Posted by: beckery | March 20, 2009

090318 Super Junior on Shim Shim Tapa

Pictures: little_genie @ soompi

D’AWWWWWWWWWW CUTE MUCH? And lookie, its EUNHAE ♥♥♥♥♥ More pics under the cut!

Let’s Not – ROFLMAO. Who’s peace fingers were those at the beginning?! XDD Mmmm what can I say? Beautiful song, heavenly voices = <333 Kyuhyun sounds so amazing here. YES, CANDYCHU I LOVE MAGNAE TOO OK! Apparently it’s composed by Hwanhee (FTTS)!?!? *_______*

Reset – I am a happy girl XDDD They’ve been singing this song at all three Radio appearances and I’m totally loving every second of it ♥♥♥♥ Did I mention this is in my top 3 song list from their album? Well I did now hahaha. “Press the reset. Press press the reset”. Love the rap so much, especially Eunhyuk’s (who always manages to pull stripes off so well *_*) “mianhe mianhe….press the reset” And ROFL at Shindong/Donghae/Eunhyuk’s random freestyle dance battle starting 4.04 HAHA. Dorkfaces <33

Hope (H.O.T cover) – One of my favourite classic H.O.T songs!! Its such a happy track and made everyone really boppy. I was expecting one of them to suddenly run out and pull some break dancing moves lol XDDD Oh and Kangin’s “Comeback Super Junior…2008” HAHAHAHA FAIL LOLLO!!

Yesung Raps T.O.P (Shinhwa’s) – ROFLMAO HAHAHAHAHA I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MUCH PHAIL IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!! XDDD For those who don’t know, thats our awesome Yesung rapping in gibberish Engrish. I tease out of love ok :DD The actual lyrics by Eric are:

What you gonna do? What I gotta do?
Keep me up and makin’ a cash, in flash, at last
Do you wanna see the light or stand alone? Uh!
What you gonna do now what’s up with the past?

Yesung’s version?

Whads guna do? Whata gandygane?
Whats gona jhifeer paSS peSS de paSS.
Do you wanna see the light, stand along? Uh!
Whacha guna do, wassup with de paSS?

LMAOOOOO XDDDDDDD You are too cool Yesung, way too cool


  1. I miss seeing them on radio shows♥

    • Me too. Radio and variety shows XD

  2. oh lol! the only thing i can hear from yesung was “what you gonna do!” His Engrish is just so great! XD

    • I think the only reason I could figure out more than “what you gonna do” is that I actually knew the rap. So I could pretty much could guess/hear some of his other awesome engrish lines hahaha. That boy is pure crack XD

  3. Oh Yesung…that was the most amusing Engrish I’ve ever heard :D. I could only understand “whatcha gonna do” xD.

    • LOL. I know right, what a weird weird boy. haha.

  4. Kyu’s smile is so bright *___* *swoons*.



      Ok, lets kiss and make up XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  5. ROFL, when I was watching “Reset” I was like “who’s the midget next to Ryeowook O_O, why is he singing with suju” then the camera zoomed in and I realised it was my little fierce-face Sungmin ^^

    • SAME SAME!! Omg, I was wondering who the guy was too. But then I figured it was Sungmin without the need of the camera zooming in. So I guess I beat you. Which means “little fierce faced Sungmin” should be mine and not yours XD

      • LOL! I watched Yesung’s rap first, so I know well that it was Sungmin! :D

  6. lol they sing so amazingly that its so hard to find another word for it (: *searches in dictionary* lol i love how they attempt crazy and cute things even though they totally fail at them :DD

    • Let’s Not was totally amazing considering it was a live. Reset was good too, but they were mucking around more during that haha. Dorkfaces, gotta love them <33

  7. omg i keep clicking replayy on yesung’s rap. omg he raps really good with suju’s songs though :D with others…..cuteness: 10, english: 1 (: haha at the end i think donghae asks siwon what he’s saying and he said idk haha that was so funny :PPP

    • ROFL I KNOW, HE IS SO MUCH PHAIL!!! I’m sure he purposely did it for the crack it would bring *coughs* Well I sure hope thats why cuz how can he be so much fail. It was like “oqreoiqu847u1hohohroqur”. XDDDDDDD

  8. HI! been visiting your blog for quite some time…
    just like to share with you this other clip of them singing reset…

    clear vocals!something like MR..
    i love spreading suju love with others!!!
    kyu <3s

    • Hellooooooo there XDDD

      Thanks for the clip. I love watching MR clips cuz it really shows you how good their vocals are. Impressed I am. ^_^

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