Posted by: lovediaries | March 6, 2009

BoA – “I Did It For Love” MV Preview

CLICK to watch in HD!

I really liked the song after first listening to it. It’s, well, very American and super catchy. I like it more than “Eat You Up” (rofl, I originally typed Eat Chu Up) because the lyrics are less crack-headed XD. But again, it’s an extremely repetitive song XD.

The choreography is really kickass! All that cane movement on the chair made my eyes go @___@. It was very impressive, but even so, it (along with her outfit) didn’t really match with the song. And she looks like she belongs in a computer game XD.


  1. the song is good, she looks good, the clothes and dance remind me of aliyah, I wish he the best of luck!

    • BoA does look great ^^!

  2. This reminds me of Janet Jackson!!!
    This song sounds really nice, the choreography is nice… hopefully the american audience will recieve her well.

  3. I’ve been hearing ads for her on one of the biggest radio stations in NYC and two other states. I think SM is doing a fairly good job of promoting her here. I don’t know how the reception will be, but at least she’s getting known :).

    • Oh really? That’s so awesome! I was wondering if Americans were actually starting to know her :)

  4. I thought the dance for “Eat You Up” was really good!
    Then again, most dance routines from SM are good anyways.

    Hopefully she’ll break the glass ceiling over in the US.
    Pave the way for more SM artists to cross over.

    Ok, not necessarily SM artists. Asian artists.

    • Hahaha yeah, hopefully not too many SM Artists go off to America because obviously there would be a change in music style and there’s a reason I don’t really listen to western music ^^;;

  5. The dancing is fierce, but there is way too much vocoder nonsense going on. Seriously, the girl can sing–there is no reason at all to process the shit out of her voice.

    • Yeah, I’m hoping she won’t just have these sort of dance tracks. It’s such a waste of her voice!

  6. OH OH!!! the fan part killed me!! O_O
    the song isn’t half bad like you said it has an american vibe to it, i’m buying her album!!!
    i hope this does well, coz she is a little ball of HUGE talent!

    • YES. That part was mad as !

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