Posted by: beckery | March 5, 2009

EunHae Dance Practice


Oh and before I carry on, this has nothing to do with Suju’s comeback…I think? haha. But seriously who gives a sh*t when my boys are dancing like that ♥♥♥♥♥. Oh and the other guys are their dance teaches? PFT I DONT KNOW OK JUST WATCH!

Dancing to “Because of You” MORE SPAZZING $#$)(*)@$ Pretty sure I hear Kangin behind the camera btw lol. I love the beginning how they’re all doing some freestyle. Then they get all co-ordinated and OMG HEART ARRYTHMIA! Look how smexed up Eunhyuk and Donghae is *____* Since I’m eternally biased, I always find Hyuk attractive but when he’s dancing, then its just WOAHHH!! He loves it, he breathes it and you can feel it from him XDD And although he’s so lanky, I think he looks hella good dancing with those baggy pants and cap! AND DID YOU SEE THAT SEXY WAVE HE DID AT THE END!?!?!? Man, where is Candychu to go apeshit about Donghae hahaha! Cuz that boy is on fire too!!!! <3333 That angled cap looks good on him, wait everything looks good on this boy, wth am I talking about?! And he’s such a hot dancer XDDD OH AND ITS EUNHAE <33333

Dancing to “My Love” There was Neyo, how did I know there would be a JT clip rofl XDDD So predictable boys!! Mainly the dance teachers but they’re good. And any good dancing should be watched! Plus the boys jump in and do some “stomp stomp and leg wipes” XDD HAHAHA. I dont know the technical terms ok!


::EDIT:: Ok, now that I’m coherent and sane again (sorta..haha) after a night’s sleep, I did proper research. And these clips were put up on Leeteuk’s Cyworld (thanks Carmen <3). Carmen said and I quote:

“Also, to answer your question, these were posted by Eeteuk in his cyworld. Along with some stuff about how great their choreographers were and they’ll work hard. And “I think it will be an unforgettable memory for Fish and Monkey” Haha. I’m so amused that he calls them by their nicknames :D”

How flippin’ cute is that.  Oh and I found pictures of them and their dance teachers (Trent Dickens and Nick Bass), under the cut! Oh and LOL at one of Trent’s comments for the pic of him and Siwon… “Me and Siwon, My asian brotha from anotha motha” HAHAHA. THATS WHAT ME AND MY FRIENDS ALWAYS SAY TOO OMG XDDDD

Credit goes to Trent’s MySpace and kyurella @ livejournal


  1. Me too me too I am also eternally biased :D I always find hyuk is more attractive when he is dancing and sexiest among members
    and he is the cutest one kwi kwi
    my gum gum (hyuk’s nick that I call) is more and more handsome these days.

    I was soo busy backtracking at soompi and can’t even surf other things on the net

  2. Sorry let me spazz heart is not in stable state and can’t sleep..Can’t even count how many times I have watched that clip.
    I need to get some sleep..sleep ..sleep

    Hyukiee yah what did I do wrong to you in the r killing me

    • Lol honey as much as I like you, HYUKJAE IS MINE *grabs him* =PPP Sorry got first dibs already, my hubby <33333

      Yea I saw the video at like 1ish last night and watched it about a million times and did the post before I could calm myself down and sleep haha. But then I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was watch it again. Especially the “because of you” dance. That is some damn hot smex right there!!

      AND OMG HAVE U SEEN HYUK’S NEW HAIR O__O Reminds me of Heechul. I dont know if thats suppose to be good or bad, but I kinda liked his old hair XD

      • ha ha Don’t worry I will steal him back from you.

        Same like you did or you did like me whatever :D I watched the clip again when
        I woke up but this time from teukiee cyworld i think quality of vid is better at there

        Agreee..Hyuk’s new hair make him looks like heechul. Heechul wore the same kind of shirt that hyuk wore on that day at 12+press conference in thailand.
        This new hair is million times better than his U days hair style :D but even with that lousy hair style he makes me fall in love.

  3. Omo for a sec I had to stop and say is that really Hyuk, he’s gotten a lil bit bigger which is good, or it could be the baggy clothes, but his legs are nice and muscular! His dancing, oh things I’d do to go clubbing with these boys!

    • HAHAHA oh honey, if I could, I wouldnt only go clubbing with these boys, I’d be living with them!!! Imagine how fun it would be!!! But yes yes Hyuk has gotten more and more attractive these days. I think he looks a tad bit buffer, but still quite lanky haha. Imagine the day he gets abs, I WOULD BE SO HAPPY AND THATS AN UNDERSTATEMENT *___*

  4. I’ve been spazzing over SuJu for the last 24 hours so I’m completely exhausted right now. I even stayed up until 6am to see what the teaser would be. But I just have to say, damn Eunhyuk (and Donghae) I missed those smooth skills. Can’t wait to see them on stage again!

    Also, to answer your question, these were posted by Eeteuk in his cyworld. Along with some stuff about how great their choreographers were and they’ll work hard. And “I think it will be an unforgettable memory for Fish and Monkey” Haha. I’m so amused that he calls them by their nicknames :D

    • ROFL. I ummm wasnt THAT spazzy over their preview pics *gets shot*. But these clips have definitely made me excited!! Pats on the back to leadershi for making us curious. Not only is it EUNHAE (MY OTP ♥♥) but also of them DANCING. EVEN BETTER!! Omg you poor bb, you stayed up till 6am? That is some dedication <333

      And thanks for the info XD

      • Yeah and I had class at eleven O_O

        If I had known it would only be pictures, I definitely wouldn’t have done that. But all rumors made it seem like it was going to be a MV teaser which I just HAD to see. Oh well. Spazzing over SuJu is fun no matter what the reason :D

        • YOUR CRAZY! I HOPE U KNOW THAT! lol.

          But yea I was expecting a MV teaser or at least a song preview..Alls is good, it just makes us more curious yes yes?

  5. wowww they’re so amazing. I’m impressed with the moves (the dance teachers are hot<3XD).

    I love how Hae never fails to be adorable<3 My heart died when he went up to the camera with his dorky smile and peace sign.

    Hyuk’s hair reminds me of GD’s friend Hyukso’s hair in the past.

    • Lol They’re always amazing. But they look totally sexy here *_* And yea the dance teachers are soooo good. I hope that means we’ll get some extremely awesome choreo for their comeback *fingers cross*

      YEA THAT PEACE SIGN WAS SO CUTE! But then Hyukjae comes and does that squiggly thing and I got slightly distracted hahahaha XD I’m biased, shoot me =P

  6. WHY DO I NOT HAVE ENOUGH PAIRS OF EYES!?!??!?!?! OMG DONGHAE OMG HYUKKKK OMG EUNHAEEEE. My fingers are shaking so bad from excitement XDD.

    • Well for starters, if you had an extra pair of eyes then I WOULD NOT BEFRIEND YOU AT ALL!! As a matter of fact, I’d make them ship you off to some isolated island, you Worldling EF! HAHAHAHA XDDD

      But omg I was SO TEMPTED to call you last night when I saw these. It was 1 here so probably 2 there. And I was thinking “would she kill me if I woke her up just for these…” and decided I love my life way too much to risk it hahaha.


  7. okay… let me breathe for a second… i always loved hyukkie but i agree with you.. everything you said about him is just on point…haha.

    he is just tooooooo damnnnnnn SEXY!!!!!…

    • Lol a second? Honey, I couldnt breathe for like 20 minutes, I’m surprised I’m sill alive =P But yes isnt Hyukjae so hawt! My love for the boy has just increased by 100000000000000000000000 times and thats not even impossible cuz I already love him x infinity haha

  8. idk much about super junior and their members but the guys danced very slick and nice (:

    • Aww you must learn more about them! And what better time then now since they’re having their comeback soon! COME JOIN US AND GO CRAZY OK! Oh but thats only if you dont steal Eunhyuk from me =P hahah

  9. Dance teachers is pro.
    pro pro pro pro. And is one of them white?! haha. I’m sound so racist now. BUT HOT.

    But it was cool seeing them bust out their moves. LET THE PROMOS BEGIIIIIIIIIN!!!!

    • They are very pro, arent they! AND LOL. I had the exact same reaction!! I was like wow that guy is white?! And not in the racist way. But more of a like “I wonder how Suju communicated with them” way haha. Does that even make sense?!

      I searched them, Nick Bass and Trent Dickens, up and they have quite some credentials to back them up. I’m impressed. Lets hope the choreo will rock socks!

      • lol. That was probably one of the reasons I wondered too. Apparently one of Big Bang’s main female backup dancers is non-Korean too. I would assume that they spoke Korean… or in the dance studio you don’t need language… lol.

        I didn’t know they got NEW choreographers though! I thought it was just… standard SM choreographers. Figures that they’d bring in the big guns for their comeback though.

        I wonder what their image will be. From the promo pics, it looks like it’s artsy/rock/punk look? But from these dance moves and the slick stylings of their new choreographers, I’m *hoping* it’ll be sexy (like Mirotic or smthng).

  10. =O that was really good!
    and i think teuk looks like a sperm in the pic of siwon and the chreo. (in the middle and his face is like :O) LOL

    • “teuk looks like a sperm” HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA THATS SO FUNNY ROFLMAO!!! Good one hahahaha. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • HOMI GAWD.
      leeteuk = sperm
      your description is funny but when you look again. yess, he looks like a sperm!

      and oh, yesung on the 1st pic has this “i’m happy but constipated look”.


  11. i just can’t wait..
    i will more patient..
    i lacked of donghae’s new photo

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