Posted by: lovediaries | March 12, 2009

090308 Taegoon – Call Me

Okay, so I said I’d stalk Taegoon hard this year but I’ve just been posting only when one of you guys leave me links XD, sorry! But thank you tristabelle for the heads up <3

{credit: KPOPgerad1 @ youtube}

Haha so I watched this and remembered once again why I like this boy so much. HIS SMILE *___* And that wink of his is to die for. I still can hardly hear him (which is a pity) but I’m really hoping he can continue to improve!! It’s great to know that his fans are still as supportive (even after all those MR videos XDD).


  1. aw kind of makes me sad when I can hear him sing then I can’t…arg one day he will sing a whole song audibly, if it wasn’t for that cute smile and catchy song I think I’d be over him.

    • I agree lol. He’d better be thankful for that smile of his!

  2. ahh Tae Goon<3 lol yeah if he weren’t cute (his smile~) and didn’t have the charisma, he would have been out of my list as well. He does have a nice voice, he just doesn’t execute it as much as he needs to.

    Gosh he looks like a cute pedo puppy though<3 I like how he’s much more comfortable on stage haha.

    • Yeah lol I mean, most of the artists that I give a WHOLE LOT of attention to are, imo, extremely talented people which is why I’m a bit “~” over Taegoon. He still has a lot of improvement lol, that’s for sure XD.

  3. you should definitely check out this channel ( idk if its official or not but all of his peformances and interviews are on there)

    a forum:

    he visited that forum already so you DEFINITELY should check it out :DDDD

    im such a fan of his ♥ haha can u tell?

    • Haha betty, I’ve long subscribed to that channel :P. I just don’t watch all his performances unless someone recommends them to me :PP.

      And yes, you are such a good fan ^^!

      • well all of his performances r worth it; :PPP

        • Hahaa you’re just as biased as I am :PP

  4. haha not partiall my fault since hes like super cute :DDD

  5. partially haha*

    • Haha of course not – his smile is to die for ;)

  6. ahh my fave newcomer :D He’s such a cutie! He could just stand on stage and smile & I’m pretty sure a lot of ladies wouldn’t complain.

    Was he having mike problems? I hope he improves more and more as time goes by.

    • Haha I don’t think the microphone is to blame ^^;;.

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