Posted by: lovediaries | March 2, 2009

090301 GMiss is Coming – SHINee Cut

First day of uni today; I have to leave the house in 20 minutes (I’m not even dressed yet) and I’m posting on LAEC XD. PRIORITIES, WOMAN!

{credit: AhMiGO @ youtube}

If you read the post I did late last night on my blog then you would already know my reaction to seeing this XD. I found the video just then but I don’t have time to research (the name of the show might even be wrong lol) what this show is/exactly how long SHINee are in it for (cause the end is too abrupt); but in this video you see a parody of “GEE” and SHINee come in to Marry the people XD.

I thought Key getting kissed was bad enough but he actually kisses the other woman (damnit I’ve forgotten her name but I swear I just saw her on something the other day) back XDDD and Minho carries another woman. The end was best where they dance to “U-Go-Girl”.

K, I’ll edit this post when I find more stuff. Lol I’M SORTA IN A RUSH, CAN YOU TELL?


  1. LOL i love how a few days ago iw as like “i miss SHINee” but now like, everytime i come here, there’s a new post about SHINee ahha…aren’t they supposed to be on break?

    and lolll i wanna see this show now too hahah onew looks so nice in that tux =) and them dancing to u-go-girl made me laugh very hard hahaha =)

    • lmao I work hard to find these SHINee posts!!

  2. Gee parody was funny! I love how Minho was calling everybody out to carry that woman! xD

    I think the woman who kissed Key was Shin Bong Sun, but I’m not sure though b/c I’m not too familiar with her

    • Ah, thanks for letting me know! I’m trying to think where I last saw that woman … :/

      • Star Golden Bell, maybe? I first saw her in SGB :D

  3. ^ You’re right – it is Shin Bong Sun. LOL, I like her – she’s funny.

    But anyway, I DEMAND MORE FOOTAGE FROM THAT U GO GIRL PARODY. It looks so funny! And LOL, Minho looks mad awkward dancing there for some reason.

    Aww, I personally found the parts with Key and Onew to be the best parts. Key’s facial expressions at that point were priceless – he looked like he wanted to die! But then again, I’m not sure I would have been so fond of it if Jong had been kissing someone – so yeah, I feel your pain. Good luck on your first day! And you want some good news….

    Suju’s third album will be released on MARCH 12TH!!! Happy now?

    • I was too busy watching Key (and Onew to see if he failed) dancing but I did sort of notice Minho being a little awkward XD.

      Thanks for letting me know! Lol I read and lasdjfksfasdlajflsjdf quickly went onto find more news. But argh, WHY COME OUT ON A THURSDAY? They’ll have so many comeback activities and I’ll be busy with uni ;~~~~;

  4. lol haha today is like dedicated to SHINee isnt it? and i was just thinkin about them like last night and its weird but im glad they’re back sorta ish (: haha it was a random thing but now im jealous of those ladies :D more info on this please when you come back. thanks for ur devotion to lets all eat candy♥


      I saw a HQ video of this up on SHINee forums but I haven’t yet seen this on youtube :/. The show (or parody) is called “Gold Miss Is Coming/Going” .. not sure which one haha.

      And no problem~ thanks for always leaving coments <333

  5. *insert expletives here*

    BUT OMG. That U-Go-Girl parody!!! *O* MORE PLZ

    • The hottest guys always dance to U-Go-Girl *thinks of Junho* :Q__

  6. lmao min ho being all, “Damn I can’t carry her…mai boyz *hand movement*”XD

    I wonder why East Asian shows like to make fun on/pick on people who are average or chubby in terms of weight. It’s kinda sad in a way once you think of it. It’s like, “oh you’re not considered attractive if you aren’t skinny?” lol yeah that’s just me being emo.

    But ahaha key getting kissed and giving the kiss. He had to get kissed by her many timesXD
    Onew was totally doing the Hyun Joong Hwangbo thingXD WGM with Onew would be fun to watch though.

    • LOL!!! I know! Well…. I found that chubby people are really cute, but they’re also so cute to be picked on though :P

      Oh what? Onew on WGM?? Watching another of my favorite boys with a girl? I’ve gone all crazy with JunJin and Kangin already! XD


    • Lol yeah I always feel sort of sad for random people in Movies who are there to be the “ugly” or “fat” people. Sort of like how in BOF, the little girl who was ugly and had to get surgery (I’ve forgotten the characters name already rofl)… I mean, how bad would you feel!

      • lol I would have beaten Jun Pyo’s butt if I was that girl and be all, “ha if I’m ugly, what about your heart?”.

        But…it’s so sad that a guy ruins a girl’s self esteem (ugh guys have called me ugly and such, SO not a good feeling).

        • DDD: and I thought guys were meant to be less bitchy than girls! Well I hope you didn’t take what they said to heart because I’m sure you’re a very beautiful person ♥♥♥

          Imo, personality > appearance :)

  7. I don’t like the chubby I can’t carry you jokes because it just sends a bad message to other veiwers but there there candychu the only reason it was not you in the white dress is because SHINee wanted you to get sleep for uni today, they wanted you to be prepared. When they were filming they pictured your face and those two lovely ladies. Wow I don’t start uni until sept 10! I’m so scared, good luck at uni!

    • I meant to say your face on those two lovely ladies faces

      • ROFLLLL YOUR COMMENT MADE ME LOL SO MUCH. AND IT ALSO MADE ME RLY HAPPY ;DDD *dances in circles*. You’re so sweet bb ♥♥♥

  8. Can i kill the green blouse old lady…?? YAHHH… i don’t like her.

    • Haha lol aw but she’s funny!

    so, apparently these Gold Miss ladies are making 2 parodies, Gee and U Go Girl.. I’ve seen them posted in allkpop but yet to see them :/

    • Yeah you could see like 2 seconds of the U-Go-Girl parody.

      I’m so annoyed, I dl the shiny HQ of Gee and HJSplit wouldn’t work for me >:(

      • HJ Split won’t work for me if I dl using Firefox, but it works just fine when I dl using IE, which is kind of weird, but at least it works ^^;;

        • Really? :O is that the difference? I’ll use with IE next time then cause I’m on Firefox all the time and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I never know why :(

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