Posted by: lovediaries | March 15, 2009

090315 Super Junior Comeback on Inkigayo

TEEHEE, we’re flooding you guys with SJ posts >:D. I will stop being so wordy after this week, I promise.

Super Junior Intro::EDIT:: SUBBED VERSION Yes, I so know what they’re talking about … Even though Heechul’s cut his hair, he looks funny today (like Hankyung’s twin rofl) O.o EUNHAE OMG ALKJFSLKDJFLKSJDFKLASDFLKASJDJASF FANGIRL HEART DIES.  Lol Hongki and Heechul are like BFFs, so cute. Then Kangin comes along to speak to his lovechild.

Beckery: DID ANYONE SPOT THE EUNMIN!?!?!? MIXED FEELINGS HERE. I dont know if I wanna coo at how super adorable they are with Sungmin back hugging Eunhyuk or I wanna slap Donghae silly for not pulling them apart LOL.

Sorry Sorry – I’ve finally figured out who Siwon reminds me of. Dr. Evil. BUAHAHAHA. Okay, he’s a whole lot more attractive but it’s his whole spinning around, :| face and the finger XD. I love Teuk in the black with the silver bowtie♥.

Again, the stage has improved. You can tell because Sungmin has a lot of room to walk to, to do his moves (the camera was even clever enough to be filming him!). I rewatched their first comeback performance on Music Bank and he had nowhere to go to XD. And omg, I finally figured out it was Yesung flailing in the back!! I watched yesterday’s performance a few times and couldn’t see who was doing the flailing while everyone was doing the dandandan etc. part i.e the bend-your-back-and-show-how-young-you-guys-really-are move. I thought maybe it was a mistake when Shindong first did it but then someone flailed again when they went back the other way; seeing them do it again today, I guess it’s all part of the choreo XD. I also didn’t miss Donghae’s crotch-grab. I mean, he did it right to the camera this time :Q____.

One more thing! I’ve figured out why some of them have the head gear and some the hand held mics. If you look closely (and correct me if I’m wrong), all the head gear wearing members are the ones doing all the complicated hand-work (which is my favourite part!!) while Wook, Kyu, Yesung and Kangin (the four with the hand held mics) are standing in the back. AND DID I CATCH SUNGMIN SCRATCHING HIS BUTT? (At 2.43)

Rofl, I sure have done a lot of “figuring out” after watching tonight’s performances XD. Too bad I replayed some parts so many times the video is totally lagging T__T.

Why I Like You – I WANT THEIR T-SHIRTS! Especially Hyuk’s and Siwon’s. I love t-shirt with simple prints and texts ^^. And as much as I love seeing them all in different outfits, I also don’t mind this consistency that’s happening here :). Ties and vests and all the fancy suits can be reserved for their “Sorry Sorry” performances ;). They look so much more spaced out on this stage, so bonus points for SBS haha!

I watched the subbed version of a performance and I never realised the lyrics were so sweet! Like, you’d think they would be either tough or angsty? But they’re not. So yeah, go check them out if you haven’t read them yet. When Kyu is singing about “(your) sexy eyes”, their move is actually to cover their eyes. Teehee, how cute is that? And lol, Hyuk’s alfafa sprouts keep making me laugh XDDD.

I wish they’d do a full performance of this song though ^^.


  1. is kibum still absent..gosh really hope 2 see him soon

    • Yes he is :(. And I don’t know if you noticed but beckery pointed out to me that Kibum’s picture was missing in yesterday’s big banner on their stage which moved apart :(

  2. seriously??somehow i fell dat kibum will never appear.he mentioned about drama offer n all dat. fell like he will not participate in 3 jib.huhu really hope to see him on the stage with other members so soon.

    • Yeah, you said the exact same things as beckery did to me. I’d really love to see Kibum participate but then there seems to be all the reasons in the world for him not to :(

  3. yeh.u r rite bout the moving banner.

  4. by any chance, do u know either kibum participate in the recording of 3jib??somehow i curious.

    • I haven’t heard any of the full tracks (except for Sorry, Sorry) so I wouldn’t know if Kibum actually has lines or not :(

  5. I have watch interview. OMG Eunhae was dancing together. And Hanchul is funny “<

    • Lol what were Hanchul saying?!?!

  6. ROFL I dont think Sungmin was scratching his butt so blatantly obvious. Probably fixing his little mic thing at the back.

    • SHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You just had to ruin all the fun, didn’t you.

      • Pft Im not the party pooper around. *stares at the nerd* XDDDD

        Btw Hae’s grab crotch looks kinda painful. Maybe your theory from yesterday was correct HAHAHAHHHAHA

        • I’m not being no party pooper.

          OMG I TOTALLY THOUGHT IT WAS PAINFUL TOO. Like he actually reached for more this time … And of course, when are my theories not correct :P

          • ROFL Teaches him not to play with delicate stuff like that in the future. HAHAHAHA. Your theories are only correct when it comes to subject matters such as these. Other wise you’re pretty fail-y!

            • “DELICATE STUFF” ROFLMAO. You’re right about my theories being correct on these subject matters but you’re wrong in saying I fail at everything else.

              You of all people isn’t/aren’t (?) one to talk. Yeah okay, I think I just proved your point XD

              • LOL seriously, do you have replying comments on like autopilot or something. If so, you better teach me how to do that. If not, then you’re not studying properly, GO STUDY!!!

                • I’m replying comments the same way you are. Checking imop every now and then :).

  7. Hongki is, like, “Dad, stop embarrassing me! D:” at Kangin lol

    I totally don’t like Chul’s new hair ):

    • It’s okay, you’re not the only one T__T.



  9. WTH happened to heechul’s hair?!
    he looks like this one guys from KAT-TUN! (the one who hosts Shonen Club)

    i hate how short hangeng, ryeowook and teuk’s hair are.. and now heechul! imma kick their stylists’ butt!
    argghh, i miss their bangs. :(

    couples! couples!

    are there any show guestings for these boys?! seriously, i can’t wait!

    p.s. i squealed when yesung spoke after teuk. YEH-SEX y’all! lol. you know how yesung never had any much exposure before. way to go yeh-sex! exposure baby! hahaha and he’s such a camwhore, at the end where davichi won.. he really placed himself in between the girls. lol.

    • I think Teuk’s short hair is the best out of everyone’s. Actually, Wook’s new hair isn’t too bad either cause it suits his face shape .. just probably not his high voice XDDD.

      Well, they’re gonna be on WGM soon for Kangin & Yoonji’s housewarming party ^^. Look forward to that!

  10. LOL I totally thought sungmin was scratching his butt. But now that beckery said it, he probably wasn’t xD I still love him whether he really is scratching or not! <3

    I like Hyukjae and Min’s shirts! And Yesung’s necklace. Not digging Heechul’s new hair though. And I though Geng’s hair was bad…

    • AHHAHAH you say it as if you’d love him more if he really was scratching his butt XDDD.

      YESS! I saw Yesung’s necklace too. It’s actually up on Yesasia, I think. The headphones, right? :)

  11. lol it’s about time Hongki and his appa Kangin and hyung Heechul were on the same show again! Everytime they perform sorry sorry it’s gets so much better, the lighting was less spasstic and the ceiling was grimmy but I think the camera man was trying too hard to capture all the members cause I got dizzy, at least he tried unlike other camera-men who only focus on certain people, great performance though. Teuk’s pants in Why I Like You looked like they were on the brinck of falling, but he looked good nonetheless and so did Siwon!!!! Now I’m off to look for the subbed performances of this song.

    • Hongki should’ve stood between Kangteuk. I wonder if they notice the resemblance XDD.

      I was really dizzy at the start of the performance lol but I’m still grateful the cameraman got to shoot different people at different parts of the song. It lets you see more of the choreography and more members :))).

  12. Poor Sungmin can’t even scratch his butt in peace on national television, fangirls are so SCARY XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    I want half of SJ boys to wear SNSD’s t-shirts with “another label – another guy” or something written on them. I mean, Ryeowook – is not it like PERFECT for him? =3

    • “scratch his butt in peace on national television” XDDDDDD. Isn’t that like a … *does not know correct term* for funny english things.

      • funny, but my English is not that good to know what you mean. God, I’m like… EPIC FAIL. Even my favourite singer is Yehsung what can I say XD

        • ROFL no, I actually had no idea what I was getting at so don’t worry, I’m the one with epic-ly failed english. See what I mean? That sentence alone had a million grammatical errors XDDD.

          • wow, we are made for each other b/c there is no way I will see those errors XD
            sorry for spamming =)

            • ROFL okay, that makes me feel better about myself ^^;;

  13. omg its the best peformances so far :DD i think i’ve said that to every performance :DDD but its true. it seems to get better day by day which is awesomeee :P omg when donghae did that crotch grab, i just paused the video and replayed the g-g-g-girl part again over and over (:

    haha im still amazing about why i like you :D even though i’ve heard it like a gajillion times :D. i love this song and so i’ve decided to look up the lyrics RIGHT NOW :P i wish they did the whole song though =/

    idk but youtube sorta lagged/didnt want me to watch them perform but then it started to work again so i did got to watch it :D

    • They keep getting better and better eh? :)). AHAHA yeah I kept playing good bits like that *giggle* which made my video lag T___T.

  14. gah! just only watched the sorry sorry!, I love!!! (grammar is totally all over the place.)

    But .<)

    • That’s okay ^^. You should watch the other performance too!

  15. Huge props to the cameramen for trying to focus on all aspects of the stage and on more members :). I think I loved everything about this performance- the clothes, the stage, the camerawork/editing. I don’t like Heechul’s new hair though :(. And omg…Donghae’s crotch-grabbing right into the camera lol. His part just got more drool-worthy.

    I loved their shirts in Why I Like You!!! A lot of other groups have worn similar shirts, and I’ve always wanted one :(.

    I’m still cracking up over Sungmin scratching his butt lmao. And happy about the HanChul I saw in the interview :D.

    • Agree! I loved everything … but Heechul’s new hair. He looked fine yesterday! WHY CHANGE THAT!?

      I need shiny HQ so I can rewatch Sungmin scratching his butt over and over again XD.

  16. okayy this performance was HOT. i love the camera work since its not like shaking all over the place.


    in the interview thing, idk…i kind of felt really bad for did you see him? he kept on trying to get on screen and like acknowledged that he has no special part in the group, so he would intro the dance by eunhae. idk.. it was like…stop acting like you’re not an idol.
    i just feel like he must be going through some kind of..something because thats totally not like him. maybe it has to do with his image because i noticed he also got a haircut and he’s gained a little weight.

    • Yeah Kangin and Shindong are around the same size now which isn’t a bad thing. I mean, as long as they’re both healthy :)

  17. hello, i’m a new user, but i’ve been stalking your blog for a while now hehehe. all of you are soo funny, and i love reading your comments! i’m soo excited for suju’s comeback too, they are all so hilarious, especially on variety shows!!! to be honest though, i’m not quite feeling Sorry Sorry as much as everyone else, probably because i think they look so LOL when they are doing the choreography. *runs and hides* just wanted to drop by and say hey and thanks for bringing me smiles!

    p.s. how do you get the cool themes and icons on the side? i’m such a newbie to this :p

    • Ah, sorry it’s taken my so long to respond. WE LOVE HEARING FROM SILENT READERS :DD. So thank you so much for dropping by and saying hi! Hope to hear from you soon :).

      Um, do you mean the widget which shows the latest comments? :S

  18. I think I sort of temporarily forgot how much I love them when they all are together… Because I went crazy when I was watching these clips!

    And thank you for posting the subbed intro clip– not that it really needed the subs since everything they say is pretty evident and standard (thanking fans, etc)– but I prefer it w/subs. I just noticed that I really love Hyuk’s haircut. He looks so cuddly and young! Which apparently Sungmin noticed as well…

    And Heechul is so affectionate with both Hongki and Hankyung (his smile!!). Even if his hair still irritates me, his face doesn’t!

    I am so excited to starting seeing more of them again. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed SJ!

    • No problem!

      Yeah, I’m so excited to see more of them. Hopefully they’ll be 13 again in the near future ;~;

  19. Hey guys~! I’ve been following the Suju comeback thanks to you. ^^
    Sorry I haven’t been commenting… I’ve been busy with end-of-the-schoolyear stuff…
    I do have one thing to say though…

    YESUNGMIN is my new pairing. ^^

    try and fill in the asterisks. :))

    • KARA! (this is the same Kara from before, right?) YOU DISAPPEARED FOR SO LONG. Yeah, school always takes over our lives but good luck with everything you do!

      ROFL does not take a genius to figure out what you were trying to say xDD.

      • Of course it’s the same Kara. LOL.
        The images are according to IP address *I think* so we all have different ones. And I have mine~ it’s blue! my favorite color~ and suju’s color… ish… lol.
        I HAZ RETURNED. lol.
        And I shall start commenting on everything now. xD
        SUMMER <3

        Oh really? lol. SO what was I trying to say? :))

        • YAY *tackles*. Just checking :D.

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