Posted by: lovediaries | March 10, 2009

090306 2pm – Mnet Wide News & Welcome to Wonderland Cut

Thank you so much to time2sub for subbing these videos!

MNET Wide News 2PM EXR Summer Shoot – For all you perverts out there, you get a good glimpse of Jay’s abs in this video. *is trying to peek past Junho’s shirt but I ain’t seeing much*; he’s adorable nonetheless <333. And lol I’m yet to find a host/MC who isn’t Khun biased XD. (He had a really nice chuckle here though ^^.) ROFL @ Jay’s “Ah, my briefs got wet” AHAHAAHHAHAHA. So he chooses to not wear any for their interview LOLOLOL. Way to tease everyone. And yayy! Junsu’s hair is growing out so well :). Also, *DROOOOOOOOOOOOOLS*. Taecyeon getting splashed with cold water while half naked. Do you need another reason to be watching this!?!?!? AND AHAHHAHA anyone think Wooyoung looks like the biggest kid standing next to Taec? XDDD. Pause the video at 2.13, you’ll get such a laugh out of that shot. But seriously, when will Chansung cut his hair? T__T.

Jaebum is dripping wet! Wow~his smooth back muscles.” YOU CAN’T GET MORE PERVERTED THAN THAT.

Welcome to Wonderland – IS SO JEALOUS OF THE FAN WHO GOT PICKED UP BY TAECYEON. *heart dies a little*.

p.s How come Idol Show is still not subbed? :/


  1. *drools*

    So much hotness in the first video! Taek, Jay, Nichkhun, all my favorites were extra yummy. Though I laughed so hard at the scene where the photographer (or was it his assistant) started fixing Jay’s boxers and practically stuck his hand down his pants. Haha. Jay was like woah, woah, let me do that.

    And the second one, I’m right there with you on the jealousy part! Taek is such a player :D

    • AHAHHAHA I’m not sure. I was trying to see who was fiddling with Jay’s pants XD.


    And yes omg, Wooyoung looks like a lil kid next to buff TaeK, but dayam TaeK looks fine here *_*

    • When does Taec not look fine?

  3. You know I didn’t plan on getting into 2PM but the hotness was just too much.XD They were so funny on Idol Army that I went and learned their names and now…they’re making me more pervy than ever! Why is Jaebum so chocolatey delicious?!?! Why is Chansung so *young*?!?!

    • LOLL Chansung isn’t that young. I’m not complaining, anyway :P

  4. Yeh, I’m the pervert perfect audience for this. Grrrr half-nekkid-buff-taec!

    ep 7 of the idol show just got subbed and someone’s releasing ep 10 subs on yt at the moment (but they’ve only done part 1/4 so far).

    • HAHAHA PERVERT –> PERFECT XDD. There is just a two letter difference but they’re pretty much the same …

      Yeah I was sort of talking about SHINee’s ep hahaha. So 13 + 14? XD.

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