Posted by: lovediaries | March 14, 2009

090314 Super Junior Comeback on Music Core

I’ve added HD links to both performances :D!!

Super Junior MC Cut – ROFL this was so cute. Shindong goes to hug Solbi so Teuk starts bashing him and they proceed to attempt to kill each other. So they weren’t actually MC-ing lol. Seungri and Daesung are still there :).

Why I Like You – I’M LOVING THIS SONG MORE AND MORE. The chorus is SO catchy my gosh “geu dae ga nan geu dae ga“. And you know, if you squint and cover the bottom half of Wook’s face, he actually looks like Changmin :D. It’s only the second performance and I worry I’ll be repeating myself but I really love the choreography. It’s so neat. Siwon looked really hot, Sungmin is so damn fierce and Kyuhyun is just amazing~ He started sounding slightly breathless in the second verse but I think it’s hard to be singing in short breaths like he’s supposed to. And anyway, they’ve all improved vocally. So proud :D. Also, HOW COOL WAS YESUNG’S “YEAH~”. It was so powerful the others all got blown away /lame.

Sorry Sorry – I HAVE A MILLION THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THIS PERFORMANCE but I’ll start off with DID HEECHUL CUT HIS HAIR!?!??! Or am I just not seeing the rest of his hair? XD. He didn’t show up as suddenly as he did in yesterday’s performance so was he there all along? But then I think he just walked off stage after his line :/

Unfortunately Kibum is still not here :(. I hope he’ll be present for at least one of these performances T__T. But then again, if he hadn’t learned the choreography yesterday, it mightn’t have been possible to have learned it for today.

Anyway! I love that this song has all these interesting and bizarre choreography, but SJ are able to really make them into something. I mean, if you saw random people doing their hop-kick-foot-slap-ankle move (like they’re playing that game where you kick that feather thingy, yes!?), you’d probably find it really odd, right? Well I know I would XD. It’s probably cause they’re all so charimastic on stage and their dark suits make them all look manly and grown up :D.

I really love what Hyuk is wearing. I hated his pants in the MV but in the past two performances, he’s looked so good *___*. Just watched in HD and I LOVE the top half of Hyuk’s outfit but his pants/long socks are disgusting. Seriously, no one should ever try that look again. EVERRRR.

During the dance interval (which is probably my favourite part, along with the dandandandandandaan etc etc., as well as the members pose pose posing up to Kyu – but I’ll spazz over that another time 8D), the camera focuses on Hyuk and you can see how slim he really is *so jealous*. I also LOVE his spastic-feet move (seriously, no one’s feet goes as spastic as his :DDD). I think I prefer the black gloves though because the silver one makes his hand look robotic and creepy O.o

Wook’s outfit amuses me so; as does Sungmin’s “-uhh~” after every one of his lines XD. And Kyu is looking so adorable in his bowtie :Q_.

I think I liked this performance more than yesterday’s because the lighting is less annoying ^^.


  1. lol the latest posts are dominated by SUJU’s XDD

    uni is killing me at the same time of their comeback D: WHY!!!??
    alright, now I’m OTW to catch up fandoms :pp

    BRB to comment!

    • Uni is killing me too :(( It’s okay, we’ll work hard together.

      And I sure hope you’re not complaining cause there are plenty more to come :PP


        *wth am i saying just now 8D

    • LOL!!! I think I should be the one who deserved to complain the most!! My finals are at the same time as their comeback!! And I have put aside my study to spend hours to watch their performance/MV over and over again! I even planned to watch their Music Bank performance live when it’s 2:30AM here! But that didn’t happened though because I have school at 8:00AM the next day @__@;; (Although I got to watch their Music Core performance live! :D)

  2. I already said this before but I seriously believe that Nick and Trent got a few ideas from Siwon’s hand gestures LOL♥

    I’ll watch this…. one of these days. o.o

    • There is a whole lot of hand-work in the dance interval. Yes, watch it soon :)

      • Gege has ugly hair :\

  3. Lol when Shindong and Leeteuk were fighting, it’s good seeing them on tv again. Though I kinda wish Leeteuk was the one MCing instead of Solbi *sorry her voice is starting to annoy me*

    I wish they came out with Why I Like You first instead of Sorry Sorry, I like that song better (I’m trying to like their comeback single but I just can’t)

    At least Heechul was there instead of just showing up in the end like the other performance. Why do they put Hyuk in MC Hammer pants *that’s what I think they are anyways* and the other boys gets regular pants are the stylist mad at him or something?

    • I read somewhere that Teuk was gonna be the 3rd MC on Music Core but I can’t remember if I read that wrong or not XD.

      I guess they decided to make “Sorry Sorry” their comeback song cause it’s so different from anything they’ve ever done before?

      And yeah, Hyuk’s pants make me cringe XDD

  4. lol in the mc video Shindong and Teuk look like they’re dancing, and there is so much I can say on why i like the song why i like you, the dance part where they do like a circle thing with their hands, it kinda looks like they’re cooking but it’s still hot, and Siwon looked amazing, Yeseung’s “yeah” is just smex, Hankyung looks adorable when he does the little head nod to the side, and Teuk is looking very tempting! the lighting is less annoying then the previous performance for sorry sorry but why do some of them have hand mics while the other’s have the head gear thingy? but this was so much better, it would be better if Kibum were to join them sometime soon!

    • HAHA yeah I thought that too. BUT at least they still performed live and did a great job of it which is all that matters :D.

  5. Heechul cut his hair!!! In one day! Lol. It looks good on him (from what I saw here), so I’m not complaining. I think I said this yesterday, but I love Hyuk’s new hair! I think he looks especially good in black cause it makes him look really slim. And I’ve always loved watching him dance because he has the most fluid movements out of all the members IMO. When I first saw the unusual choreography for Sorry Sorry, I thought, only Super Junior can get away with making it actually look cool.

    I LOVE WHY I LIKE YOU!!! I think that was first song I liked immediately when I listened to the 45 second previews on Mnet’s site. I flipped out when I found out they would be promoting this song too :).

    • NEW ICON! Ooh is this a cup of coffee with a spoon and a sugar with a heart on it? OMG ITS SO CUTE!

      So far, I’m loving every song on their album except for maybe “Happy together” and “Shining star”. And this is all still from the short previews hehe ^^. It might have something to do with all the Kyuhyun I’m hearing XD.

  6. lol it seems like u were spazzing over sorry sorry a whole lot more :DDD i LOVEEEE why i like you, have i said that like a million times already? i just love how its sounds very nice. i love the ending when the guy (sorry idk his name yet) says YOU. it just ends the song so nicely.

    is it just me or is kangin feeling lifeless? he seems a little awkward/out of place when the camera zoomed in on him. i think it was nerves or something…

    omg i love their sorry sorry performance. waaay better than yesterdays (: i love donghae hes so awesome. i love his outfit too and yeah the gloves have got to be a diff color. i love eunhyk tooo (he was the one doing the monkey move in the middle right?) i loved his outfit and hair. i kept staring at those two through the whole performance. then i saw heechul and i was like DANGGGG WHO’S THAT GUY? his hair is much better now :DD really fits him. its amazing how a new haircut can change ur appearance so much :PP

    • LMAO I KNOW. I wrote a mini essay on it XD. Lol nah, I love “Why I like you” heaps but there’s just more to say for “Sorry, Sorry” ^^.

      I noticed Kangin was a bit :| too. I thought he looked a little awkward actually but maybe he’s tired?

      I like Heechul with short hair too :).

  7. For sorry sorry, Han Geng looks like one of those host boys lol. He got the ‘thang’ onXD

    And Ye Sung, my homeboy looks like a prissy fangirl for some reason lol. He chills in the back, he’s prissy at the frontXD

    I could go on and on but yay Hee Chul. I love him with short hair…but he should get more lines though. I mean Kyun Hyun and such sing many more lines…I’m sure they could have spared a little more.

    For why I like you…Sung Min looked like a pmsing girl. I feel like as if hes saying, “You handle my bitch like tendencies, that’s the reason why I love you.” XD perfect reason for that song.

    Where’s Hae hot glasses T_T. He needs his hot glasses lol.

    And Han Geng stays as a pimp XD And Eetuek suddenly looks manly so I can’t handle it for some reason haha.

    • PRISSY FANGIRL LOLLLLLLLLLLL. Haha, I’m not complaining about Kyu getting too many lines *biased biased*. But I would’ve liked EVERYONE to get a solo line. Ah, well.

      AHAHA I know, Sungmin is so fierce but he looks so pissed off half the time XDD.

  8. yay! totally a better performance than yesterday. and heechul didnt leave after his line.. he even did the moonwalk dance! n hopefully he will dance to why i like u too coz as i can see the step isnt so hard.. he still can dance for dont don so why not this song, right?

    i dunno why but hankyung looks weird with that hair n his movement looks awkward.. hhehe. no offence guys~

    • I rewatched both performances (in HD lol) and I actually saw Heechul stayed but right after his line, he just stands there for a bit before moving again.

  9. Re Hankyung comment ^ if you’re talking abt the “Why I like you” perf… i noticed that too…
    It looks like he’s sick – flu? he’s “red” vs tanned… I saw one of the group photo b4 they perf this song and his head was down and Kyu and Kangin were looking at him w concern…

    during the dance where Hankyung seems so stiff or dancing awkwardy & heads down before his turn to be in the center you can see donghae observing/looking at him…

    He always looks up when performing and really have sharp movements when he dances – so i think he’s not feeling well here… come to think of it he wasnt in SUKIRA and no mention of him at all from the other members – so are they protecting his fans not to worry to much abt him? I do hope he’s better for today’s Inkago performance…
    Looking forward to it :-)

    • Awww, I sure hope they all stay healthy in this period of time. They’re gonna have a lot of music (and possibly variety show??) appearances and they need all the rest they can get while being able to actively participate in everything :/

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