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Preview Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” Album

I had the longest day EVER today and could only think about this the entire time I was at uni. AND YES, THIS IS THE FIRST THING I DO AFTER COMING HOME!

{credit: AhMiGO @ youtube}

& Part 2

I’ve only posted up the short previews because like with SHINee’s CD and DBSK’s 4th album, I don’t want to “ruin” too much for myself before I get my own copy which will be after the repackaged version of the millionth repackaged album which will, by then, be titled “Really, I’m Truly Sorry, Sorry” because we all know SM is the biggest wallet rapist of all :DDD.

I won’t be writing too much because, well, these are only short snippets from the songs and a full album review should be coming up. Possibly … *looks at the other authors*.

1. Sorry Sorry – I don’t think I’ve shared much of my opinion of this song on this blog haha apart from my complaint about Kyuhyun getting two lines ^^;;. But just know that this is my alarm and I love this song so much I don’t actually mind waking up to it (which probably doesn’t make sense because it’d only mean I’d shut the song off quicker but y’all get what I mean, I’m sure) :PP. And I also reeeeally like hearing Hankyung’s lines. His voice is so soft which makes it all the more sexier, I think.

2. Why I Like You – Woah, this song sounds like a combination of so many songs I know O__O. HELLO DONGHAE’S VOICE. AND KYUHYUN OMG *DIES*. Upbeat song with a very poppy chorus, but you just know its got emo lyrics attached :P.

3. Let’s Not – VIOLINS (or cello?) :Q___ AND KYUHYUN OPENS UP THE SONG. Really pretty ballad. I’m so tempted to hear the full track … but no, must resist @_@.

4. Angela – WHEN IS THERE GOING TO BE A SONG NAMED AFTER ME??? T____T. Aw, this is really cute. The “build up” of it is sort of similar to “Me”.

5. Reset – WHAT. I’VE HEARD THIS BEFORE. The opening sounds awfully familiar … AND YAY, another Kyu opening~ FOLLOWED BY DONGHAE *froths at mouth*. The beat at the start is sort of misleading because the verse is so slow but then OMG IT CUT RIGHT AT HTE CHORUS.

6. Monster – RAWRRRR. Ryeowook sounded awesome at the start of this. The verse is also sort of creepy in a sexy way. And the chorus is potentially super catchy.

7. What If – Ballad! Kyuhyun’s voice is so pretty he makes me cry AND HIS “BABY~” *wibbles*. Except not as dramatic so as to have a need for caps lock, but still. The chorus sounds great too!

8. Heartquake – The title alone is enough to make my heart quiver. BUT ROFL, DID YOOCHUN JUST SWEAR? The rap sounds great and actually different to how 2U usually rap. I like, a lot :).

9. Club No.1 – Lee Yeon Hee is in this one! Definitely not the type of song I thought she’d take part in but I’m curious to hear the whole thing out (because she wasn’t in this preview lol). Also, I’m so loved MY FAVOURITES KEEP SINGING THE OPENING LINES :DDD.

10. Happy Together – I imagine this is some sickening lovey dovey song? Maybe not sickening lol but the lyrics would probably be really sweet and make me wish I wasn’t … alone .__.

11. Dead at Heart – OW, MY HEART. What a sad title ;__;. Intro omg I love this song already. And the way the beats cue in the singing as well, ugh </3.

12. Shining Star – Reminds me of “Miracle” in that it’s like “Shining Star!” and probably has stuff like be happy, life is happy, we are happy ROFL. AND HELLO RAPPING HYUK! :D.

Okay, this whole thing was just me flailing over Kyuhyun’s voice AHAHA. It’s not my fault it’s mainly him in the start of the song. But it totally makes up for his lack of lines in “Sorry, Sorry” ahahahaha. I’m so biased, I suck. BUT THIS PREVIEW HAS GOT ME WANTING SO MUCH MORE ;~~~~;.


  1. *crying* Let’s Not was so beautiful, I couldn’t help but to tear up during the intro. T-T
    I was actually kind of worried that all of the songs would be like Sorry, Sorry – it’s a great song, but it’s not like the Suju that I know, and I like to recognise the boys.
    This is actually the first time they make me cry listening to their songs TT :’D Maybe it’s because of the whole comback-after-years-of-subgroups(I-love-them-but-it’s-not-the-same) or maybe it’s beacuse I love them too much. <3
    (Is happy that she’s getting the album on her birthday)

    And do I really hear Ryeowook more than the others? OwO

    • I’m happy that like Don’t Don, there’s quite a bit of variety on this album. I really can’t wait to get my copy!!!

      Lol I heard Wook and Kyu and Donghae a lot but it is only about 1 minute of each song so that must be why haha.



      • Just a few more days and I’ll be free to fangirl. Forreal. AND I SHALL FLOOD WORDPRESS AND LJ WITH FANGIRLY LOVE.

        • You broke that promise like … 30 minutes ago :P

  3. i think i think its called angel not angela.

    • Oh really? Okay, thanks for letting me know ^^.

      • The hangul reads “aenjelra” which is the koreanized form of “Angela” so you were right :)
        I love their new CD!!

        • Thanks for clearing that up <3!


    Till my next paycheck comes in and I can buy it (or maybe the repackaged album…my wallet feels your pain) ;A;

    So are there any major differences between Version A and Version B that we know of so far? Or is it really just different covers?

    • LOL IT’LL BE SO HARD! Which was why I listened to the short previews but it might be best to not listen to anything.

      And yes, so far, I only know the covers are different :).

  5. I am so tempted to go to part 2 but I dunno, monster sound very good and I think I heard english in there “just like a”, k screw it going to listen to part 2

  6. I already listened to the full versions of each song. Meh, self control ain’t my thing;P I like each song at least enough for it to grow on me except for Happy Together and Shining Star. Can you see the trend? LOL Monster is about to be blasted into the heads of my family, neighbors, entire continent once my copy finally comes. You’ve been warned.

    And Why I Like You reminds me of Closer by Ne-Yo. Just the chorus I guess…

    • ROFLL *HI5*. I was saying to PAS and bec, “I like all the songs…except for Happy Together.” (and Shining Star. I forgot about that one XD.)

  7. i hate how i always underestimate everyone when i havent gotten to listen to them alot yet =/ they sing so well and dance amazingly too (: it seems like 2009 is the year where amazing albums come out :DD i love it, their songs are really catchy for me i LOVEEE Why I like you alot but then again i love all their songs so its really hard to type one and then not type the next one cuz they’re SO ADDICTING. <333

    • Yay! I’m so happy that you’re getting into all these fandoms. And seriously, you will not regret any of it! Super Junior ARE PWOARRRRSOME :DDD.

      • btw they’re performing sorry sorry and why i like you on music bank tomorrow! dont miss it ((:

  8. Ahaha I can’t shake off the feeling that I should actually listen to each full song right now because I won’t pay much attention to them when I get them on my Itunes.. but.. I’ll wait.

    My favorites are probably Sorry Sorry, Why I like you, Monster, Heartquake, and Dead at Heart. Is that too much for 12 songs? But I do like all of them enough to keep them on my playlist for a while except for maybe Happy Together and Shining Star, which are near the bottom of my list :) (Does Hyuk’s rap in Shining Star sound a bit like the rap in Marry U?)

    OH. OH. I KNOW WHAT THE INTRO OF RESET SOUNDS LIKE. So after five minutes of hard thinking (because I hate it when something sounds familiar and I can’t place it), when my brain started frying I stopped and here’s what I came up with: the dance break section in Taeyang’s Look Only At Me with some of DBSK’S Crazy Love and a sprinkling of Wrong Number!!

    All in all, I’m not sure if I’ll end up preordering this or running down to the Korean market to see if the CD store there has it, but I NEED THIS ALBUM END OF STORY.

    • O________O. Wow, I’m gonna go re-listen to Reset and decide on that.


  9. I’m still iffy with this album. I want to like it like their other album but I’m just not feeling it, which makes me sad since SJ’s been gone for so long and I missed the boys.

    The songs I like so far are Why I Like You, Let’s Not *Kyu’s voice in the beginning is LOVE*. Reset *again Kyu*, Monster, What If and Dead at Heart *Kyu again* O_o looking at the list it’s mostly the ballad/slow songs that I like.

    • Aw, really? Haha I love most of these songs and I’m sure Kyu and his many lines has something to do with it XD.

  10. Who is Yoochun, by the way?? oh My GAWSH i luv lets not and why i like you!!!!!!!!!!! it has so much feel and yea.
    and kyuhyun’s voice is really “good”???
    he should sing more

  11. Luving the songs!!!
    havent heard Shining Star, Monster, What If, Heartquake and Club No. 1 yet thoughh

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