Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 7, 2009

Goo Hyesun and Seungri on Lee Hana’s Peppermint

Video: CodeAnalysis @ Youtube

They make such a cute pair :D!!! Despite only being up to Ep11 of BOF, Hyesun’s currently my number one girlcrush ♥ I love how she’s naturally cute, and she always seems so genuine and sweet in interviews *gushes*

I think she went to Dr Peppermint straight from BOF, so that explains why she’s wearing the spastic Doraemon hoodie (not that I have anything against Doraemon; that one just looks retarded). I don’t think she sounded her best in the embedded performance, though. Imo, her solo performance (she penned the lyrics and composed the song :D) sounds much better, but maybe it’s because of pitch problems?

She’s so talented; I hope YG will release her solo album soon *daydreams about Lee Minho guesting in her mv*


  1. lol iono but they dont look cute together to me =/ she doesnt sound good in this i feel bad saying all those things. but its so true. lol and her hoodie seems to just ruin the whole mood…seungri sings strong baby and i think when i imagined it..he didnt really fit for this. but they’re cute in their own ways (:

  2. her solo performance rocked though. she has so much talent (: whats YG? :D

  3. oh nevermind. i know what YG is now :PP

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