Posted by: beckery | March 10, 2009

DBSK – Kiss The Baby Sky MV

Credit: Yoosu2kenoa @ youtube

Just got home, bbl to edit! Btw its subbed XD

HAHAHA LMAO OHH YOOCHUN XDDDD He sounds so drunk at the beginning when he’s talking in engrish. Talk about hardcore slurrrrring lol. And thanks to that, I couldn’t take the thing seriously ^_^”

But thats ok, cuz the MV doesnt actually have a story to it anyways. Just them standing around being all smileys ♥ And when I say smileys, I mean REALLY SMILEYS! They look really good aswell *_* Ohhh and be sure to check out Yunho’s english rap. Well not exactly rap, its like talking? Haha but its a cute attempt *squishes him*.

I’ve actually never really liked the song. Way to high pitched for my liking :/ And um tbh, although the MV is super cute, I still can’t make myself listen to this song again *gets textbook chucked at* haha.


  1. *cringe*
    The disjointed melody, the ENGRISH, the high pitch singing…

    I love these guys but I think I’m going to pretend this song never happened.

    *pulls out iPod and listens to “Hey Don’t Bring Me Down” for the millionth time*

  2. *cringe*
    The disjointed melody, the ENGRISH, the high pitch singing…

    I love these guys but I think I’m going to pretend this song never happened.

    *pulls out iPod and listens to “Hey Don’t Bring Me Down” for the millionth time*
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

    • Rofl. Yea this isnt exactly my favourite song out there :/ Not exactly a song I’d listen to again aswell haha. I’ll pull out my ipod and listen to Sujus “sorry sorry” XDDD hahahah.

      • Um why did someone copy and paste my entry, add that line at the end and link my name to a weird website? I am seriously creeped out by this. Just so you know, only the first post is mine. I have no idea who posted at 9:48 pm O_O


        • :SS Are you serious?!

          Omg, no wonder. I thought it was sorta dodgy. Because the emails and IP addresses for both were different. I just thought perhaps you thought your first comment didnt go through so you used a different account or something.


  3. I think I’ve become immune to the high-pitchedness after having their Bolero CD on repeat. Well, of course, Jaejoong’s voice is completely the redeeming factor. And in this MV… ah his smile! *blinded*

    (I’m biased, can’t you tell..)

    I think it’s cute and smiley.

    (And I totally listened to Suju’s Sorry Sorry on repeat the instant it came out… it’s already on my top played… and that’s kind of hard to do… ^^;;)

    • Yes I can tell that you’re being totally biased and I dont blame you. Lol, we all have those moments =P But, seriously, I dont think I can manage to listen this song on repeat for myself to be immune to it. I mean, I love Yoochun and all and I know he has some mad skills, but this song does not rock my boat. Its quite lighthearted and pretty, if he made it normal pitch or something XD

      And I’ve got Sorry Sorry on repeat for so long that its turning into one big massive blur haha. I cant tell where the start is and where it finishes, what chorus I’m up to and oh it just sounds like “lets dance dance dance” “sorry sorry sorry” “shawty shawty shawty” throughout the whole thing hahaha. Do you think its possible to overdose on a song?

  4. I wish you hadn’t pointed out how drunk Micky sounds. I’ll never get over it now. lol Actually I don’t hate the song that much. The chorus is really pretty. I would probably listen to the instrumental version if there were one.

    • XDDDDDDDD ROFL. But he did ok. That was the first thing that ran through my head haha. I wouldnt mind instrumental version either, just the high pitchiness kinda gets to me ^^”

  5. I actually really love this song, but when Yunho jumped and his shirt rose up *Bless me father for I have sinned* My body is supposed to look like that, dear gawd, and his hip bone weakens my knees, but his english rap is totally cute, and his hand motions too omo, Changmin smiles are so cute in this video they seem genuine, and seeing a somewhat happy Jaejoong not have an icy expression makes me happy, and Junsu’s “with me” at 0:57 totally made me laugh, and I wish I didn’t hear the Yoochun drunk comment, cause I can imagine that he got drunk at a little get together with some friends, but it’s ok it’s Yoochun!

    • So um…I actually watched like bits and pieces of the MV hahaha. I was distracted by a million other things so I watched like 1 minute of it, left it playing went back to it 20seconds later etc etc..So I dont think I caught that jumping part rofl :/ But Yunho’s always been sexy so I know what you mean XD And yes they were all soo smiley XDDDDDDDD

      • get on that girl, them jumping is just so cute,
        but you’ve probably already seen the gifs

        • ROFL ok ok I watched it, dont you worry. Reminded me of…something, I just dont remember what. Hmm I think it was a Toyota CF. XDD ROFL.

  6. I liked Yunho’s little English part. They WERE really smiley. It’s cute :). I still don’t like the song though =/.

    • Join the club XDD Lol. We’re definitely getting blacklisted now hahahaha.

  7. I actually like this song…well the lyrics and the melody cause its happy and i love how sweet the song is. lol I’m not a Yoo Chun fangirl but I love him for making this song.

    i love them boys being smily<33 Jae looks adorkable. Yun Ho seems like a happy kindergarden teacherXD

    • Its a sweet song, no doubt. And like the melody is pretty and all, just the high notes dont rock my socks lol. HAHAHA Now if Yunho was a kindergarden teacher, I’d ditch my degree atm and go study education to become a teacher too hahaha.

  8. ^lr that’s it!! I was trying to figure out what Yunho reminded me of, a happy kindergarten teacher, and a sexy one at that. I remember a sexy kindergarten teacher at my elementary school, miss those days.

  9. i totally love dbsk but i dont like this song =/ its not good sounding to me and im sure its like the worst song ever from them and they dont have lots of those either. iono why but like the whole melody and all just sort of didnt fit together. i did like the part when yunho rapped/sang/said their names. it was really sweet (:

    • Lets just say the song isnt my cup of tea. Not now, probably not ever lol. I mean I love Yoochun and he’s an awesome boy with talent, but this song does nothing to me lol.

  10. I don’t really like this song… the MV is cute and all, but I wouldn’t want to add this song to my ipod O.o

    (beside, I’m having Suju’s Sorry Sorry, DBSK’s Survival, and KAT-TUN’s Rescue on repeat now, no time for another DBSK song! ^^;;)

    • SAME XDDDDDDDDDDD HAHA. We’re so mean looool. Is Kat-tun’s rescue good? I’ve never heard it before lol.

      • Rescue is awesome! Lots of bad Engrish but at least the beat is rocking and the main line of the song “I don’t wanna cry alone” lays a sucker punch of emotion. I can totally see why they beat DBSK this time around.

        • I know! It is kind of sad for DBSK… but Rescue is really good! They totally deserve that first place! ^^

        • Ohhhh it is good. I dont really listen to JE stuff, but this is pretty catchy XD

  11. I really like this song *gets shot*

    The whole time I thoguht they sung the whole thing in japanese. Then I found the lyrics and I was like…

    • LOL!! When is their English good? They are always so fail! XD

      I can never figure out that they’re singing in English until I read the lyric! Same thing to the other groups, especially Big Bang since they sing quite a few songs in English! @__@

      • Their best english quote:
        “I really wanna touch myself.”

        Makes me wonder if they understand what they are saying most of the time.

    • ROFL Abdul, why would you get shot? Us, who said we didnt like the song, is more likely to get shot than you. You’re being a good fan XD lol. HAHHAHA THATS WHY ITS ENGRISH NOT ENGLISH XDDDDDDDD *gets shot again*

      HAHA, I min_is_mine, SAME!! Well most of the time, I cant tell that they throw in english words! Big Bang’s english has improved quite a bit though. Their Japanese releases (in English) is ok. Some is still a bit “EY WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?” lol.

      • I meant get shot by you guys =P
        In turn, you guys will get shot by Cassies =P

  12. Awww…the PV was sooo..warm and love how they put the paitings of sky together at the’s really artistic..LOVE IT…and so the rap, but too bad their voice was like too soft on the raping but, still the words are really deep and meaningful, thought there was engrish(lolz, but that what made them cute).

    My fav sentence : “When you broke a smile”
    gosh i can’t stop smiling at that sentence…lol

    • Shuuttt… I got it wrong…or i heard it wrong!!!

      cancel my fav sentence!!!!!


      dazling warmth from the pV

  13. Ohmygee!
    I lalalove this song!
    But I dnt reallie lyk the high parts.
    I love it when urmm it was either yunh or yoochun who said their names.
    But it was kewl! ^^
    This is one of my fav songs! I luv the MV its so kawaii!
    Especially since they are all so smiley!
    I luv it wen Joongi smiles he’s so Kawaii!!! And aha ohmygee does Yoochun reallie sound drunk in the begin? O.O.
    I dint kno.
    Hrmm mayb I should go watch it again. My fav part is the end when they high five and stuff! Kawaii!
    But yea Lucy loves this song. We’ll at least more than Survier. Lucy dnt reallie lyk it tht much.
    Such a bad fan.
    *gets shot*
    But w/e.
    Lucy still loves Kiss the Baby sky!

  14. haha i like this song, just because its happy
    but yeah, there english is a little crappy
    but hey! the dancing and jumping around makes up for it haha

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