Posted by: beckery | March 11, 2009

Sneak Peak of “Sorry Sorry” Choreography

Credit: SapphireJunior10 @ youtube

I hope I didnt get anyone’s hopes up, cuz its not actually Super Junior dancing XD, but rather their awesome dance teachers, Nick Bass and Trent Dickens. THEY ARE PRO. FOR REALS! Kudos to SM for bringing in the big guns haha.

All that leg work looks positively intense O___O. And how fun does that chorus look?? Looooooolz. The whole “hand rub whilst looking suspicious”, “foot palm” (thats like face palm but instead of your face, you substitute it for your foot XDD hahaha) and the “fold your arms and look like you’re top shit whilst rocking your body around” . Yea, ok, I totally suck at describing dance moves, but you cant do any better so lets just leave it at that ROFL

The dance at Donghae’s “Gir gir gir” part looks totally cool though. And the ending pawns. Especially the moon walk kinda move, but slicker and more condensed into one spot and I should stop spurting out stupid dance technical terms =_=”

I wonder how all 13 boys are gonna coordinate themselves on the stage, cuz this looks insanely complicated, no joke. BUT WHATEVS, JUST HURRY UP AND HAVE YOUR COMEBACK LIKE YESTERDAY!!!!! CAN NOT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!

::EDIT:: Btw I’m not 100% sure this is the actual choreography cuz I really dont know how they’re gonna be able to sing AND dance like crazy. But I guess it’ll just make it even better for us if they spring us with some awesome new choreo XDDDDDDD

::EDIT:: Apparently Trent updated his myspace and wrote on the status thing “Trent Dickens misses his asian brothers! Fish, Monkey and Siwon ill see you soon my dudes!”. We all know who he means by Fish and Monkey right? Everyone say AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW <333


  1. wah?!? trent is offically good in my books, he misses his brothers!!! and he calls them by their nicknames AWWWWWWWW seeing the video just hypes me up for seeing the boys possibly do this dance!

    • He’s awesome! Its so cute how he’s all bummy chummy with them despite the language barrier. XD Cant wait for their comeback tmr!!!

  2. AWWWWWW<33 i know monkey is eunhyuk right? or was it donghae…and i kind of know who fish is but its like a hunch (: lol awesome choreo :D i cant wait for themm♥

    • Monkey is Eunhyuk, Fishy is Donghae and Siwon is normally referred to as Horsey XDD Lol. Cute names right? Cant wait for them to be dancing their butts off XDD

  3. Heee, the hand-rubbing for “Sorry, sorry, ….” is really cute. (For anyone who didn’t know, rubbing your palms together means you’re begging forgiveness. THE MORE YOU KNOW! XD)

    • ROFL IS IT? They looked so dodgy and suss though, so I took it as the “I’m up to no good” kind of rub. But your definition makes so much more sense hahaha. XD

  4. thats so cute how he calls them by their nicknames..but then shouldn’t siwon be a horse? =P

    anyways, i’m so excited for this music video (and album) to come out yay!!!

    lol and i tried to do part of that dance right now, and totally kciked my wall, and now my knee is bruised haha FAIL

    suju and SM is doing a good job keeping us all hyped up and anxious…though i jsut want it to come out NOW hahaa =) thanks for posting =)

    • ROFL. Thats what I thought, its Horsey, not Siwon XD EunSiHae is soooooo awesome <333

      Aww poor bb, I hope you get better. You see, I totally cant coordinate myself so I dont even bother to attempt the dance XD

      Man, when is the MV being released? :((

      • MAAN im so dying without the MV. i’ve listened to the song like 100 times since sunday night, and thats not an exaggeration hahaha XD but anyways, ive gotten so many more people to fall in love super junior because of “sorry, sorry” which makes me really happy because they so deserve all the love they get =D
        but this choreography is SO beast. i really wanna know where the….umm…(okay, im gonna use my technical dance move terms too) half-bend-scooping-while-bopping-to-the-left-and-right-cuz-i’m-badass move is gonna come into play =]]]
        btw, do you know where you can watch like kbs and stuff online because i kinda wanna watch their comeback performance on music bank live but idk where to go…if i watch get to watch it, i’ll have to wake up at 5:00 AM X_X

  5. wow its amazing<33
    The hurdle seems high for this dance but I feel like Suju will make it there own and bring a wonderful stage performance. I can’t wait for them to be back as well.

    But these dance dudes seem really sweet and awesome. I’m glad Suju gets to work with people like them.

    • They’ll be great! I’m sure they’ll do a wonderful job for their fans. It’ll be hardcore tiring for them to sing live and dance like crazy though. Cant wait for their comeback tmr WOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT

  6. Awwwww. I thought it was so cute that he put that on his myspace and he even called them by their nicknames. LOL. The choreo is sick, for sure – the choreographers did a great job! I am also at a loss as to how Suju’s gonna do all that and sing live but I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Definitely excited for the comeback performance tho! Just one more day…

    • I know right…He must be real bum chums with them to specifically pinpoint those three XD I wonder how they actually communicated lol. Yea, their comeback is tmr WEEEEEEEEEE <33333

  7. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. who would not miss my monkey boy… but its really cool that suju got to work with them vice versa… can’t wait till SUPER JUNIOR makes their comeback..

    • Everyone loves Monkey boy cuz his absolutely adorable and loveable and MY HYUKKKKK!!!! <333333 TMR TMR TMR BE EXCITED

  8. reallyyyyy cu~~te…da nicknames. OMG the dance move are swift and flawless (LOLZ XD). im really looking foward to it…tomorow right?? can’t wait

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