Posted by: lovediaries | March 4, 2009

Super Junior “Sorry, Sorry” Teaser Pics

It’s so good coming home after a long day (and having to carry around fat ass and expensive textbooks) to something as EXCITING AS THIS OMG *HEART AND BRAIN AND LIVER AND LUNG EXPLOSION*. Thank you to abc123zyx and paperteuk for the links ♥♥.

So this isn’t what I expected … because I didn’t know what to expect; but, wow. Not sure why they had to go and cover Kangin’s face on the cover XDD. Everyone looks really good, even though I don’t approve of all the hairstyles (SERIOUSLY, SIWON’S HAIR IS DISGUSTING XDDD. Sorry. I don’t like it :S And Donghae looks like he has a mop on his head ROFL. He’s super cute though, with his O_O eyes haha). But I’m definitely glad to see Kibum is fit and back (HELLO ARMS *grabby hands*) and Kyuhyun is as handsome as ever. I’m so so biased.

I took a closer look at the pic of Sungmin, Heechul and Kibum and omg Sungmin’s cheeks are SO cute that there’s actually a CHEEK-LINE on his side profile. HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IS THAT!?


  1. LOL!! I was so excited when my friend showed me this! I agree with you… I don’t really like their hairstyle. I’m most annoyed with Chulrella’s >.<

    • Heechul’s hair is really distracting. He has such a pretty face but he looks like a hobo here O__O. I remember when he was hairy, I didn’t mind him having ratty hair but now that his face is all nice and shaven, he looks really bad with that hairstyle XD.

    • The first time I saw Heechul, I couldn’t figure out who it was. I had to look at the writing to see who was actually supposed to be in the picture. The second reaction was “WHY HEECHUL WHY?”.

      Other than some of the bad hair, I’m pretty excited for the album.

      • Hahaha they’re all in age order – I find that really cute xD.

  2. They all look grungey, no? Okay I don’t approve of Donghae’s hairstyle…but I actually think the others look ‘ayt. YES. That includes Siwon’s failed Junpyo hair.

    I guess I’m just happy to see them. *shrugs*

    I think once I get over the shock of seeing Kibum (who looks ULTRA FINE btw) maybe the “bad hair” concept will finally sink in. XD!!!

    • Teuk looks like he just had some wild sex in the back seat of a car

      Donghae’s expression makes up for his bad hair though :). Idk, Siwon’s hair like that just makes him look extra greasy xD.

      I know eh! The last picture I saw of Kibum was the … sort of unattractive one from Super Show Encore Concert ^^;;

  3. Not a big fan of Suju but I am noticing a pattern here… Isn’t this like the second time that they name something with a word repeated: 돈,돈 XD

    • Their first was Twins so, yeah, they’re probably following a pattern here. XD

    • Aw, well I hope this time round, you’ll get into them :).

  4. lol wild sex! I guess the position he’s sitting kinda hints at something lol…

    but ya my first impression at these pics is they kinda remind me of the pics from “boys in city 2″…hm…I guess they were filmed together? That’s a dissappointment cuz I was expecting some MAJOR change

    • AHAHAHAA I didn’t even notice that XDD.

      Yeah, I definitely see the similarity. In that, there was a sort of hobo “artists who go busking” feel and that’s similar to here?

  5. The song list is out on yesasia!!! I love the titles! :D

    • Thanks for letting us know <3! PAS has posted it ^^

  6. wow, I actually liked the “age-order” one better, it’s so artsy XD

    • Yeah but I wonder why there isn’t a cover where you can see ALL 13 faces XD

  7. Haha, there WILL be though XD
    poor Kangin, idk if he was accidentally captured like that or the concept is assigned XP it’s “13eyond your imagination”, imagining his face is a must after all 8D

    • I guess they were going for the natural look? And the photographer (who’s someone really famous too, I think) thought “Ah well, 12 out of 13 faces is good enough. We end for the day!” XDDD

      • lol XD but woah! i can’t recognise anyone anymore…

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