Posted by: lovediaries | March 20, 2009

2am – “A Friend’s Confession” MV feat. Joo

{credit: time2sub @ youtube}

YAY! It’s Joo :DDD. When is she going to release her second single? T____T.

The song is definitely growing on me! I got goosebumps even after the first chorus. It’s really sad having them sing emo lyrics and watch Joo chase after the guy behind them. Is it just me or does he look like Jung Eui Chul. Hehehe, I miss him. I loled really hard when they were moving the sofa for her and then popped up from behind the sofa. So are they meant to be seen or not? Probably, since they literally picked her up off the ground AHAHAHAHAHA. WHY CAN I NOT TAKE THIS MV SERIOUSLY? Idk, watching the MV just makes me think of some “FML” story XDDD. But damn, Joo’s a total pimp in this ;). I just wish the boys dressed less like bodyguards ^^;;.

In the end, she “chose” Seulong. IT’S CAUSE OF THE ABS, ISN’T IT? And cause he’s less ghei than Jokwon.





    This MV doesn’t really give justice to the song ): But I guess it’s not so bad? It’s… kind of funny, actually XD

    • Yeah I found the MV funny too. It wasn’t a great one but having visuals always make listening to a song easier.

      • Ah, what’s the point of the image change, then? XD Oh well. Fanservice? XD♥

        • Well, we know how Koreans love their fanservice. But lol I read somewhere that people weren’t really believing that Seulong’s abs were real!?

          • LOL poor boy. All his hard work went to waste. XD I’m no abs expert, though, so I have no idea if it’s real or not. XD

            • AHAHA I know eh. Abs are nice to look at but I don’t adore them as much as collarbones and adam’s apples so they’re not my area of expertise either ^^.

              • I like cheeks and lips better. HAHA♥

                • Henry just popped into my head.

                  • WELL.

                    • Was he not who you were thinking of?

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