Posted by: lovediaries | March 19, 2009

8eight singing “Sorry Sorry”

{credit: AhMiGO @ youtube}

This is interesting :). They’ll be appearing on Sukira and will sing “Sorry Sorry” according to the side info of the video.

Have you guys seen 8eight’s MV for “Without A Heart” featuring Sohee? You should check it out, it’s a lovely song.


  1. first

    i love this band

    oh sorry sorry
    lol i think everyone is getting addicted to this song

    • Maybe it’ll become the next Gee? But hopefully not as…overplayed ^^;;.

  2. Ah, I just saw this a while ago. I don’t really have a solid opinion on 8eight but they did a good job with Sorry Sorry. :)

    • Ditto what you said :D.

      • Have you seen the SoChul version of the video? I haven’t but it’s become quite a hit, apparently. O:

        • Yes, I have.

          I prefer the Teuk/Donghae version :D. (I bet you’ll go see that one.)

          • You lose the bet because I’m not going to. :P I’m not very fond of TeukHae. XD;

            • WHY? It’s cause Hae isn’t paper, isn’t it? It’s okay, the MV is mainly Teuk crying and Hae..getting run over O__O. (Like, from BoA’s MV.)

              • Nah. It’s because I always look at SJ as a family, with KangTeuk as parents and the rest as their kids and… TeukHae is, like, KeyTae to me– momxson. ^^;

                • =.=””””””””””””””””” Well, if you put it that way …

  3. amazingg, i’ve seen like the preview of without a heart but then i saw that sohee was in it so i didnt manage to see it. very worth it though (: so sad though, she did a really good job portraying her character and it was a beautiful song :DD

  4. i was like listening to se7en last night and i thought to myself how cool it would be to have a group called 8eight and BAM here we have it :DDD

    • LOL. There’s another group 9 related and I think possibly a 10? But too many groups ^^;; I can’t remember them all…

  5. The reason why they’re singing sorry sorry. ^^

    • Thank you for that <33!

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