Posted by: lovediaries | March 3, 2009

Listen to… Lena Park – 사랑은 이런게 아닌데…

Uni is keeping me busy surprisingly but just thought I’d get a post up before going to bed 8D.

Lena Park recently released her 7th Korean album “10 Ways To Say I Love You” (still haven’t figured out why there are only 9 tracks though). I haven’t even had time to give it a proper listen; so before, I just clicked on a random song, “사랑은 이런게 아닌데…” (I can’t find the tracklist in English so I have no idea what this song is called; and unfortunately, two lessons of Korean isn’t enough to enable me to translate :PPP), and it just so happened to be a very pretty, lighthearted ballad. Perfect, I thought :).

{credit: 101Nanonine101 @ youtube}

To be honest, I have a love-hate relationship with her voice. If you haven’t heard her already, she has a pretty high, light and airy voice. At times it’s calm and soothing and then at times, I absolutely can’t stand it. But from what I’ve heard, her album is quite nice and worth a listen – especially if you liked what you heard in the song preview :).

Click the link to the YT channel for other songs; if you do, be sure to check out Track 5 “비밀”…another -insert another word for pretty- song!


  1. ugh i dont think the video is still available, but i went ahead and listened to her other tracks. unfortunately, i think i picked an upbeat annoying one from her. it just gives her a disadvantage but i like her voice sorta…i dont know if i’d listen to all her songs now =/

  2. oh nevermind me; i was smart enough to figure out that you can FIND the same exact song (: the song was kinda of too slow for me, but i give her props for her voice. it really fits the song. but after a while i got annoyed with the song

    • Haha, see why I have a love-hate relationship with her voice? Hahaha aw it’s okay; you don’t have to like everything but I love that you’re still trying it out :)).

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