Posted by: beckery | March 10, 2009

Super Junior Sorry Sorry Pictures

Credits: Newsen; Asiae; Soompi

Click to get a slightly bigger pic, but THEY’RE STILL SO SMALL :'(((( At least they’re in colour I guess. I’m not a big fan of black and white photos lol.

I like the top picture way more than the bottom one, cuz they’ve all got some sort of vests and suit jackets and cute little bowties and ties on XDDD I always feel like I dont have enough eyes when it comes to looking at Suju pictures hahahaha. So in the end I like stare at each boy for 10 minutes and it takes me forever to finish looking at a photo haha… anyone wanna tell me what exactly their concept is?!? ROFL cuz I totally fail and have no idea what it is ^_^” Oh and I dont remember where I read this but someone said the top photo reminds them of Chuck Bass style HAHAHAHA THATS SO TRUE! XDDD


  1. Those outfits DO remind me of Chuck Bass!!! Though I’ve never seen Chuck Bass wear Chucks with his suit :P

    In the second picture Siwon looks like an unemployed door to door salesman while Heechul looks homeless :/

  2. ROFL because he’s too rich for Chucks =P Though he should cuz He’s “Chuck” Bass HAHA Gosh I’m funny.

    Siwon actually reminded me of Leehom during his Change Me period haha. And um did you delete a comment. And I’m not hiding from you T_T MSN wont let me go on :(

    • Well you suck.

      What comment did I delete?? I don’t think I deleted anything :/

      You should try E-buddy.

      • You suck more for needing me =P HAHA

        Ok ok getting on ebuddy

  3. OMFG!! look at kyu in the second pic!! <333!!!
    ooh ooh! i’ll take a shot at guessing the concept!!
    the second picture is the SuJu before and the first picture is the SuJu now….more refined shall we say…so the concept is TRANSFORMATION~
    do NOT know if that makes any sense…i just had a crapload of candy =D

    • I like candy :] (thus the name of our site XD)

      When I first saw the album cover I thought the concept was “homeless”, you know, in light of the economic recession and everything :P But now the concept looks like “CHUCK BASS” XDDDD

      • O_O u’r right…it does seem like its Chuck Bass XD

  4. Their concept is confusing @_@ The first picture looks so Chuck Bass-like it’s scary, and the second one makes them look like homeless/garageless emo punk rockers that are too stubborn to sell their instruments for money XD AND LOL IS IT JUST ME OR DO THEY LOOK SUPER SHORT IN THE SECOND PICTURE.

    I make fun because I care. But they look super good in the first picture, especially Eunhyuk :)

    • Firstly, I agree that Hyukjae looks good in the first picture *_* But omg I CANT STAND the fact that his jeans are rolled up. It irks me so so bad. :/

      Secondly, Agreed!! I have no idea what their concept is because its everywhere! Its not like one theme, but they keep changing it. I hope they stick with the Chuck Bass style though, the homeless one isnt that great lol.

      • Really? I guess the rolled up jeans are okay for me as long as I don’t see the ankles ;) It’s just really awkward when jeans are rolled up JUST enough to see ankles. What irritates me really is that he’s.. popping his collar? Especially with the way he’s standing it’s an awkward pose to be caught in…

        Yeah, plus… the homeless doesn’t actually fit with the song? Because it’s “sorry sorry”? So.. Chuck Bass = you can actually get a girl? And homeless = no girl wants you unless you’re a hot homeless but you’re still stinky and stuff? Unless it’s talking about how the homeless falls in love with a girl….. do you see where I”m going with this? Or am I being confusing?

        • ROFL I really cant stand them. Like if they were the 7/8 or 3/4 style pants and they were meant to be rolled up I’m ok. But if you can see socks underneath then that’s a big NO! XD I’m actually fine with the pose. I think it looks kinda cute that he’s fixing his bowtie hehe.

          YEAH THATS WHAT I WAS SAYING TO PAS!! Like the homeless concept does not fit with the song at all! The song is kinda trendy, modern and the type you can hear at clubs, so um..wth is homeless style being there?! hahaha. And um yea you’re confusing me haha. but thats probably cuz I’m brain dead XDDD

          • XDD BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN REALLY SEE THE SOCKS. It’s covered by.. by…. the dark colors.

            Oooor… maybe their concept is manly? Because homeless people have man stink and Chuck Bass = man too? What I’m saying is maybe a homeless guy fell in love with a hot girl? But the teaser made it look like Chuck Bass style, so hopefully that’s what they’re going with

            • YES YES YOU CAN ITS BLUE AND BLACK! If it was like his skin then its ok, but WHY FLASH YOUR SOCKS?!?! ROFL.

              Rofl homeless guy fell in love with a hot girl HAHAHA. OKAY! Maybe we should just um wait for the MV to be released instead of letting your imaginations run wild, yes you missy! =PP

  5. Kangin’s hair –> TOTAL CHUCK BASS!! So, what’s the concept? LOL. I’m not really liking the outfits of the second picture. They also do look kind of short o.O. I hope they won’t be performing with these outfits D:

    • Hear Hear!! They totally got the concept from GG. XDDD Hahaha. Honey, I’m asking YOU what the concept is and now you’re asking me what it is?! Lol. We both fail! They better not stick to the second photo theme or I wont be too happy haha.

  6. Hyukjae is lookin so hot in the first picture.. and even though im not too big on Yesung.. i gotta say he is lookin good in the first picture… haha..
    i so totally have a thing for guys in

    *but they all look good though..

    • Um..dont kill me but I actually dont like what Yesung’s wearing that much hahaha. I mean vests and skinnies are hot. But his vest looks 2 sizes too big for him. His skinnies look 2 sizes too small and short (you can actually see his socks!!) so yea, not really digging it hahaha. And um fluoro pink belt?! But having said that, I agree his hair looks cool and that boy is always awesome XD Do you think I’m gonna get bricked for being so mean to the boys?! :/

  7. The top photo makes me think of 1950s bar owners with a dash of modern twist? iono, it must be the bowties that’s making me think 1950s o_O

    • Lol why specifically 1950’s? The whole bowtie thing just reminds me of Chuck Bass XDD haha

      • lol i dunno. seeing them in a bowtie and suit made me think of Casablanca which was shot in the 50’s? lol it didn’t occur to me that they looked like Chuck Bass until I read your post. They do! They do look like Chuck Bass. A 13-army of Chuck Bass o_O :P

        • Oh lol. I just wondered why that specific era rofl. I see I see. But yes its 13 Chuck Bass OMGGG O___O Can I please be Queen B? XDDDD

  8. True, it takes a few minutes to take a look at all of them!! xD I do have to say, Kibum looks so stunning xDD

    I also wonder what the concept is. LOL Chuck Bass. Bahaha! It looks like a mix. Some of them look out of place

    In the first picture, Siwon looks like a circus ringmaster (?!) Lol, that was the first thing that came out of my head! *shrugs*

    • YES YES! I TOTALLY DIG WHAT KIBUM”S WEARING!! Probably my favourite! The whole sleek suit and red tie is very modern and sexy. ROFL at your “Siwon looks like a circus ringmaster” XD I was just thinking “why the hell is he holding a um..helmet?!!?!”


    I love that they’re all the same heights in the top pic rofl. Then in the second, you see the differences ^^;;.

    Kibum’s hair looks great <333. Kyuhyun’s…not so much. As a matter of fact, I hate it. But I’m biased so I’m still gonna say Kyu looks handsome as always ;).

    Not sure bout the others but Siwon is definitely going with the concept of a waiter. Is that a helmet he’s carrying? I guess he does deliveries too :P

    Sungmin is standing like the BIGGEST girl in that bottom pic. And I may be the only one but I find that little bit of Hyuk’s leg to be incredibly distracting and not necessarily in a good way XD.


      Kibum’s clothes look great too <333 Hahahahaha…about Kyu…well….actually nvm XDD I love my life too much to mess with it haha.

      YES he’s holding a helmet, wth right T_T And he can be my personal waiter yum.

      OI WOMAN! Back off, Hyukjae’s mine. And should I know what your thoughts are? Or is it too R rated for my innocent mind? haha. Btw I found that piece of leg annoying XDDD

      • ROFL YOU LOSER. You clearly didn’t read my comment properly. I was paying Hyuk out and not saying his leg was sexy. Sheesh woman, selective reading much?

        • ROFL I CLEARLY DIDNT HAHAHA. What can I say, I’m awesome like that XD

  10. for some reason when i look at them larger and closer..they look photoshopped??
    hahahaha i dunno..

    be minee~~~
    cant waittt
    hehehe, everyone looks good, shindong looks good


    love youu siwonnn


  11. no i take that back…
    they dnt look photoshopped here.
    in another onee hehehe.


  12. no wonder i didnt know what chuck bass was…
    movie in a time i wasnt even born XD~

    • ROFL. Why did you think it was photoshopped? And yes yes everyone looks good. Well minus some of their hairstyles which make me kinda cringe haha.

      Chuck Bass is actually a character in “Gossip Girl”. Its a TV series, very popular atm. You should check it out. XD

  13. mind joining??

    chuck bass indeed *giggle*
    no offence but, i’ll cut off donghae’s hair by myself if he didn’t want to… dat boy look charming in short hair, not the other way around!!

    Lmao cant wait for the album, imma going to see foward for it….
    and Chuck bass is full of hottinest, while SuJu is full of… Dunno, all dork, fun, Hot, charms, yummsss… sippz away ladies.

    • Mind you joining? Of course not? Rofl I’m a bit slow today…

      I agree, Hae definitely looks better with his short hair. But if you wanna cut off Hae’s hair, can you pls do me a favour and cut off Heechul’s as well. Am not liking his hair one bit. It looks like his growing head lice as pets XD haha.

      Chuck Bass is definitely some arrogantly sexy guy! Gotta say if I had to choose, I’d rather Suju though, just because there’s 13 boys haha.

  14. hmmm is it old??
    hahha or a new tv series thing?

    • Its not old, try googling “Gossip Girl”. Im sure its everywhere haha.

  15. i think,suju is really get big wins.

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