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ELLE Girl Magazine April Issue – feat. SHINee

Uni has been taking up 99% of my life (so I’ll get round to replying to comments and watching SHINee on Idol Army tomorrow night ^^); meanwhile, the other 1% of my life has been spent missing SHINee ;~~~~~~;.

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Favourite pic because lakdfldjsflskdkljflsakdf Key is on Jonghyun’s thigh and Onew is on Key’s thigh and they’re all sleeping together  …  omg  *brain implosion*.

Also, I SEE SO MUCH OF ONEW’S LEGS (like, in two pictures lol). It excites me more than it should but we already know of my serious issues, yes? XD.

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It’s times like these where I wish I was a model HAHA but aww this shoot is so cute and summery and fresh that it makes me happy :). Okay, I saw the one of Key holding the model’s hand. *emos in corner*. XDDDDDD.

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But nah, Onew has his :D expression on in every photo (except for the embedded sleeping one ^^) and gosh he really puts a smile onto my face. I wish he would feed me strawberries and cream ;~;.

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I should also stop being so darn biased and mention the other three XD. Jonghyun is handsome as always (he looks so sweet in the photo where he’s got his hand around the model’s head. *jealous*). Taemin looks less jailbaitish! Or maybe I’m just telling myself that so I feel less bad drooling over him hahaha. And Minho! Why is he so … okay, long isn’t an appropriate word rofl, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see his photos. His LEGS take up half the photo, I swear XD.



  2. … Is it me or does 2Min look like each other in the first pic? O_________O

    • IT’S JUST YOU *still flailing over OnKey and Onew’s smile*

      • BUTBUT…. DDD:

        • NO BUTS >:D.

          • *was going to say something but it’s kind of perverted so…*

            • SAY IT.

              • NO. My reputation is on the line! D:


                  • … Well. Um. I was just thinking about how near Jinki’s head is to Key’s… uh… you know. .________.

                    • 劉憲華 !!! DDD: (lmao I love abusing your username)

                      YOU ARE SO BAD INDEED.

  3. *random* Eunhyuk: I’m NOT LONG!

    Gahd I’d love to hold hands with SHINee… D:


  4. Lol Why is Taemin the only one awake in the embedded? He’s like “Check it out I’m holding hands with a girl!”\:D/
    And you’re not the only one who has issues with Onew’s legs. Such slender thighs…

    • “SUCH SLENDER THIGHS” ROFLMAO. You said out loud what I thought in my head ;P

  5. So am not the only one who think Tae looks a bit more mature in this shoot (It’s the hair…maybe)

    Too bad one looking less like jailbait doesn’t change the fact that they are….. >_>;

    • Too bad one looking less like jailbait doesn’t change the fact that they are

      That is…true D:

  6. I don’t really have much to say except that I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this photoshoot. I love the colors and their shirts. I think my favorite is the one where Onew is wearing the blue striped shirt with the word “Swedish” on it. His smile is just so adorable in that. And I wish I were Key in the first picture :DDD.

    • I also wouldn’t mind being the girl that’s getting fed a strawberry by Onew xD.

      • LOL YES, not much to say at all haha :P

        D’aww yes, Key is like in the best position *___*

  7. lol *imagining Nic Khun in the Min Ho shots*<3

    I think this photoshoot is SO CUTE. Onew’s killing me with his ‘omgah im OVERLY happy~’ face haha.

    • I…still need to watch Idol Army ;__;. I wonder why still don’t have it up for dl :/

      • I saw it all on youtube. I think you’ll really like it cause I showed it to a non fan of SHINee and she laughed a lot from what I heard haha. But yeah it wasn’t SHINee forums one I think who subbed it.

        • Yep, I shared a link by the other subber who did really good subs but I wanted a hq dl so that I can rewatch whenever I want, you know? :/

  8. aww they’ve grown up so much (: when they all debuted and stuff they looked so innocent :DDD omg i love all of them. they look like perfect angels :PP so jealous of the model though…i guess you know what my dream job is :D jkkk

    • They looked dorky and awkward before and now they are total noona-converters >:D.

  9. i just love how the guys wear like jeans rolled up a lil bit with like sneakers :DDD very attractiveeee

  10. ^Lol I refer to it as the “manpris” style pioneered by our very own Yoochun. It is in my opinion the root of all male fashion evil. Then again, Shinee can make anything attractive, right? :D

    • ROFL your comment had me LOLing so hard. “root of all male fashion evil” XD. Yoochun or the manpris?

  11. … It is NOT fair that WP won’t let me justify myself by replying to you. >O

    • How will you be able to justify what you said?

      • Let me explain with a visual aid!

        The first part/thing you see in a picture is what’s going to lead you to the rest of the elements in the photo… so. yeah. Of course I’m going to notice it. You can’t blame me! DDD:

        • YOU DIDN’T CIRCLE ONEW’S THIGHS! I seriously can’t stop staring at them rofl.

          And that visual aid was not an adequate justification! I mean, the head close to crotch is not hard to spot … but it’s what you associated it with that needs justification :P. So sorry, I’m still blaming you.

          • WHAT? I didn’t associate it with anything! DDD:

            • Ohhh okay, so now it’s *my* fault I jumped to conclusions about what you were thinking about …

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