Posted by: lovediaries | March 20, 2009

Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” Album Scans

INCLUDES BOTH A & B SCANS. I’m not sure how much bandwidth my PB account has left so please do not hotlink images!!

{credit: From【Chulna Entertainment, scans by chika + ..::alex::.. IN SJ-WORLD.NET}

Version A

Version B

AND OMG THESE PHOTOS ARE REALLY GOOD! Like even if you weren’t a big fan of the concept, the boys all look great, minus some of their hair T_T. Actually I noticed if they look bad in one version, they usually look good in the other XD.

I can’t pick a favourite but I thought Yesung and Shindong both looked particularly handsome! I also love the picture of Kangin smiling to himself and writing in his notepad. Donghae’s side profile is to die for, Wook has a mop on his head and Kibum looks like an alcoholic, except it might just be soft drink he’s drinking? And then Kyu looks like he’s passed out completely XDD.

And actually, the pictures from B remind me of the repackaged version of “Don’t Don”. Except for the whole clone thing. The picture of Heechul scared me. For a second, I actually thought there were TWO Heechul’s in the world XD.


  1. ahhhh *brain implosion*
    usually i’m a silent lurker but I saw no one commented so :}

    I love love LOVE Yesung’s pictures and Eunhyuk really does look like a monkey in one of his photos…lol

    Love you blog!


    • Hahah aw, yeah, we’re unloved ^^;;. Thanks for giving us a comment!

  2. My sister made me order the version B of this for her and the usd – aud exchange rate makes me cry

    • And you still ordered it for her? Aw, that’s so nice! Wait, who’s paying for it ?

      Yeah, I’m hoping by the time mapthesoul and the secret code are released, the exchange rate would be better. I have too many CDs to buy :(

  3. ughhh. kyu needs to stop it with those wayfarers. he looks way too smexy.

    • Hehe I wish he’d never stop *___*

  4. dhdjhjfkflk


  5. MIN!!! <33333

  6. OMG!!!
    Yesung really blew me off!!!
    He’s so sexy!!!

    • He has gotten more sexy and less fail-y, eh? ^^



      • you are very smart for doing that! i thought i’d do that too, but i’m just SO!!!! impatient its not even funny X_X

  8. I like their concept on VerB but I like the photos in VerA more. They’re more… candid-ish? If you can tell, from the pictures I take, I prefer candid shots so, yes, I’ll probably get A for my birthday. O:

    • Yeah! I like the style of the photos in A more too :). Candid-ish is the word :D.

  9. i like the version a’s more (: it’s very pretty and has close ups of all of them. I LOVE DONGHAE’S THE MOST. he’s really cute but everyone is :D version b sorta scared me a lot more. i thought heechul looked great though, except his hair was like all over his face. but his outfit was really nice :P

    • I’m loving the close-ups ^^. Haha Donghae has like the perfect face but aljsdkflslf Shindong and Yesung seriously look GORGEOUS!

  10. ahh yesung! i absolutely LOVE his second page, it’s soo sexy. and i totally brushed past hyuk’s, and i was like ahfdghlafhgu WHERE IS IT, and then i felt really stupid finding it after 2 minutes. and then i became a little disappointed with what they actually look like…i still adore you! haha

    and i love ryeowook’s earphone shot :). i find kyu’s sexy, but i think all of the shots with messy hair were awesome. hehehe

    ohh, and my last question was talking about the theme of your page, like how you have the sm town concert picture on top, and i guess also the widget on the side that has the candy-shaped heart with “Let’s All Eat Candy” below it. how do you get those??? i would also like to know how you get your own widgets for every time someone different posts, and how you have like the “people liked these” headings. blehh so many questions, sorry! haha but thanks for the scans!

    • LOL So many questions! What I would suggest to you is to explore your wordpress dashboard (that is, if you have a WP blog). You’ll be able to find everything under “Appearance”. Some themes have custom headers, and some don’t. But they all have widgets and you just gotta select the ones you want.

      Basically, we pretti-fied a photo and selected that as the header. With the candy-shaped heart, we added the html code of the picture into a “Text” widget. Then for all the other widgets, we just selected and renamed the title. It is pretty easy but if you have any more questions (and I hope I’ve helped) feel free to ask again :).

  11. Oh my~!
    Two HeeChuls.. the thought… OH MY BRAIN! *dies*
    I like those photos though, well edited to look like there are two of each member…
    *thinks* mmmmm…. Two Yesungs. <3
    Has anyone noticed how hot he’s gotten since Sorry Sorry? xD <3

    I’m glad version B is in color~ But they’re only selling version A here. *well hey at least they’re selling them. lol*
    And seeing HeeChul all hobo-y is reminiscent, since his hair is now shorter. lol. I think. xD

    • *raises hand* I’VE NOTICED! Like, he’s actually looking really cool these days and less awkward, which is good :D.

  12. omgg i really want their album. but ive noticed a lot of people are waiting for the repackaged. what difference would there bee?

  13. *alsoo, are those all the photos from both version A and B? i really want to purchase their album but i just cant decide on which onee! :)

    • Well, from my (and other people’s) past experiences of buying SM CDs, the repackaged versions tend to have the same tracks with either bonus songs or MVs or both. Which is why many people tend to wait :).

      And yep, these photos have been scanned from both version A and B ^^.

  14. Thx for d Pic…

    I really love it…

  15. wow thank you very much for the really amazing album scans!:-)

    • You’re welcome :)!

  16. Thanks for the scans :)
    Lovely, lovely pictures of SUJU <3
    Especially Yesung's, amazing picture ^^

  17. Thank you for all of the scans! (: They’re all wonderful ♥

    I know this is kiind of late but can someone please help? I’ve had my mind set on version c for a while, but after seeing these I kind of want A also >< Which one do you think I should get? I wish I could get both but I've spent sooo much on kpop lately but it's okay because it's all for their support!

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