Posted by: lovediaries | March 8, 2009

“Why Did You Come To My House” Movie Trailer feat. Seungri

…for like 2 seconds lol

{credit: chauCNN @ youtube}


So is this a romantic comedy or what?

Not really sure what role Seungri has to play or how big it is ^^;;.


  1. The first few parts made me think “Eh. Just another romantic comedy type thing.” but later on it kinda looks interesting. O:

    • I’m still confused by it.

      I thought it was cute how pretty much the entire trailer was from the one scene XD.

      • I’m confused too but I’m blaming that to my lack of knowledge of the Korean language. XD

        • Yeah okay, maybe lack of subs is the reason.

  2. Seungri is supposed to play the “first love” character. It kind of looks like he dies… possibly? Who knows! I want to watch this.

    • Thanks for letting me know! But aw, does Seungri die in this :(

  3. This was SUCH a bipolar preview lol. It was all HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY YAYYYYYY for the first half, and then, *BAM* :'(((((((((((( *cue the sad music*

    … Quite depressing actually. And I really had no clue what was going throughout the entire mv. No clue whatsoever. LOL.

    Candybabyyyy, learn Korean as fast as you can, so you can sub for me, plzkthx. XPPPP =) <3

    • Lol, um, I think it’ll be a while before I can get to that level :PP

  4. am guessin..
    hes either…the brother…the younger counterpart of the guy…or a completely different person!!!
    its indeed confusing specially without the subs..
    but shes one of the prettiest hobo there is..haha

    • Lol I say .. completely different person !? XD. She’s a cute hobo .. a very lucky one too hahaha~

  5. Seung Ri is her first love that she’s been stalking for ten years. The other man, I think his wife or whatever just passed away or something happened so he’s like depressed by it. His house is like right across from Seung Ri’s house so the girl wanted to sneak into the man’s house to spy on Seung Ri. When she was sneaking into his house she discovered that the man was attempting suicide so she stopped him, tied him up in his own house, and kept him like that while she spied on Seung Ri. LOL. I think it released already, the movie, in Korea. It’s almost May and they said that the movie is to be release in April, so yeah. =D I want to watch it to see if Seung Ri dies. <3 Hahahaha.

    • Wow, thank you for that. It all makes sense now! I really wanna see it now :D

  6. looks like a sad movie..
    why seung ri must die in this movie?

    • :O he dies!? That’s so sad :(

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