Posted by: beckery | March 15, 2009

Suju members on WGM Preview

Credit: SJ3jib @ youtube

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT One of the best things with comebacks are all the variety shows they appear on XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

This is a preview for next week’s We Got Married. Kangin and Yoonji are having a housewarming party and the members turn up. THEY ARE SO ROWDY, I LOVE IT!!!! ♥♥♥♥ I can’t count how many members are there cuz they’re everywhere hahahaha. Seriously, the house looks TINY and they all come screaming and jumping and running and stumbling in, like they’re about to break down walls and cause holes in the floor rofl. Yoonji looks like she’s about to faint any minute cuz of the hotness craziness, but man, you gotta envy the girl lol :DD


  1. Envy me. I’m doing Accounting now.

    Sorry, I’m just spamming the place. *crawls back to hole*.

    • ROFL Shouldnt u be envying me cuz I’m doing squat all XDDDDDDDDDdd

      Yea you go and crawl back into that hole until I tell you to go out!

  2. Poor Yoonji. She’s obviously having a hard time dealing with her brothers in law lol XDDD

    • Rofl. I’m sure she’s also having a blast at all the crackfess XDD

  3. YAY!! VARIETY SHOWS!!! And is that Linkin Park playing in the background? LOL

    It’s hilarious when one comes in..then another…then a few more…and she’s like when’s it going to stop….and then a whole bunch more come in hahahaha.

    • HAHA I KNOW RIGHT! I love it when Suju makes an appearance. The come flooding in one after another and its like “is that all? now, is that all? IS THAT ALL YET?” XDD And they make so much noise when they’re there. Looks like serious fun. Btw have I told you that I like your dp/avatar? Well I do. Its pretty XD

  4. omo so hectic, the background music is intense, I’d be so stressed if I were Yoonji but the fact that it’s Super Junior, I wouldn’t mind having that!

    • Lol I would love it too! Imagine the crackkkkkkkk <333333

  5. gosh she looks so stressed :DDDDDDDD one of the guys come in and then next thing u know a pack of hot guys come piling in through the door. and shes just standing there looking like WHOA HOW MANY OF U ARE HERE? and they just come screaming and hollering like they havent seen each other since like they were born haha but i do wish i was her…shes so lucky :PP haha cant wait for this episode (:

    • HAHA. I’d be stressed too! Imagine having to feed 12 boys or something :SSS I’d probably tell them to order pizza haha. But they look like they’re having a blast. Did you catch that huge group huggle? SO CUTE GAH CANT WAIT XD

  6. hello!??

    Zomg! This is gonna be the best thing ever! yoonji should be very, very scared lol


      • *ATTACKS RIGHT BACK* Zomg!!


  7. Aww Yoonji-noona. Dealing with 12 brother-in-laws must suck despite them being hot. XDD

    Oh, just thought I should let you all know. KANG HO DONG’S SON WAS JUST BORN. :D

    • Lol. I’m sure they’ll be good boys and not cause their sister in law too much trouble. However, just feeding them all would be such a pain lol.

      YES I HEARD. IM SO HAPPY FOR KHD. One of my fav MCs <3

  8. i tried to count to see how many there was but i lost… but it looks like hell will break loose..haha… i know im so excited to see my bfs on all these variety and talk shows… yeah!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL SAME! They were seriously EVERYWHERE! I vote they make a new variety show. EHB season 2? Full House season 2? I DONT KNOW JUST SOMETHING. I NEED MORE CRACK IN MY LIFE XDDDD


    They all look hilarious omg <3 <3


      They’re always hilarious!! I seriously hope Heechul is somewhere in that crowd. A crackfess isnt one without him haha <333

  10. LOL at her face when they KEEP pouring in! I never realize just how big SuJu is until they’re crowded into a small place. Poor. Poor girl. I would loose my mind if I had to cook for 13 hungry boys! But hey, it’s Super Junior so she doesn’t get too much pity :D

    • THEY’RE HUGE! The house is seriously PUNY with those massive boys jumping around like lil kids haha. I dont know how I’d be feeling. Probably a mix of “im going to strangle each and everyone of you any moment”, “SHUT UP ALREADY”, “DONT TOUCH THAT, YOU’LL BREAK IT”, “I THINK IM GOING TO MARRY ALL OF YOU INSTEAD OF JUST KANGIN” and a whole lot of other emotions hahaha XD

  11. I saw Teukkie, Yesung, Shindong, Min, Hyukkie, Hae, Kyu and Ryeo. Lost count if there was more of them 8D
    loved the jumping and screaming, LOL!
    Yoonji is so cute, i hope they treat her well hahahaha

    love seeing SJ’s craziness. whoah, i missed this BADLY <3

    • Hm I think I saw those guys too. But dont listen to me cuz they were everywhere so I ended up seeing blurs of blacks rofl. I’m sure they’re gonna be very angelic towards their sis in law *jealous*

  12. gahhh i’m so excited to see this =]] i just caught up with all of the kangin/yoonji cuts so i really wanna see them =D did you know in episode….44? or maybe 45, they go to japan and super junior H is like chillin with them =]]] i was like OH. HAY. HELLO. so i thought i should let you know =]

    btw, i know you were waiting for the subbed version for the idol show with 2pm and Shinee (so was i >.>) and it’s finally out =DD i’m pretty sure this is the wrong place to give you the link, but i’m too lazy to find the post you did about the preview for the show =P

    • I totally need to catch up with the Kangin/Yoonji cuts too. I havent been watching WGM enough T_T But yes yes I did watch the part where they met up with some of the Suju members XDD I loved how when she was at the door, Hyukjae kept walking in circles looking all flustered and confused ROFL MY CUTIE <333 And Sungmin forever being the gentlemen got her a cup of water only to have Kangin snatch it =_= LOL.

      And I’ve actually watched the Idol Show last night hahaha. Been dying for it so totally couldnt resist. Thanks for the links anyways <3 Candychu will probably do the review cuz I’m too lazy. BUT IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES EVER!!! SO FLIPPIN’ FUNNY AND GHEI XDDDDDd

  13. hahahaha my favorite part was when she got out her flute to play and sing for the lunch. like everytime she finished a phrase or something they all started cheering and standing up to put the money down..but then she started playing again and like they would look like “STFU YOU GUYS” at each other XD i kept on laughing everytime they got up and had to sit back down =]]]]

    GAHHH i really wanna see but i think i have to wait till the weekend because i gotta do school stuff X_X i also have to catch up on of today, i’m four episodes behind X_X i’m dying without seeing jihooooooo and junpyoooooo and pottyyyyy (i realize that his name is actually kim bum but my friend and i didnt know what his name was so she decided to call him ceramics hottie but i was like…why not just call him potty? therefore kim bum = POTTYYYY <333)

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