Kim Hyesung
66. Donghae (Super Junior)
67. Kim Dong Wook
68. Joe Cheng
69. Fredrik Stenman
70. Joseph McManners
71. Park Hae Jin
72. Siwon (Super Junior)
73. Kim Jung Hoon
74. Matsuda Shota
75. Kim Joon
76. Nu Min Woo (Trax)
77. Baek Ji hoon
78. Chase Crawford
79. Baek Seung Hyun
80. Onew (SHINee)
81. Evan Yoo (Click cool.gif
82. Toma Ikuta
83. Hong Jong Hyun
84. Jonghun (FT Island)
85. John G Weir
86. Song Joong Ki
87. Eita
88. Kim Si Hoo
89. Robert Pattinson
90. Lee Wan
91. Sung Je (Supernova)
92. Lee Hyun Jin
93. Matt Anderson (Volleyball player)
94. Jinwoon (2AM)
95. Jiro Wang (Fahrenheit)
96. Chris (Battle)
97. Ben Barnes
98. Kim Min Seok
99. Taegoon
100. Lee Hae Woo

Credits: MNet Wide, youtube, naver and gyalmo, Gnignaw, yanasot, Luvables, tarobun @soompi


  1. Ohh, interesting list. Lee Minho made it first! Not a surprise, he probably melted all the girl’s hearts out there in Boys over flowers (incl. mine) xD
    It’s nice to see Jaejoong at least on the top 5 because he’s so pretty and it would be outrageous not to include him up there.
    Matsujun! Love him (but not as much as Aiba xD) I’m guessing there’s a Boys over Flowers craze this year because of Oguri Shun too.

    52. Zack Efron? Errr…… *awkward silence*

    • I would never have pictured Matsujun getting top 5 in a korea list, but hey. I think all the dong bang boys made top 100 except junsu :( Oh well, he’s in my top 100 :D


      *thinks of highschool musical*

      *clutches head in pain*

  2. I just wanted to comment on one thing, and that’s Robert Pattinson. He looks drunk and and kinda like a hobo in all his candid pics lmao.

    Oh, and I kind of am a fangirl of Zac Efron x.x I don’t tell anyone though :DDD.

    • I’m not sure how Robert Pattinson made it on a top 100 PRETTY boys list. Cos he’s not pretty. At all. That’s not saying he’s not ATTRACTIVE, cos he is; just not pretty :D. And I agree, he looks drunk and hobo like in nearly all his pics XDDDD. BUT HE MAKES A GOOD EDWARD CULLEN.

      Hahahahhahahah dw, my best friend is IN LOVE with Zac Efron. Like, when we’re in a mall and she sees a zac efron pic she’d actually go up to the window and coo at it. IT’S SO EMBARRASSING.

    • Forgot to say: I’m secretly planning on going to see his new movie – 17 :DDDDDDDD

      • ME TOO. It kind of reminds me of 13 Going on 30 though. 17 Again seems much better though :).

        • I want to see Matthew Perry more than Zac Efron, actually XD. I MISS FRIENDS DDDDD:

  3. Oh, btw, it’s not a top 100 Korean pretty boy list, it’s a Worldwide list, although how non-biased is it…..well, you can see it’s quite biased =.=”’ That’s a reason why you see Zach Efron on the list at around 50, which almost make me hack a lung from laughing so hard XDDD

    • Yea, i think the survey was conducted by Mnet for the top 100 pretty boys in the world XD. Haahahahahah omg I really don’t understand the Highschool musical craze. It baffles me O_O

  4. -grumbles-
    Where’s Xiah?!! He’s the only DBSK member NOT on the list!!!

    -faints from the heartache-

    Siwon’s 72?!



  5. I’m not a fan of Zac Efron but I have to admit he’s actually looking pretty good these days. That said, I don’t really know how he or Robert Pattinson or Chace Crawford got on the list but whatever because Ben Barnes is there and he is HOT.

    Oguri should be higher than Matsujun. That said, I’m not really surprised because I know how popular Matsumoto Jun is.

    What I really want to know though (other than how Key could not be on a PRETTY BOY list – because he is one of the prettiest boys I know) is if no. 27 – Andrea Goldberg is a guy because well, Andrea’s not a unisex name as far as I know but this list is only supposed to have guys so I guess so.

    Oh, and I might have to watch High Kick just because of that picture. Hello baby-faced Kim Bum looking your usual adorable self. He is so cute, seriously.

    • Chace Crawford is HOT *_______* Don’t really like Nate Archibald (boring much?) but Chace Crawford has a very pretty face ^___^

      Who IS andrea goldbery? Maybe he’s like, foreign or something?

      Highkick is HILARIOUS. Omg you must watch it.

      • I used to think Chace made Nate boring but really I think he just doesn’t have much to work with.

        I guess. LOL, I feel like I should Google him now.

        I really want to but I can’t find it anywhere online. Please hook me up with a site if you know one.

        • I don’t like the Nate/Vanessa pairing >:( Lol, I think it’s cos I don’t like Vanessa….

          Hmmm have you tried Gossip Girl Insider?? That’s where I always go to get my GG news ^^

  6. (logging in is overrated. *grumbles* stupid computer)

    ZOMG. Vic Zhou made it on there?! WOW. I mean, WOW. Not that I don’t think he’s attractive, but I’m so accustomed to thinking of Taiwanese actors being really under-exposed to the rest of Asia. I am pleased. Especially among the hard-to-please Koreans. AND he beat out Micky?! WOW… O_O

    ANd JOE CHENG TOOO?!?!?!?? bah, that one upsets me. I find him so awkward-looking. And no Ethan then? Or Mike? bah.

    lol. Ben Barnes got on there too? My friend is a huuuuuuge fan of him. She’d be proud.

    And as always, “HI JAEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!”


      There’s a 9/10 chance you won’t see this reply, but I’ve started stalking your blogspot and it’s very educational :D

      I was quite surprised with how high Vic got too, actually. I’m not reaaaaaally a fan of him (though I loved him back in the Meteor Garden days, but I digress). I don’t really understand the fascination with Joe. Or Ariel.

      Mike He should definitely be on the list. HE’S SO GORGEOUS.

  7. there’s like a million thinks I can spass about this JaeJoong and Oguri Shun!! enough said

  8. lol haha i love how kimbum is ahead of jaejoon (: surprises me ALOT. is key really not on there? maybe i just scrolled down too fast but it seems like he and onew aren’t on there and they’d be like the first 10 i’d put up there. i love how taegoon just debuted and made it into the top 100 :D


      Last year he was FIRST *tear*

      I didn’t see Key or Onew either, actually. But I was surprised Taegoon got on the list (no offense to him).

  9. Why is Yunho 50?
    and Jeonghyun isn’t here!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    Kk that’s because they are too manly =P

    • Amen, those boys are way to sexy and manly to be on a “flower boys” list they’re more suited for “flower men” or “Manly men” lists, and Jae is a bit of both.

  10. Robert-freaking-Pattinson akdhaskhdasj OH GOD… I’ll stop here.

    Also, Jung Il Woo :DDDDDDDDDDDD
    (All my friends watching BOF are into KimBum right now and I feel kind of superior that I was into him during High Kick)

    • LOLOLOL. But have you started watching BOF?

      • NO. Shhh, well only ep 1, and my friend is burning out eps 4- whatever for me but everyone has a copy so I cbb to download it myself.

  11. Heavily influenced by the HYD Eiga and the BOF Kversion…lol..

    if it werent for that the rankings would have been way different. I was curious as to why there are so many koreans on the list but now I get its korean based..makes sense to me now.

    The 19th list: Its Yamashita Tomohisa/Yamapi

    • Yea, I noticed Yamapi’s name was wrong. But I didn’t bother changing it cos I always remember him by “Yamapi” anyway XD.

      I wonder what the list would look like if BOF hadn’t aired? Maybe JJ would be first again? *bias*

  12. duckbutt Junsu is not in it???? *ANGRY AS HELL* he must be T__________T all dbsk boys duh! and top 5! i love them soooooooooo much and seriously Junsu oppa is smocking hot and soo cute! what´s wrong???

  13. Half of Super Junior is on this list lol

  14. LOL DongHae on 66th?? for real?? i thought he’s much more cuter than minho :|
    just thinking

  15. YES! JAEJOONGIE AND YOOCHUNNIE! but Heechul 11th???
    He’s meant to be in top 10!

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