Posted by: beckery | March 8, 2009

Listen to… Eddie (ft. Kayoco) – Over

Credit: Tohoshinkix3 @ youtube

The embedded song is the english version. Korean version here. This song is the song of the week for me. In other words I’ve had it on repeat for the whole darn week hahaha. IT IS SO GOOD, I AM NOT JOKING!!  ♥♥♥ I can’t say which version I like more but probably the english version slightly more cuz I can actually sing along XDD And his english is good, like the “omg I can actually understand him” good hahaha. As a matter of fact, when I first listened to it, I actually thought it was a Western song and singer!

Eddie’s voice is truly lovely. Why I have not heard of this boy before surprises me O_O Seriously, more promotion pleaseeeee! The girls voice is so-so. Slightly reminds me of Boa singing english.


  1. It’s a good song, the lyrics aren’t the happiest but why am I smiling when listening to the song?!? lol, I wish I could fangirl over him, but he has the same name as my brother, good voice though.

    • Yea the lyrics arent very happy, but the song is so lighthearted and pretty! Ohhh yea that would be a bit weird if he has the same name as your brother. Though thats never actually stopped me XDDDDD LOL.

  2. Hmm. I’ve been seeing this guy around. This is supposed to sort of a comeback? I like the song though.

    • It is a comeback I think, though I’ve never heard of him before this so I thought he was a newbie haha.

  3. Woah, Eddie Shin?
    I haven’t heard from him in like forever!
    He used to study at NYU, but I believe he got kicked out? I don’t know, but he has a really nice voice.

    • Got kicked out?!?!!? WHY?!?! He looks so cute and sweet and nice. Oh well sorta rofl XDD He’s got a good voice though <3

  4. OMG, i just discovered him as well.. and there’s this video of him singing no diggity… it’s AMAZING!!


    skip to ~2 minutes to hear.. :D

    and he has a couple of other mv’s out.

    • YEA!! I just discovered him so I’m trying to find his discography lol. He has a really good duet with Lyn and this really good song with Soulstar. But I need MORE!! And thanks for the links, will watch XDD

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