Posted by: beckery | March 9, 2009

DBSK April Pati Pati Mag Scans

Credit: DNBN; Murasaki Hashido; sharingyoochun; DBSKnights

We’re on a roll today, aren’t we? Pats on the back for us authors XD

HEAPS more under the cut. It took me forever to upload, so please, No Hotlinking!

I like that they’re wearing suits (cuz hot boys in suits always makes me very happy ^^), but a bit more variety and colour wouldn’t hurt XDD Really digging Yunho’s suit btw! Hot boys in nice suits posing around a grand piano, what more can I say?


  1. Boys in suits have the same appeal as boys in uniform.

    Up the yummy-licious scale please!!

    • ROFL. You sound like Candychu =P I say I prefer boys in suits more though hahaha.

  2. lol the poses with the blue backgrounds look like graduation photos, but they look extremely fantastic, especially Changmin! Yunho in that suit gives me dirty thoughts, and posing with the piano is the perfect touch.

    • Graduation photos?!! HAHAAHA WHUT?! Mmm I gotta say Yunho looks absolutely delicious in his suit. Actually they all look pretty fantastic in suits haha.

  3. hey sorry to interrupt……………… >_> anyone can tell me anything i need to know about SM audition …….coz i’ve been searching for a long time i hope someone can help .. im really lost

    • Um I’m actually not very sure about SM auditions. :/ If I do hear anything about it, I’ll let you know. Sorry XD

  4. omg i think i have drool on my mouth now (: they’re so hot, especially in their suits :D haha im so obsessed with looking at ears that i see an extra hole on changmin’s. maybe im wrong but it seems like he has another hole :PPP whatever it is, they’re hott<333

    • Lol on your mouth? I have drool on my desk bb =P Jokes jokes, I’m not that gross haha. Ear fetish ey? I have a..jawline fetish and an eyes one and adams apple and biceps and ok I have a fetish with everything looooooooooool. XDDD

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