Posted by: lovediaries | March 18, 2009

Map the Soul to be released on 3.27.2009


{credit: mapthesoul @ youtube}

WHY ARE THEY SO CRUEL WITH THEIR TEASERS ;~;. Except not really because they showed us so much :D. That is some book they’ve got there! SO MANY PAGES. And so much writing too :DDD/ Curious as to what’s written on those pages with the crosses all over it.

Omg, I can’t wait to get my own copy. But but but they’re only being sold from I wonder why that is …





    that article is an interview with epik high, they talk about why they are selling it straight from their site. basically it’s because they wanna cut out the third party and makeit cheaper for us fans :) they are soooo <33

    • Thank you so much for that article!


  3. ^
    oh~ that’s really nice of them, they always seem so considerate of their fans =)

    And a book album? That’s the first time Ive ever heard of a book album …. Wonder wats in it…

    • I know eh!

      Haha really? HK artists have had book albums before. Like a photoalbum + CD. It’s their way of making fans buy their stuff, so I’ve seen it before :D

  4. lol dang fans crashed their site, now I have to wait to order it :( and have to make sure I don’t spend my paycheck before then!

    • I’m still trying to think of how I’ll get my mummy’s credit card (:o

  5. btw, I’m taking orders for people who doesn’t have a credit card

    You can send either well-concealed cash or postal money order ^^ I will be sending out emails with the total as soon as EH gives out price/shipping info ^^

    • Aw thank you so much! That’s really sweet of you <333 Thanks for the heads up, too :)

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