Posted by: lovediaries | March 9, 2009

DBSK & Lee Yeon Hee in SJ’s “Sorry Sorry” album

I got home the latest out of us 3, meaning I had to put up with pinkandsparkly‘s teasing for the longest T____T – but now it’s my turn to post something >:D

TVXQ members U-Know Yunho and Micky Yoochun add rapping to the song “이별…넌 쉽니 (Heartbreak),” which completes the harmonic vocals of Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung.

Read full article HERE @ Seoulfull!


I THOUGHT I’D NEVER HEAR FROM K.R.Y EVER AGAIN. I still have all their songs on my mp3 and have never ever deleted them so you can tell how much I loved this subgroup, right?

I loved the idea of KyuWook singing “Wish” with MinSu and now it’s like another two DBSK members working with members of Super Junior; and seriously, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? It would’ve been awesome if it was like 2U and KyuWook and then Jae and Yesung haha. But then I would’ve also wanted a HyukSu song ahahaha XD. So I guess it’s better that Jae is a loner this way ^^;;.

Also, LEE YEON HEE!! *gushes*. She’s nowhere near my favourite singer (no offense XD) but definitely one of my favourite female k-stars so I’m happy to be seeing something from her :D/

Cannot wait to hear more songs from their album!! And maybe Kyuhyun will get more than two solo lines in other songs? YES, I’M FEELING EXTREMELY BITTER ABOUT THAT XD.


  1. I’ve never heard Yeonhee sing before. o.o

    • Dw, you’re not missing out on too much HAHAHHA. Have you ever seen “A Millionaire’s First Love”? You know the song “Insa”? Well Lee Yeon Hee has her own version which was featured in DBSK’s Banjun Drama “Unforgettable First Love” (something along those lines). She has a pretty low voice which I like; but I watched a LIVE performance of a BoA song she covered and … ^^;; I couldn’t get through the whole song.

      • …That….that was *painful*. I couldn’t get through the whole song, either. Lovely girl, but….well, it’s a good thing she’s an actress and not a singer.

  2. :)
    hehhehehe cant wait to see the rest XD

    • I’ve just done a post on it! Go read :D

  3. *Joins in with your*
    I missed this subgroup so much, and I love them so hard.

    When I first read the article, it didn’t hit me that the song will be KRY ft. 2U. I thought “OH~ the chorus part must be awesome!” I’m so slow. But I’m rejoicing like mad for KRY exposure, they deserve it. Heartquake~

    Yay for collabs! I’ve never heard Lee Yeon Hee sing but I love her in MFL. Can’t wait!

    • I just listened to the (short) previews so I didn’t hear LYH sing in their song :/. But I really don’t want to listen to the full songs yet :(

  4. AHHH!! Spazzing so hard! 2U for the win, dong bang junior for the win, I can’t wait to hear the song! K.R.Y again, I hope they get more promotional time, unlike last time.

    • I’ve heard so much of Kyu already so I’m particularly happy :DDD

  5. Hahaha. I was also upset Kyuhyun didn’t get more lines. When he finally appeared in Sorry, Sorry, I freaked. His voice is sosososo sexy :]. I LOVE KRY!!!


  6. I was not teasing. I was merely increasing your interest in the song :D

    And JJ isn’t a loner, he has me and HJ

    • I told you not to tease me today too but you didnt listen *glares*

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