Posted by: lovediaries | March 16, 2009

2am’s 2nd Single – Time for Confession

I’ve clearly not been following 2am close enough BECAUSE WHEN DID SEULONG HAVE ABS???? They’re sort of “pieced” together funny though, if you get what I mean XD. Maybe it’s just cause he’s semi-leaning, half sitting on the table?

Anyway, for those not too familiar with 2am, from L to R it’s Seulong, Changmin, Jokwon and Jinwoon (my little squishy :3). The single will be released on the 19th this month.

They’re still a ballad group, right? I wonder how their new image will fit in with their songs.

Unrelated, but just a heads up that SHINee on Idol Army with 2pm has been subbed by mellogreenleaf. Unfortunately I don’t have time to watch & post yet microeconomics should die in a hole :(( but I hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Jo Kwon, my gaylove~♥

    they look like they’re ready to torture suspects into confessing a crime they didn’t commit lol

  2. I suddenly love Korean ballads.

    • ROFL. Good response :)

  3. Sorry but I think you got something wrong. Jinwoon is actually MY lil squishy <33

    • Oh, being the pervert that you are, I thought Seulong would become your new squishy :P

  4. Can Jinwoon be my little squishy who is actually older and taller than me?

    • You say it like it’s hard to find a squishy taller than you


      • ACTUALLY, I CAN’T THINK OF ANYONE SHORTER THAN ME (I don’t know if this is good or bad)

        • It’s a good thing. But dw, I can’t think of any idols shorter than me. Except for maybe some SNSD members. And…many other female artists, now that I think about it.

          • Taek is taller than you, he’s at least a ruler taller than me ;_;

            • Dawwwww, he’s a ruler taller than me too :)! But maybe just a 15cm one. If I were in heels.

              • WHAT HAPPENED TO STUDYING >:(

                • DDDDD: IT’S MOORAY’S FAULT.

                  • LOL IS IT MY FAULT NOW????

                    • When is it not.

  5. It won’t let me reply D:

    Uhhh when it’s about thighs (I agree, I start most of the other stuff)

    • Cause I always have the last say.

      Lol it’s cause the WP limit is 10.

      Fine, I’ll take the blame for the thighs. But yeah, everything else is cause of you missy.

  6. lol dont know much besides them besides their name 2AM :DDDD iono but to me i dont think i’d be into them alot, but i could be wrong, just like every time i’ve said this (:

  7. rawr im so bored/upset about boys before flowers ): i havent gotten to watch it or read the recap like i always do every monday and tuesday and im really annoyed with it right now. i know they’re doing their best and all of that good stuff but i cant help but be really annoyed with their slowwwness -.- so i’ve decided to distract myself till the recap actually is put on. if not…i might just rip someone’s hair all out :DDDDDD

    • Today’s ep of BOF is better! More Junpyo/Jandi moments!! Ah how I’ve missed them. Hopefully the current arc is gonna wrap up to a close.

      Haha, yeah Seulong’s abs do look a little pieced together.

      • Okay, I’m glad! I’ll be less tense when watching, I guess XD.

    • I have 3 episodes to catch up on! But I’ve been taking my time anyway because I don’t want to see anymore Jihoo/Jandi XDDD.



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