Posted by: lovediaries | March 9, 2009

090308 F.T Island – Energy Song

I have to start doing my work soon haha but this was too cute :3.

{credit: pla4rang @ youtube}

Everyone gets to sing except for Minhwan which was a pity but still worth being all :DDDD/. I’m sort of really obsessed with Seunghyun (CAN ANYONE BLAME ME!?!?!?) so I reeeeeeeeeally like his voice.

One thing though, it said on Yesasia that Jonghun was the main vocal in Track 2 so perhaps the Donghae sound-alike was actually him and not Seunghyun :/. Except Seunghyun sounds like Donghae in his lines here, so maybe it is him? LOL I need a live performance of “Like A Doll” to be sure ^^;;. *fingers crossed* they perform it some time soon?


  1. I want to marry that boy…since he looks like Lee Seung Gi XD I’ll be really happy if Seung Hun sings Lee Seung Gi’s “Cause you’re my woman.” haha.

    It’s a pity Min Hwan didn’t get to sing. He has a fairly cute voice.
    And I can always not remember that guitarist’s Jong Hun’s name for some reason><;;

    • I mean Seung HyunXD


      • ROFL, you say you can’t remember Jonghun’s name but you just said it XD!

        • lmao i have time.
          ahaha cause I read the post to verifyXD I was like “…Oh yeah thats his name.” haha.

          • Lucky T_T. Are you on holidays? Or school/uni/work just isn’t busy?

            • i have uni and yeah, I only have like…2 classes per day that ends like at late morning and early afternoon. So I have nothing to do and I just use the computer oftenXD

  2. sweet <3

    save energy save earth
    Save FtIsland? wondering from whom?

    • AHAHA yeah I was wondering about that too :P

  3. HEY CANDYCHU!!! i havent commented in like ages! ): but anyways, here is something you definitely do not want to miss! it’s…TAEGOON! and his latest (and hottest) performance of call me:
    in that mere 3mins and 16seconds, i spazzed/swooned/(inserts whatever vocab with the same meaning as the above 2) and died and went to heaven consecutively, each time he smiled and wink in my face! -faints-
    stop teasing taegoon, or i’ll be tempted to call you! xDDD ENJOY~!

    • Lol be proud of me! I’ve been busy doing hw for the whole week which is why I still haven’t had time to post up that performance. But thank you as always for linking!!!

  4. oh by the way you arent the only one obsessed with seunghyun. i find his voice particularly lovely and find him attractively adorable <3
    D: taegoon’s performance just made me throw my hw out of the window -goes to pick it up- x)

  5. This WAS really cute. I really loved hearing Jonghun sing. But that’s cause I’m biased :).

    • It’s okay, I’m really biased myself XD.

  6. omg all their voices are really nice and im sure its not just the edit cuz they really can sing (: i LOVEEEE THEMM ESPECIALLY THE NEW DUDE♥. hes as cute as a button and its weird how i first saw him talk and then sing and so its hard for me to understand that hes so good at singing. i love it :PPPP

    • HAHAHA “ESPECIALLY THE NEW DUDE”. Comment of win I tell you :P

  7. ooohh i love this one!! but i think my fave energy song was Shinee’s!~ Key mommy = TOO CUTE!

    • LOL YES. SHINee related things are always my favourite ^^


    ack, Jaejin is so cuteeee *flails*

    • I think by the time they’re back in Korea, the Energy song would have been long over and done with T_T

      • oohh.. so trueeee!! XDD
        when will they return anyway?

        • I have no idea T_T. Not in the too near future since they have to promote “The Secret Code” next. XD

  9. does anyone have the lyrics to this ?

    • No, sorry ^^;;. Maybe try soompi?

  10. ahaha , i not thinking that jonghoon have a nice voice . why jonghoon not be vocalist reservist. i think voice jonghoon more than song seung hyun.
    ahaha . just kidding . i love choi jong hoon . i wish jonghoon married me . lol .

  11. I love JongHun & SeungHYun<3
    I think I'm in love<3

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