Posted by: lovediaries | March 19, 2009

Preview 2am “Time for Confessions” Single

Audio previews uploaded by KPOPgerald1 <3!

A Friend’s Confession – Lyrics posted HERE.

Though I’ve Turned Away Once Before


I’ve listened to the single once (including the instrumentals! rofl) and I think all three songs are lovely ballads, but at the moment, they all sound like each other haha. Like, with their 1st single “What Do I Do” was pretty upbeat but here they’re all slow tracks. I don’t mind! It just means I need a few more listens of just the single before I put it on my mp3 where they will get lost with … every other ballad XD. I think “Lost” is my favourite track though ^^.

Also, I was going to do a review for Someday’s debut album but no song previews are uploaded on youtube which makes me extremely sad because I absolutely LOOOVE their album and highly recommend it to ballad lovers. If you guys can find it, give it a good listen!!!


  1. …… *self control* I will NOT give in to temptation. No. Not yet. Nooooooo.

    • I’m still here because I’m so tired I can’t move out of my seat rofl.

      You’re free now, so why can’t you listen?

      • I-It’s a preview. A PREVIEW. Previews scare me. If I end up liking it I’m going to die waiting for the full song. DDDDDDX

        • Bb, I hope you realise I say “preview” because it’s only there as an audio sample … but they’re always the full tracks unless I say it’s a short version =.=”

          • ……………………………


            • FINE. Stubborn little girl >:(

  2. they’re all very good songs but nothing really makes it pop for me, i dont even remember what their titles are. the image doesnt really fit with the soft melodys either (:

    • Yeah, I agree with you. The image change was totally random and even … unnecessary? XD.

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