Posted by: lovediaries | March 1, 2009

090228 SHINee Nana’s B Fanmeeting

They all look so grown up *sheds tear*.

Onew ‘s Rap – I can’t remember who or where I said this (possibly just to myself haha) but I was saying that Onew doesn’t rap? Lol my memory is failing but you know, one minute I’m thinking this and the next it happens! (Next time I have to say why doesn’t Onew marry me? AHAHAH XDDD). The rap lasts for about 2 seconds and I don’t understand/can’t hear what they’re saying (cause he raps with Taemin lol) but it sounds like theyre saying “One two three one two three” ahahaha idk xP. And watch how Minho turns his seat around to watch the big screen lol.

Ke’sy Rap from Xiahtic – Key is so gorgeous he makes me weep (for myself) ;___;. The fans are all shouting out “XIAHTIC” but I thought they were saying “V.I.P” XDDD. Oops. I still can’t hear his rap properly though because of the screaming fans T_T.

Minho’s Rap – I…couldn’t hear anything lol but seeing Minho’s face & hand makes me happy enough :).

Taemin’s Dance – Taemin and Minho are matching – I find that so adorable. And d’awww Minho laughs at Taemin after his dance XD.

Jonghyun singing “Billy Jean” – Um…again, I couldn’t hear a thing XD. But is Jonghyun wearing the same colour as Key? I can’t even tell if they’re in blue or grey XD.


(If you live on the same half of the world as us ^^;;)


  1. did minho like fall off his seat while laughing, then gets back up to stare at the big screen? hahaha so cute =) i love how jonghyuna nd minho start reacting even before onew starts rapping

    and yeah i heard one two three then i coudlnt tell what but it was cute =)

    • Lol theyre so mean to their leader XDD But I thought Onew was awesome ;) Maybe I’m just biased hahhhah

  2. wow, even ads have some kind of fan meeting! This, and their Reebok one..
    heck, there’s no way this going to happen in my place :/ can you imagine “Clean & Clear Fan Meeting”?! XP
    korea is truly a fangirl’s heaven then >:D

    • I know eh? Some break they’re having XD.

  3. lol its weird how they’re still doing stuff while on break, i was just thinkin about them like last night and here we go with SHINee again <333 haha they’re all so cute :D

    • Haha SM should never have announced they were going on a break … it’s like the biggest lie ever XD.

  4. Oh, this fan meet looked like it was a lot of fun and the boys looked AWESOME in their argyle sweaters. From pictures I know that Jong’s in grey while Key’s in a light blue. I think the colours they wore suit them somehow.

    That said, OMG. I laughed so hard at Onew rapping just because JH and Minho started cracking up from the time they announced the song. Poor Onew – haven’t they got any faith in him? XD But from what I heard, he sounded pretty good – more like he was talking quickly but whatever. I was sad that the other fancams had such bad audio quality – although the Billie Jean one was okay and Jong seems to have improved on his impression. (Or maybe I’m just biased?)

    Oh, and here’s a really nice Key picture from the fanmeet:

    • Before I even clicked on your link, I knew which picture you were talking about because it’s already my wallpaper :DD (brain!twins). I saw the pic and thought Key looked absolutely gorgeous *____*.

  5. Love their outfits! The checkered sweater magnaes and the soft colored hyungs..
    Oh, is the MC Park Shin Young? The lady that parodied Rain’s Cheese Stick? ahaha :)

    • Er…I didn’t really pay attention to the MC but I love Onew in pink <333

  6. ^ he sure is lovable in every way :)
    do you remember his pink hoodie? I’m hoping to see Key wears it one day 8D

    • Yes I remember :) It was at a rehearsal, I think? So Cute :3

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