Posted by: pinkandsparkly | March 15, 2009

Suju’s Handwritten “Sorry Sorry” Messages

Credit: SJ Family for Chinese translations and Let’s All Eat Candy for English translations

Not sure where these are from, but so far we’ve only managed to find eight members’ (except Donghae and Siwon wrote twice), so we’ll post the rest up when we find them ^________^

I’ll write the translations underneath each thumbnail. Click on the pictures to see them bigger


“Are there any words more beautiful than “I Love You”?”

“Be healthy ^__^ Be happy ^__^”


“Please love us lots. Blinding Blinding~ (the sorry sorry lyrics). Sorry Sorry.”


“An appearance most like *mine* is the prettiest!”


“Love conceals many sins”

“Follow God’s words and the direction of the Holy Spirit, til the end continue to be a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ.”


(Candychu and I got really confused with the Chinese translation of this; the general message is to be happy XD)


“Dad, Mum, I love you both~   Donghae loves you both too?” (OMG IT’S EUNHAE ♥♥)


“Bear with it, even if it’s painful. May 3rd album sell lots. I love you”


“A loving heart is not enough … it’s necessary to show the love.   I love you”

Candychu‘s favourite is Donghae’s first one, cos she found it very sweet (which it is), but I think mine is Sungmin’s. Maybe it’s cos everytime I read it I think of him and his *fierce* face XDDDDDDDD.


  1. Oh that’s cuteeee
    EunHae is really ^^
    Thank you!

  2. You didnt mention my favourite >:@

    • Cause you’re not special and didn’t help me when I asked you to fix up the English >:(

      Hehe jks ♥

    • You didn’t tell me your favourite T_T

      • My favourite was Donghae’s and Hyuks XDDD Go edit rofl!

  3. wtf siwon XD


    • Siwon’s my little church boy ;)


      • YES, I DO♥ I mean, why did he write Donghae? Why not Siwon or Sungmin or *insertSJmemberhere*, right? XD

        • Junsu would’ve made me happier, but Donghae is JUST AS GOOD. Though slightly random XD.

          Siwon wrote this note and Donghae and Eunhyuk signed it. But I couldn’t find a translated version of that note so we didn’t post it :/

    • Are you making fun of Siwon and his God-loving ways >:(

    • ROFL, I just had a thought. Maybe his “Love conceals many sins” is referring to his and Heechul’s making out; saying that, what he did for Heechul was out of their “brotherly love” for one another and so he should be forgiven for having committed such a sin :D/

      • Oooo that’s a smart analysis…


        • I’ll study for my test in my one hour break tmr. It’s okay, I’m still working now! I’m doing micro 8D.

          • I’m showing Matthew SHINee mv. He said that you have good taste :/

            • Are you using SHINee’s name to get me talking on MSN again?

              (Which MV did you show him?)

              • None of your beewax. GO STUDY OR I WILL UNLEASH THE FURY ON YOU!!! LOL.

                It was Replay cuz the retard up there suddenly got it stuck in her head. And the retard proceeded to give him an example of Noona involving ME >:@

                • Oh wow. So when Matt said I had good taste, did he mean in music or in boys? Cause ROFL only Jonghyun looked good in that MV. But it doesn’t matter. I know I have good taste in everything *flicks hair*.

                  Bec, stop being so mean to me. If I released MY fury on you, you would’ve died after going shopping for the 50th time instead of attending your lecture.

                  HA. Bet that shut you up >:D.

                • The retard thinks that she can’t be blamed for the fact that you’re the oldest >:D

                  • If I remember correctly, W.E.F (thats your initials btw), he only said you had good taste cuz they werent show offs ROFL. But like he said they all looked the same XD It wasnt 50 times :( You make me sound like a slacko. It was the like…10 times ok!


                    • *If I wasn’t stuck in my hole -wiggles- I’d come out and kick your ass*

  4. But you are stuck *kicks your ass further in the hole*

    • Omg, they don’t allow you to reply anymore. I wanted to watch the box disappear D:

      When I get out of here, you’re dead meat. But actually, since I’m stuck in here, can you throw in Key or something?

      • *throws in another crazy EF*

        We made a limit on how many replies you could do, remember?

        • Nope, I dont remember such thing. Or rather, both of you never bother telling me ANYTHING T_T

          ROFL. I was actually tempted to throw an actual key at her head and watch it bounce off.

          • BEC, EVEN IF WE TOLD YOU (WHICH WE DID) YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. Caps lock because I felt like shouting at you :D.

            Yeah, the max. limit here on WP is 10 and we chose 10.

            AHAHAHAHHA WTH why would you throw a key at my head. I think it’s actually my ass I’ve got turned to you atm.

          • OOOO THAT’S FUN. Can i try throwing a brick too? :P Kidding, EF, WLU <3

            And bec you have amnesia. YOU WERE IN THAT CONVERSATION, YOU NOOB.

            • Oh right. I REMEMBER NOW! I was too busy figuring out wth you guys were on about, I didnt bother about the limit part ^^”” hehe.

              Oh even better! If its the bum, then it’d be even more bouncier. *looks around* My printer looks good. Lets try that XDDD

              • YOU GUYS ARE SO ABUSIVE D:

                IH(the both of)U.

  5. so typical of siwon! (:

  6. Every time Siwon says something like that I think “Carpe Diem.” I’m so dirty. Siwon should take me to church with him. I kid, I kid, Siwon’s goodboyness is what I love about him.^^

  7. Siwon why do you have to be such a religious man, it’s very attractive but it makes me look like the devil’s advocate, love conceals many sins, you have a way with words mister! my favourite is Siwon’s message (was that obvious) as for Donghae’s “Are there any words more beautiful than “I Love You”?” I wonder how many girls fainted at that one and his “be happy, be healthy” sounds like an Activia commercial

    • Lol, it IS very attractive, isn’t it *_________* Apparently 10/13 Suju boys are Christians, which make me happy cos I’m one too XD

      Yea, I agree, Donghae’s “be healthy be happy” made me think of some vitamin product’s slogan XD

      • Lucky, I’m Catholic so I know there are similarities in
        these religions, wait I actually don’t know the difference
        hmm I should convert just for the sake of Siwon but
        maybe I should convert to buddhism just for Changmin
        Eoddeokhae! Eoddeokhae! Christianity or Buddhism

  8. siwon’s was hilarious… and hyukkie’s was pure awesome for the eunhae XD

    thanks for those~

  9. Awww. I love Siwon’s message. So sweet and devoted <33. And EUNHAE!!! OMG!!!

  10. lol i looked at all of them and they were all very sweet (: when i saw siwon’s i was like WHOA THATS NEAT HANDWRITING :DDD

    • He has THE neatest handwriting EVER. I think Shindong’s look the messiest, but I know nothing about Korean so idk XD

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