Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 9, 2009


Video: SJ3jib @ Youtube



I’m not sure what to think of this song (yet). It’s really techno; reminded me of Lady Gaga, actually ^^;;; AND OMG, THEY CAN PRONOUNCE “SORRY” *is proud* :DDDD At the start of the song you can hear the “S” in “sorry” but then gradually it changes to “shawty” ROFL XDDD

Ok, after listening to it for about the 11th time, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s really, really catchy. Like, really. Now I’ve got “shawty shawty” permanently embedded in my head XD. I don’t normally like techno music, but after a few listens, this song is really hot. It sounds really different to their old stuff. I’m glad Suju’s expanding their horizons and trying out different genres *___________*

I think my favourite bit’s Donghae’s “G-g-g-g-g-g-g-girl” XD. I was looking out for Kibum’s parts (cos I miss that boy :'( ) but er…couldn’t find it ^^;;; Guess we’ll find out who sings what when the MV is released. CAN’T WAIT.

On a unrelated note, there were 362 users on the Soompi thread when the mp3 just came out; I WAS AFRAID XD.


  1. yay~ finally~ ^^

    i didn’t expect the song to be good, at first but then i watched the teaser for like 4 hours straight and i am in LOVE with this song. ty!

    btw the full mp3 is on sj world

    • Yea I went to sj-world. But I don’t have an account XDDDDDDDD

      I didn’t like the song very much after watching the teaser, but now after a few listens, I LOVE IT :DDDDDDDDDD

      • ^^ it’s so good~ i even got my k-pop hating friends to listen to it. and they love it XD

        but i didn’t expect suju to ever sing a song that’s so techno-y and stuff. oh well~

        • My korean friend was shocked when i told her “sorry sorry” was by suju. She was all “REALLY?!?!?!?!”

          hahahah XD

  2. omg i was jsut on youtube looking for this and couldnt find it
    then i come here, and what do you…it appeared! thank you so much

    i am in love with this song, sooo addicting. i can’t wait for the mv and album to come out! yay suju!!!

    • You’re welcome :DDD I’ve been lurking around Soompi and Baidu all morning waiting for this XD (I don’t have class today; I’m not a delinquent student :P)

      I’ve just listened to it a few more times and omg I LOVE IT :DDD

  3. Lol I thought about going to Soompi….and came here instead. Need MV NOW. So hot…

    • Lol *feels special* :P



    (And why does this remind me of JAI HOOOO~~~~ from Slumdog Millionaire? XD)

    *still spazzing. can’t give proper comment*

    • IT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE THEM AT ALL. Lol, I told Bec I’d give it to some of my white friends and see if they think it’s Lady Gaga XD

      I haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire…

      • BUT OMG IT IS AWESOME *O* I LOVE IT. (don’t watch, just listen if you don’t want to be spoiled?)

        • I love you, who ever you are for giving that link to the song. LOL I just literally came back from watching it, slum dog millionaire.

          on the main sub. I didn’t think much of the teaser, but this is one catchy music. lol I like catchy music.

  5. OMG…i repeatedly listen this song… and i have goosebump and my tears come out…..

    Im very proud for our BOYS…they really work hard for this album



    • Yea, I still not sure what their “concept” is, but from this mp3 alone you can tell that it’s really different from their previous stuff ^^

      I can’t wait for their album :D~

  6. LOL. I was on soompi at like 9:05 (10:05 Korean time) waiting for a link. I finally listened to it at 9:15 or so, and it’s been on repeat ever since. I lovvvvvvvve this song, but I’m sad I can’t figure out who sings what. It’s such an addicting song!!!

    • Yea i was lurking at Soompi all morning XD. I can’t figure out who sings what either~!!! And it’s ANNOYING ME DDDD: Cos you hear a voice and you’re like “ooo that sounds really familiar” but you can’t figure it out D:

      • YEAH. I’m like, that sounds like Hangeng. Wait, it could be Leeteuk. And there’s a voice in there that sounds like Kibum, but it could also be someone else. I can’t wait for the translations of the lyrics to come out. They usually tell you who sings what :D.

        • Ooo that’s right, those lyrics~! Lol I have no idea how people can tell voices apart; I fail so hard when it comes to that XD. The thing with suju is that there’s so MANY of them, so there’s like a 1 in 13 chances that you’ll get it right XD.

          • Yeah. There are several voices that I can easily tell, like Donghae, Ryeowook, Kangin, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin’s. The rest is all just lucky guesses for me. And watching their music videos help too. It’s like a game guessing though :).

            • Lol I sometimes listen to my ipod to help me fall asleep, but I’ve had to take all the suju songs out of my sleeping playlist cos I keep trying to guess who sings what XDD. I think Eunhyuk was the one who said “shawty”? Ryeowook’s voice is the easiest, imo ^^

  7. :O!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    rofl ive been nodding my head throughout the entire song and i feel dizzy now =S


    • Hahahahahahaha you’re so cute XDDDDDD

  9. OMG!! I’m so addicted to this song now!!! I don’t really like techno music, but this one is an exception!! ^^

    I have to apologize to my roommate now… she’s gonna have to listen to it over and over again for the rest of the next two weeks, lol!! XD

    It is really hard to figure out who sings what part with the techno effect @.@

    • take that back! i’m gonna make it my phone ringtone AND alarm ringtone… that’s probably gonna drive my roommate crazy day and night! XD

      • I really want to see how they’ll sing this live; it’s got so much synth in it :S

        Hahahahah, I know Beckery’s cutting the song and using it as her phone ringtone, but my ringtone’s still DBSK’s Doushite XD. I think waking up to “sorry sorry” might scare me XD.

  10. Luv it Luv it Luv it…
    I am actually not into techno dance but this one sticks….

    By the way, ‘shawty’ means baby, as it’s stated in their explaination for the title ‘sorry sorry’ as actually ‘sorry shawty’.

    It’s confusing to me cuz ‘shawty’ is supposed to be pronounced ‘sorry’, hence the name. They still sing ‘shawty’, guess I got it wrong somewhere somehow!!!

    • Yea I’m not into techno-dance either. Not really my thing ^^;;;

      Ohhhhh, that makes sense now. I was like, why can they sometimes pronounce sorry but sometimes can’t XD FAIL.

  11. Wow pretty catchy~
    I thought of lady gaga right away.

    I think they mean to say shawty?

    Dammit stuck in my head =_=
    sorry sorry sorry sorry!

    • I thought of lady gaga too XD.

      Yea, shawty = baby ^^

  12. Hmm, actually this doesn’t remind me of Lady Gaga at all – and I’m a kind of fan of her music so that’s kind of weird. But anyway, I really, really like it. I love techno like crazy so this is right up my alley. It’s so upbeat and dance-able and I love it and I’m so happy that I love it because I’m yet to find a Suju song I love and now that I actually really like the guys I want to like their music too. Oops, I’m rambling.

    Anyway, they are actually saying ‘shawty’ at certain points so it’s not that they’re pronouncing it wrong – they mean to say that. Siwon’s lines at the start and Donghae’s first set of lines are my favourite as well. That ‘g-g-g-girl’ is really cool.
    Anyway , I like the song. I sounds like a hit to me.

    • Maybe it reminded me of Lady Gaga cos I’m not a fan of her music. I reaaaaally want to see the dance for this. It’s always interesting to see a 13-people boyband dance XD.

      Hmmm suju music, eh? Ummmm I really like some of their older stuff, especially the KRY songs. Have you tried them? And some of their ballads like “so i” and “hate you love you” is pretty good.

      • LOL, I would imagine.

        Hmm, no, I’ve never checked out KRY. I was actually considering checking out SJ-M though because I heard that their songs are pretty good. Tbh, I’m not much of a ballad person but I’ll putter around and give the older stuff a listen. TY.

        • Not much of a ballad person eh? Hmmmmmm I can’t think of too many good Suju dance tracks :/ Have you tried Don’t Don? And “man in love”??? Both are really good SJ dance tracks :)

          Oooo, and “U”!

          • Ha, I actually like ‘U’ – it’s cute. ‘Don’t Don’ is cool too but it’s not really my style. I never saw ‘Man in Love’. I’ll check it out and well, honestly I don’t mind checking out the ballads too. Before I got into K-pop, I didn’t like ballads at all but these days, I find myself listening to more and more of them and loving them.


              Let’s go down to the basement…


    since its like midnight here, i had to stick my head down by my speakers to hear it since i dont wanna wake my parents/brother up. BUT OMGEE ITS SO GOOD. i know whats gonna be stuck in my head tomorrow during physics XD

    i think i can make out a few voices but im guessing for some. (in order of who i hear) i think thats siwon (.<) but i can’t for the life of me =[[


  14. hmmm something happened to my comment… it got like chopped off after the siwon part.

    anyways, i think its siwon <3, then ryeowook and sungmin, then donghae and kangin (who sounds HOT synthesized), then ryeowook(?) and yesung, then eunhyuk? it sort of sounds like him, but then at the end of the phrase he does a yesung/kangin thing…soooo yeah. then its hankyung, and then ryeowook or sungmin? im probably way off but w/e IM TOO EXCITED.

    ive been trying to hear eeteuk, kyuhyun and the hottie-stealer since they all have distinctive voices but i can’t =/

    • HAHA i’m picturing you in Physics bopping along to “sorry sorry” XDDD. I had “gee” stuck in my head one time during class. IT WAS SO ANNOYING.

      Hhaha Beckery found the lyrics, and I think I got most of them right?? Idk, but the person who sings at the end doesn’t sound like Leeteuk. Maybe the fans got it wrong…

      Who’s the hottie-stealer?

      • bahaha man forget physics, i was bopping along the entire day today =]] the song is SO good. my best friend got nobody, gee and never gonna give you up (by rick astley) all stuck in my head during our band concert. bahahaha i know what you mean =]]

        i cannot hear eeteuk at all. i doubt thats him at the end..but hey, we’ll find out when the MV come out =DDD

        HOTTIE-STEALER = HEECHUL :'( he stole siwonnnnnnnn =[[

        • I made my Korean friend listen to Sorry Sorry and she said “omg is that SUJU” and I said “why yes, yes it is :)” hahaha. She couldn’t recognise them at ALL. And she said that even though she’s korean, she can’t understand what they’re saying XDDDD.

          Nobody and Gee are the most annoying songs to get stuck in your head :/ Oh, and Tell me. TELL ME, TELL ME, TA TA TA TA TA TELL ME :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  15. I didn’t watch the teaser, so when I first heard this I almost cried. I really really dislike synthesized voices cause they sound so unnatural. At first I was “Nooooo! Come on!” But as the song progressed, I started to think it was catchy. When I first heard the chorus, I grinned. I like the tongue-twister-y feeling. Halfway through the song, I found myself dancing in my seat, which earned me a weird look from my bro. lol…

    I love it x) Welcome back, suju!

    • I hated synthesised voices too! I’ve been really :S about Boa’s american stuff cos its got so much synth. But after like, 20 listens, I LOVE THIS SONG XD.

      Can’t wait for their comeback stage *_____*

  16. Love it Love it Love it
    Nega Michyo Michyo Michyo SJ

  17. I’m dying here for real. Can’t breath. So good.
    (Btw, from my point of view SM did the same with SNSD, with sound and repeating lyrics and digitalised voices; I’m so sure SJ will wipe all other artists from first places in charts)

    • Yea, they did do something like this for Gee, didn’t they.

      Haha, I KNOW suju will get number one on all the charts; the power of ELFs :P

  18. woooooow ..sooooooooooo great .. i love suju so much …..i woke up early today so i can listen to their new song …i’m so proud

    i can tell the first one to start singing alone is siwon i right ??, and the shorry thing is so cute ….but at first they say it sorry but then it terns to shorry ( lol) but still very nice and catchy

    i love siwon so much i cant wait to see him dancing and singing in the MV …..and i rly would like to see super junior dancing ..i miss them so much

    thx v .much for uploading

    • I stayed home from school today to listen to their song. LOL jks, I had no classes today XD.

      Siwon’s one of my favourite suju boys too ^^. It’s so hard for me to pick A favourite though, cos there’s so many choices, lol XD.

      You’re welcome ^___^

      • ya it’s rly hard to choose but i think siwon is great ..i love hangeng too and eunhyuk also donghae :P .. i think all of them

        thx again ;D

        • I think my favourites are Siwon, Leeteuk and Heechul. Siwon cos he’s just !AWESOME! Teukie cos he’s the pretty crybaby leader (haha) and Heechul cos he’s so weird, LOL XD

  19. why are their pronunciation only good at the beginning of the song? but it made me proud too.

    • Hahaha, that was my bad; the lyrics are meant to be “sorry sorry” then “shawty shawty” so they actually pronounced it right XD

  20. NEED MV. NOWSSSS. T_____T

    heehee, I was playing this while my non-asian roomie was in the room, and she goes “Are they saying Shawty?????” xD I was so proud of their nice, enunciated Sorry’s! And then they changed. >.> I could pick out Kyuhyun, but that was it. >.> And I totally thought Sungmin, Ryeowook, and Eeteuk sounded almost the same.

    • LOL Have you seen the lyrics yet? It’s actually meant to be Shawty XDDDDDDDDD

      OMG I THOUGHT THEY SOUNDED THE SAME TOOOOOOOO!!! Especially Leeteuk in the last bit. It did NOT sound like him :/

      • Haha, yeah, I saw the lyrics later and basically fell off my chair. (Though, really, boys, Shawty? -sigh-)

        DID NOT AT ALL SOUND LIKE TEUKIE. He’s my favourite, so I almost always recognize him, but I couldn’t tell it was him at ALL this time. -cries inside- My stalker levels have just declined.

        • I think the lyrics are tagged wrong. NO WAY WAS THAT TEUK. I just watched the performance, but the strobe lighting was too annoying and I couldn’t see who was singing what XD

  21. wah!!!! really good, something I want to hear in the clubs, this is going to do well, OMO Can you imagine the dance to this, I’m dying already of the sexyness the coreo might have!

    • Yea i want them to play it in a club too. Can you imagine; everyone’s dancing to this song, then someone asks the DJ who it’s by and he says “Super Junior” and everyone would be all O_______________O hahahahahaha

  22. holy cow so many comments on this post that i was going to not comment knowing that you might not reply ): but as you can see, i am (: as you’ve said or maybe it was one of the others…i should memorize their names and all that good stuff. ill try and of course it will just take time :D i love this song, its like my first song from them that i’ve listened to. i love it, i think the mv will be similar to only you from 2pm, iono why but i just feel that way :DDD love this song ((:

    • Hahaha I’m trying to be good and replying to my comments ^___^ I still owe you a comment from the Hyesun post, don’t I XD;;;

      You don’t know their names yet?!?!?!?! >:( Haha, jks. It took me FOREVER to match names to faces; THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE XD. But watching variety shows really help. Have you tried Full House? Or Explorers of the human body? THEY’RE REALLY REALLY GOOD. GO WATCH. NOW.

      Don’t hesitate to ask if you want some suju recommendations; we love them :)

  23. iono why but after a while, i get my jap and korean mixed up. is this jap or korean (:

    • Aww you’re cute. The song’s in Korean ;)

  24. It’s a good song, no doubt. But the thing that kept going through my head was why people thought it was “so great.” To me, when it first entered my ears, it reminded me so much of BoA’s attempted English song “Eat You Up”–very digitalized and repetitive. I love Suju, and the song’s not bad, but it’s not “so great” either. It gets kinda annoying. Just what I think. Go ahead and bash all you want but let me tell you, I am a fan of Suju too.

    • Lol I love reading some honest comments.

      It’s not my favourite Suju song, let me throw that out there. BUT I do really like it, despite the fact that I hate synth. Idk, I think it’s one of those songs that either you really really like, or you really really dislike. I HATE Boa’s “eat you up”. I think it’s awful. I was expecting Suju to release something SMP, but this is good too :)

      Have you tried their new ballads?? I’m sure you’ll find something you like from their new album :D

  25. Hi, since your a fan of super junior please watch my mixed edited performances of their SORRY SORRY remix that I made. It is an HD video. You could check it out on youtube. Just click on my blog and you will be able to see the video. ! :)

  26. my name is depooool

  27. SHAWTY? Can anyone tell me what it means in this song?? I know it can either mean a girlfriend or baby in one song, or a sexy, physically attractive woman at another..I just want to clarify.

    Coz if it means a sexy(or as other people say, “hot”)woman, then I’m going to have to mark this song as a thumbs-down. I don’t like terms that are disrespectful to females.

    Please help in clarifying.

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