Posted by: lovediaries | March 9, 2009

2pm – Only You MV

LOL do you think maybe they forgot to release this with the single before? XD

{credit: joongbolove @ youtube}

Sorry I seem to keep spamming, but I’m running late ^^;;. I’ll be back to edit this when I come home!

I really like this song probably even more than “10 Points Out of 10” as catchy as that is; but I could’ve gone without an MV. Not much of a concept in this one but you see the guys singing with scenes of them dancing which are quite pretty. I like the neon lights/coloured thingies but then smokey stuff started to annoy me after a while haha (lmao, I talk like I have no vocab. Which is most likely the case XD). There are some behind the scenes footage too which of course is very cute ^^!

LOLs forever @ Jo Kwon in the video at around 2.40 XDDD.

Loved how they ended the video with Nichkhun’s signature wink ;)


  1. I also find it a bit strange how late they release this. The MV is also kind of slow o.O

    • Yeah, especially cause you can tell some of this stuff is old from their hair :/.

  2. Will watch this later D: *is at school*

    (Also, maybe I should go watch their first MV too… because I haven’t yet lol)

    • YOU SHOULD. It’s so funny and perverted rofl. I’m surprised it didn’t get banned XDDD. But then again, it was out before the whole “ban every song which is good”.

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