Posted by: lovediaries | February 28, 2009

Super Junior – Marry You MV Jap Version

Still haven’t finished reading my info T_T.

{credit: AhMiGo @ youtube}


  • Sungmin batters his eyelashes at the camera
  • There is KyuWook
  • Hankyung gives Kyuhyun a massive teddy which he cuddles ^____^
  • Yesung still has his orange hair here and he’s in frames :DDD (It’s not orange anymore, is it?)
  • Donghae is a squishy as always
  • He plays on the keyboard while Siwon sits beside him pretending to play the drums ^^
  • I miss the Almighty Brows
  • Ryeowook is really pretty AND HE HAS KEY HAIR :O!
  • He also acts like a retard which is new O___O
  • Sungmin is trying to take Kyuhyun’s name of being a Game-tard :P
  • Surprise surprise, I saw no Kibum


  1. Kibum’s bi-annual disappearing act, like always.

    I’m pissed that both their Marry U MVs are crap. ): Not to brag but my class can make better music videos than that. I mean, if they want to start conquering Japan, they should put some effort in it. Making it big in Japan means competing with the gayness and sparkle that is Johnny Entertainment– and that’s not an easy feat! I’m sure SM can do better than that! D:

    • I’ve only seen the Krn MV once cause I really didn’t like it (and I’m not too big a fan of this song. I only like the rap parts ^^;;). They probably didn’t seem to have put much effort cause they’re too busy? I mean, they didn’t even have make up on, I don’t think.

      But ah well, I’m happy just seeing the boys :)

      • Being busy is not an excuse when it comes to promotions like this. :\

        Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing the boys (and I’m sad that Kibum is nowhere to be found) but this doesn’t give them justice at all. ):

        • Nah I understand. I personally don’t really want them going into the Japanese Market because theyre already all over the place and it takes like at least a year to get all 13 together :(

          • I know, right. But I won’t be surprised if they suddenly form SJJ or something. ):

            I srsly miss 13. They can’t just keep waiting for a year or two before releasing albums! D: Is the Super Show tour done yet? D:

          • Oh, and I know this is very late reaction but I kept wondering why I see Key on the video preview and didn’t realize it was Ryeowook until now. XD *fail*

            • The Super Show tour isn’t done? But they’ve even had the Encore Concert…

              AHAHAHA you thought Wook was Key XD

              • Which is dumb. When does SM plan them to finish the tour, when they’re old and balding D:? (I’d still go see them anyway lol 8Db)

                Well Key was in Xiahtic so why can’t he be in SJ? D:

                • Imagine Siwon balding. BUAHAHAAHA.

      • “gayness and sparkle” that is Johnny’s Entertainment
        ^ LOLOL I don’t agree with the statement but I do agree that the MV is a bit disappointing. But what can you do with a song about marriage? It’s kind of hard to make it interesting =X

        I like Ryeowook’s hair! He works it like Key.
        And the giant teddy bear was so cute. But Kyuhyun is cuter. Sorry, Mr bear. xD Whennn will SJ start doing activities? I seriously can’t wait!!

        • There are tons of things you can do with a song about marriage. One would expect that media people are creative enough to make the best of the crap they are given and this is certainly not their best. ):

  2. I agree… the MV is a bit disappointing. It is so random and has nothing to do with the song, I think :P

    But at least there’s some cute moments! I thought it was Teuk who jumped up and down! Wookie <3

    • I love seeing behind the scenes stuff but I would prefer seeing it as it is and not put into an MV ^^;;

  3. weird vid, doesnt really tie it in for the song and me but i enjoyed watching it though, even though i dont really know the names of super junior. i like the song though. Ryeowook looks cute with key’s hair <3333

    • I hope you learn their names by their comeback ^^!

  4. I saw this the other day and while the MV is nothing extraordinary, I think it’s loads better than the Korean version. I actually think I prefer the Japanese version of the song to the Korean as well, although I like the Chinese version of Marry U best. (Me, biased? Of course not. :P )

    Wook was adorable here, I was surprised to see how hyper he was, lol. And Shibrows are made of win, as always. You should check out the Making Of movie too, it’s super cute and the Kyuwook makes me happy:

    • Chinese version is my favourite too. HENRY’S RAP <3333. No, we’re not biased at all ;)

  5. Their Japanese pronunciation has improved SO MUCH since they did “U.” =^^= If SM decides there should be a SuJu Nippon subgroup, Sungmin and his language skillz will probably take the lead.

    I didn’t care for this song at all originally, but SJM made me love it. And now in Japanese where I can actually understand the lyrics (mostly)~

    • “Sungmin and his language skills” … I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic there or not XDD.

      And yes! Henry’s rap was so adorable omg :3

      • ^^ I wasn’t kidding, Sungmin’s Japanese is *adorable*

        Henry~~ I have so much love for that kid <333

        • LOL!! His English is really cute too! Maybe they should have a Suju English ^^;;

        • Haha oh okay ^^;;. Well his Japanese has improved since that time ages ago when he introduced himself and totally failed XDDD.

          • D’aw, the time with DBSK like 3 years ago when he’s like “ichi…? eh? jyuu.. hatachi desu.” xD SO CUTE WITH THE FAIL <333 DBSK wasn’t much better, though. Ah, nostalgia.

            I just meant that Sungmin’s pronunciation is better than most of the other SJ members based on 1st Premium Japan/Marry U ^^

            • There was another part (I only have the audio – not sure if I still do, actually) where SJ won an award and Sungmin was introducing and thanking fans and failed lol it was very cute XD. But yeah he’s definitely improved since then.

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