Posted by: lovediaries | March 8, 2009

DBSK – Survivor on Music Station

{credit: Acian42 @ youtube}

You have the option of watching the embedded video in HD but it totally lagged for me ;~;.

This performance just made me like the song a whole lot more ♥. I love Junsu’s “Everytime everyda~ay” *___*. SPINE! SPINE! Unfortunately, Yoochun has the hair of a woman.


  1. Hallu, thar, lulzy choreography! :D SURBAYBOR, YO.

    See, DongBang is actually capable of understandable English. But why is it that in most of their songs I spend the first few months of constant listening not recognizing the English lyrics? D:

    • IT’S YOU *clings*. Lol I love seeing people who should be studying procrastinate. It helps relieve my stress~

      And yes, I wonder about that too. A lot of the time, I don’t realise they’re singing English unless the lyrics are before my eyes.

      • HEY. I made significant progress on our magazine layout! I am entitled to a few more minutes of procrastination! DDD:

        Yes, exactly. Did you know I didn’t realize there was more English to Mirotic than “I’ve got you under my skin” until I listened to Pumashock @ youtube singing it? And that it took me MONTHS to noticed that, hey, the intro rap for Show Me Your Love was actually Eeeeengggleeeesssh.

        • YOU DIDN’T KNOW “BLING BLING BALL” WAS IN ENGLISH? And “mumble mumble even though I’m not that cole cool” !?!?!?!?! Well, I don’t blame you of course. Chungrish is hard to understand ^^;;.

          • Bling bling ball, I understood (and until now I’m still trying to figure out what the hell a ‘bling bling ball’ is) but the rest?

            Reason why I’m shy because of your blue eyes something something by my side. You know it. It’s like bling bling ball. Can’t stop it even though I’m not that… uh… cool. Or call.

            (I have no idea about DBSK albums since I own none but I had absolute fun picking on the Engrish treasure cove that is Super Junior 05. XD)

            • ENGRISH TREASURE COVE ROFLMAO. The English in “Don’t Don” was good though. The album, not the song. I think. I can’t really remember but I always thought that SJ songs made more sense than DBSK albums. So…from that, you can see exactly how good the english lyrics in DBSK albums are ^^;;.

              Have you ever heard their song “One”? (I demand you to go youtube it if you haven’t). It’s one of my all time fav DBSK songs, but … “someday I’ll lay my love on you”. How exactly do you lay love on someone? XD. “Thank you for the love inside you” is also an interesting way of thanking someone who loves you ^^;;.

              (I’m going through all these old DBSK songs and argh ;~; I miss those early days.)

              • Ah, yes. Maybe two-year gap did SJ well. DD was totally much better than SJ05 and the people irl are all, like, “O: They’re the same group?” when they saw the albums. XD;;

                … but if SJ songs made more sense. D: Poor DongBang. Purple Line let me settle my want? (I don’t understand that either lol) No PRO-GREY-SHUN in their English?

                “someday I’ll lay my love on you” isn’t so bad. Westlife had a song with that line (I’m sad to admit that, yes, I used to like Westlife. Ew.) But. uh. “Thank you for the love inside you”…. So there’s a love outside me? XD Sounds interesting. I’ll check that out. XDb

                • No PRO-GREY-SHUN in their English?
                  LOLING SO HARD AT THIS XDDD.

                  Oh, westlife eh? Well I liked 5ive once upon a time. Do you remember them? :).

                  There’s also “Thanks for everything, and thanks you here”. I’m so thankful for you being here that I can’t even be bothered to say my sentence fully and correctly.

                  • You know, maybe their songs actually made sense and that they are secret codes waiting to be cracked. O:

                    I don’t think I remember 5ive. O:

                    I’m considering applying at SM Ent as a proofreader for all their songs. It’s going to be a humanitarian mission: Save the SM Talents from Embarrassment, Save the World from Engrish!

                    • I’ve already sent in an application for that job but I still haven’t gotten a response :/

                      They ought to hire a whole team, what with their ginormous artist producing factory.

  2. Some lyrics make no sense.

    But we love them all the same.

    It actually makes listening to their songs that much more interesting.

    The english lyrics to Purple Line doesn’t make sense either.
    Oh well.


    • “we gotta purple like that”.

      It’s true though. Something that makes no sense often attracts more attention than stuff that does XD. Strange, eh?

  3. That’s actually one of Chun’s better hairstyles. He reminds me a lot of ARASHI’s Sho in this one. :)

    (The unfortunate thing here is their lulzchoreo. And the Engrish. For such a tough-sounding song, it’s a weird dance routine reminiscent of ARASHI’s gaydance for Truth… only this is more… uh… manly. I don’t know many DBSK dances but Mirotic looked okay so maybe this song-choreo mismatch is kind of a staple in Jpop?)

    I can only assume that the boys don’t understand a word of what they’re singing. How else can they keep a straight face during the performance? XD

    Don’t get me wrong, Cass people. I may not be a big fan but I like DBSK and I really find them entertaining. It’s just, you know, fun to make fun of funny people. :D

    • It is a tough-sounding song! I mean, it’s called “Survivor” XD. But yeah, there is usually a difference between their Jap choreography and Korean. Their Jap songs tend to have a lot of footwork like in Summer Dream, Choosey Lover and Shine (sometimes complicated, sometimes full of lulz).

      ROFL I’m a big fan of DBSK and I’m making fun of their lyrics haha. That makes me feel so bad XDDD!

  4. lovely performance, I found Yunho’s survivor cringe worthy but funny though he was still hot, Junsu was outstanding here, and what is this?!?! Changmin got plenty of camera time!!! *Jumps up and down in glee*

    • Haha I found Chun’s line sort of cringe-worthy, actually.

      INORITE! At the start, I went “OMG CHANGMIN!?!?!” XDD. But he’s usually more loved on Jap shows than Korean :P

  5. I actually watched the whole show on this and the boys talked for what like 2 seconds and then performed and then sat there the rest of the show *which I don’t mind since they’re looking really yummy especially Jae* Lol at the beginning where everyone was standing the boys looked like giants compared to everyone else *especially standing beside BoA (she’s adorable by the way)*

    The performance was pretty good though the boys seemed tired or maybe I’m imagining things.

    • Yeah, that’s why I don’t really watch their appearances on Jap shows ^^;;.

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