Posted by: lovediaries | March 18, 2009

090317 Super Junior on ChinChin Radio

The same three are missing T____T.

ResetKristen pointed out to me that the intro of this song sounds very much like the dance interval in Taeyang’s “Look Only At Me”. It does, doesn’t it? Also, can I pleeeeeease marry Kyuhyun’s voice !?!?!??!! (Did you guys see the way he was smiling just before he started singing? *___*). Yesung’s red beanie is so cute! He looks like an ELF :D. And LOL why is Sungmin doing the same choreography as last time? Perhaps he isn’t freestyling … or else he only ever does those moves haha. Hyuk is really emo with his hair but lasjfkads I love boys in hoodies.

p.s the “Press the Reset” always reminds me of Changmin’s part in “Wrong Number” and then I start LOLing in my head even though this is a really pretty and not funny song XD.

Let’s Not – Kyu looks like a giant next to Wook haha. So cute :3. And if anyone has ever seen Kenny Kwan sing, don’t you reckon Kyu looked like him when he had his eyes closed!?!?!?!

K.R.Y ♥♥♥♥♥. They’re so amazing my gosh. *___* @ everyone’s high notes.

You know, sometimes I wonder how they manage to keep such straight faces. If I was in a studio full of Super Junior members, I’d be cracking up at every second. Or maybe I’m just easily amused. I mean, I had a good laugh out of Teuk sitting on the corner of the table and really, there is nothing funny about that XD.

::EDIT:: Thanks to littledarth for the heads up. Watch Teuk make weird faces. ROFL HE DOES NOT STOP. Just when you think he’s gonna act his age, he does something weird again. The best part is, I think all the other members (K.R.Y, anyway) were oblivious to what the hell Teuk was doing XD.


  1. I doubt their second promotion song is Reset. They might have chero for this…Sung Min did that chero again :D

    Teuk sitting at corner and there is many funny things watch this clip my dear :D

    • Thank you so much <3333



  3. LOL! Kyu looks like he wants to tell Teuk to stop, lol! I guess he’ll never act his age XD

    • I…can’t see Teuk acting real mature anyway HAHAHA.

  4. I hope Reset will be the next song they promote, cause it’s probably my favorite or second favorite off their album.

    LOL at Teuk. He reminds me of a little kid who gets bored when the adults are talking. Ryeowook’s like completely oblivious to what’s happening next to him xD.

    • Um I hope they promote like every song ROFL. That way, I can hear more of their songs before I get my own version :D.

  5. lol very good i love them so much :D haha wow they’re amazing in singing and dancing and everything else :D idk but i keep wanting to know whos the guy next to the first guy that sings reset :DDD he’s really good and i love his “yeah” in why i like you, my best guess is he sungmin?

    • Are you talking about Yesung? Red beanie & black frames?

      Sungmin was in the white (if I remember correctly) and dancing to himself in the corner ^^

  6. i was on a forum and one of the users said that they’ve heard kibum is still in america cuz his mom is sick ))):

    • I really hope his mum is okay :(

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