Posted by: beckery | March 5, 2009

Kim Bum – ESQUIRE March ’09 Mag Scans

Credits: daum; lovekoreastar; ripgal @ soompi

KIM BUMMIEEEEE *_____________________________________* This boy will be the death of mehh, I just know it!! Look at those eyes, look at that smile, look at those cheeks, LOOK AT THE CUTE BOY!! Lol I seriously fail at keeping up with BOF *twiddles thumb*, I get distracted easily ok! But Kim Bum will forever be my squishy ♥♥♥

I love this photoshoot! He’s sooo smiley (when is he ever not?), its like the sun shines out of him ^___^. And isn’t it adorable how in some pics, his eyes aren’t opened evenly. Its like he froze in mid wink HAHAHA. More pictures under the cut. It was seriously HARD deciding which one to put here, cuz they’re all so freakin adorable. But in the end I chose this one cuz he was wearing casual clothes (we see enough of him in suits in BOF, not like I complain cuz boys in suits are <33) and the smile is so #*$&($&#@ cute!


  1. *__________* HOT + MAJOR CUTENESS!!!
    gahhh kim bum and his super adorable and beautiful face seriously is the death of me these days!
    recently, i found a younger pic of kim bum and he was just toooo cute..i literally stared at it and squealed LOL
    ahh i loveee him, kim bummiee XD

    • I am definitely drooling with you! He’s always such a cutie. I’ve been watching High Kick recently and he is so adorable in it!! <333


    • AGREED!!! <3333

  3. ohmygosh, can he get ANY HOTTER THAN THIS? I CAN’T STOP STARING AT THESE PICS. thanks alot beckery (: hes so adorable. i might just end up being here for a while… :D

    • I THINK HE CAN GET HOTTER THAN THIS!!! Hahahaha, he seems to always look cuter and cuter and hotter and hotter $#&@*(@&$#!!!

  4. KIMBUM ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    (Look, another boy who probably has better legs than me)

    • PFT they ALL have better legs than me :(((

  5. I thank the heavens for giving us that face! <3

    his smile just makes my heart melt.
    he’s like the perfect kid you can bring home to your mom as a boyfriend.

    stares at his legs. then at mine..
    “OMG, i have fat legs..”

    • Lol. Amen XD He’s so gorgeous. Always so smiley and full of life. Makes you smile along with him. Such a beatifuly face gah. Omg I have fat thighs too *cries with you*

  6. Kim Bum, Lee Seung Gi, and Jang Geun Suk. All 3 have such gorgeus smile everrrrr <333
    I’d rather dying by a cute smile over a smexy bod anytime 8DD

    • LOL If i could choose, can I get both the smile and the body? PLEASE XDDD

      Seung Gi IS SO ADORABLE!! He’s such a sweetie <3



    • DEFINITELY! He’s such a cutie <333

  8. he is realy3 cute

  9. kim bum
    his smile just makes my heart melt

  10. so handsome…………..

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